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mar 13, 2008MechQuest [ PC ]   Submitted

hey can some1 please tell me what class has best weapons??? PLEASE?


Secret - Best house:

the best house is depending on what you want

1.high hp=wolfblade,average lvl attack,average anergy, high stun abillity

2.high energy=runehawk, average lvl attack,extra damage percentage high,lower than average lvl hp

3.Mystraven(im in it)average lvl hp,high attack,50 percent stun and extra damage,average lvl energy



Secret - Best house weapons:

Mystraven has the best weapons (i have a proof because the nova gem raven mecha that can do 16-60 damage with chance of extra damage on both back weapons,24-53 on the front arm with chance of extra damage, 25-52 on back arm with chance of stun.

P.S. Im in the mystraven house

and trust me beacuse i play the assault mecha game

and i was apart of the peliminary games