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MechQuest Review :

MechQuest Review

by Gamer99z Nov 05, 2010

Its An Overall Good Game Scores 7/10 Depending On What You Like If You Like Free Sci Fi Games That Are Real Techy This Is For You And It Even Has Some Comedy Even If You Dont Like The Things I Said Youd Still Probably Like The Game Its Kid Friendly Has A Good Never Ending Storyline The Only Regret Is The Graphics Arent The BEST But If You Dont Have A High End Graphics Card Its A Good Thing And If You Do Have One EVEN BETTER Theres Not Much That Could Be Counted As CONS Except They Make It REALLY Hard To Not Want TO UPGRADE Your Account For 19.99 Or 29.99 To Upgrade All Player Slots Theres Just SOO Much To Do But I Will Admit Its Worth It To Upgrade Because EVERYTHINGS BETTER Abd Your Also Auto Upgraded On Other Battle On Games

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7Story line
Its based in the future instead of 2 thousand whatever its 3 thousand whatever its currently 3010 in the game. In this future you control a Robot called a Mecha where you battle people and other enemys
The graphics on this game are the same in every battleon game there flash and 2D theres none of those awesome effects we see today but it fits with the game and its still really good for a free game
The Sound Again Is Like EVERY BattleOn Game Not The Greatest Because Theres Only Sounds When Your Battling
Its fun its easyy controls flow the fun is never ending it will be around for years to come it has some comedy thrown in there again THERES SOOO MUCH TO DO!
7Lasting Appeal
Its An Overall Good Game I Mean On A Scale Of 1-10 its ranks about 7/10 Its Fun, Cool, Kid And Never Finish The GameFriendly, And Provides Months Of Good Gameplay But They Always Add More So Really You Could Play Forever
(Out of 10)


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