MechQuest Requests

 [ PC ]

jan 19, 2008MechQuest [ PC ]   Submitted

Wats stronger,better 1.Hamerhead(costs 95.000; 200 HP; 100 EP; Regen:10) or 2.Deluxe Mecha-Roni(costs 100.000; 180 HP; 120 EP; Regen:12) NOTE:i do NOT have Star Capitan


Secret - Mechs:

The hammerhead is better. It comes with proton rifle 24-30dmg 20ep 2cooldown, lavablaster, 24-29 does burn dmg, 20ep 4 cooldown, and 2 laser capaciators 24-30, 15ep, 3 cool down.

The deluxe mecharoni has do freshman laser pointers 3-7dmg, one cheese gun that does u10 dmg and some slicer that does like 11-15