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 [ PC ]

mar 01, 2008MechQuest [ PC ]   Submitted

all weapons and money


Secret - Mq walkthrough:

well ok thene first you will need to ceep on fighting until you have anouth money for bargin bin lazer then keep on batteling until you can get freshman lazer pointer then get to level three go to the front of the ship and click on strange blip then keep on training on that (dont worry you wll win) until you get 20,000 then go to the shop and buy newbatron v133.56(or somthing like that) then go to saluna city.

then keep on training on shadow scyth and stuff like that do museum misoins and every thing until you get to level 5 get smokey flamefroerand then when you get to level 8 then buy hunters autogun and sling misile x1 and go then you should be good aneuth to join a house-i advise runehawk-then go killing things until level 10 go get laver canon (but if u are star captain get magma canon)then a new mecha keep on doing rank 30 missoin in saluna hospital the micro missoin then when you have 95,000 credits get hammer head (or if a star captain get hammer head dulux or if you got 500 nova gems get hammer haed super) i will keep you updated for more walk throughs