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mar 29, 2009MechQuest [ PC ]   Submitted

how do i get rebel uniform and enter white castle?


Code - Cool credits and ng:

Here a waw how to get ng and credits hope u like it i find this code by axsident

enjoy by coollio

fitght portal avatar in planet thohget 500ng,3000credits,400exp
trade in white casstle100credits=1ng
cinemaif you are lvl:40 every wacth get 2225 credits
defeat a supulchure mechaget 3500 credits
defeat magma lordget 200 exp
chalenge 10 the knife ang sporkget 250 exp,1750 credits
fitgt the 100 flors of doomget 20.000 exp(when finished),2.000.000 credits(when finished)
battle my ID:9586724get 500exp and 5000 credits(deactevat skale fitgtg