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MineCraft Cheats :

This page contains MineCraft cheats list for PC version. Now we have 42 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 6 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 20 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MineCraft on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Keyboard Command List

by babre Jul 13, 2011

Enter these commands on your keyboard for the following effects.

  • ascend - Moves you to the next platform above your position
  • atlantis - Toggles atlantis mode on/off
  • biome - Tells you what biome you are currently in
  • bind {COMMANDPARAMS} - Binds a command to a keyboard button.
  • bindid {ARGS} - Binds a command to a keyboard key using the key id
  • bring [ENTITY] - Brings the specified entity to you.
  • cannon [STRENGTH] - Shoots a primed TNT in the direction you are pointing.
  • chest - Allow access of chests
  • clear - Clears the console
  • clearwater - Toggles water clarity on/off
  • clone [QUANTITY] - Clones the NPC which you are looking at
  • config - Allows you to set the global configuration file as your current configuration
  • confuse [DISTANCE] - Confuses nearby mobs
  • confusesuicide - ?
  • cyclepainting - Cycles through the painting which you are pointing at
  • damage - Turns player damage on/off
  • defuse [all] - Defuses any TNT nearby which has been hit, drops 1 tnt in its place
  • descend - Moves you to the next platform below your position
  • destroy [all] - Destroys the current item
  • difficulty - Sets the difficulty to the specified level (0-3)
  • drops - Turns item drops on/off, having them turned off will make the game run a little bit faster, and also stop your inventory from filling.
  • dropstore - This command transfers everything in your inventory into a chest that it creates next to you.
  • duplicate [all] - Duplicates and drops the currently selected item stack
  • explode [SIZE] - Sets off an explosion in your current location.
  • exterminate [SIZE] - KillNPC with style, kills the NPC you are pointing at
  • extinguish|ext [all] - Puts out all nearby fire (or all fire)
  • falldamage - Turns fall damage on/off
  • firedamage - Turns fire damage on/off
  • flammable [CATCH] [SPREAD] - Sets the specified block at the flammability level
  • fly [SPEED] - Allows you to turn flying mode on/off, speed specified your flying speed
  • freeze - Freezes mobs so that they cannot move or attack you
  • goto - Goto a waypoint
  • grow [all] - Grows all saplings/wheat on the map.
  • heal - Heals a player the specified number of points
  • health - Sets the health of a player to pre-defined figures
  • help [COMMAND] - Gives general help when COMMAND isn't specified, gives specific help when COMMAND is specified. Same as /h
  • helmet [ITEM] [QTY] [DAMAGE] - Specifies the helmet the player wears
  • home - Teleport to spawn point
  • infiniteitems - Toggles infinite items on/off
  • instantkill - Instantly... 

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Secret - A guide to finding diamonds

by avenged Jun 28, 2012

Are you tired of always looking for diamonds in random places and hardly having any luck and basically finding more Enderman than you do ore? Then this guide will give you a little extra help.

Now as any good Minecraft fan knows right at the bottom of the world there is an item called bedrock that can't be destroyed. Well mine all the way down to the lowest level of bedrock that you can. Once you have, count 10 blocks up from that bottom piece then mark that position; then count another 6 blocks up from there and mark that position. If you mine in shafts in between 10-16 blocks up (which is what you've just marked) then you will find diamond. Diamond is most commonly found in the bottom 16 layers but there is significantly less in layers 1-9 that is why 10-16 are the best. I used this method and after about 10-20 shafts i had enough to make full diamond Armour, sword, pickaxe, axe, hoe and spade and with some left over. Now don't lose hope if you don't find a whole stack on your first shaft because it doesn't work that ay it will all depend on which world you have spawned in and if it has a lot of diamond and if it does then you will have much more luck than others. Hope this helped.

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Secret - 12w22a ID cheat

by c1a1m1e1r1o1n1 Jun 04, 2012

ok if you downloaded and installed 12w22a (its a pre release) make two trip wire/hook things and place them 16 blocks apart max then place string in middle then use a piston to push a block with a id like e.g 12:2 into the wire so i use cracked stone from a stronghold and did this i would get nice uncracked stone brick. works for wood wool etc. thanks

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Secret - How to make snow/iron golems

by jeremy5521 Mar 28, 2012

iron golem: stuf u need: 4 blocks of iron, and 1 jack-o-lantern. make a stack of 2 iron blocks, on the top block, put 1 iron block on the right and left side. then, put a jack-o-lantern on top. snow golem: stuf u need: 2 snow blocks, and 1 jack-o-lantern. make a stack of 2 snow blocks, then put a jack-o-lantern on top.


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Secret - Make a Snowman

by danny king Dec 08, 2011

Ever wanted to see a snowman in Minecraft?

Well, you can! These creatures are called Snow Golems. AKA "Snowmans." Here is how you can easily make one.

1. If you have 1 pumpkin and 2 snow blocks, place a snow block anywhere, and place another one on top of it.

2. After placing the two snow blocks, add the pumpkin on the top.

And then you've just made a Snow Golem/Snowman.

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Unlockable - Getting rid of liquids easy

by f-r-a-n May 26, 2011

If there is some really annoying lava or water and you don't have a bucket, you can just place a dirt or some other resource block there to get rid of it. When you re-mine it, it will be gone.

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Secret - Quick House

by governeur Oct 14, 2011

Got all of your supplies on the first day, but you don't have time to make a house? Take a door (3 X 2 Woods), mine a short tunnel into the mountain, and place the door so monsters can't get in.

All you have to do from there is expand and decorate (if you're interested.) You can also make an easy mine from this location!

It doesn't look as nice, but it's affordable in terms of supplies like wood!)

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Unlockable - Special Features of the "F#" buttons

by doppel_ganger12 May 26, 2011

F1 - Pressing the F1 button during gameplay causes the HUD to vanish. This includes your hand, whatever item you are holding, your health and amror values, and your hot bar. Upon releasing the F1 button, your HUD will reappear.F2 - Pressing the F2 button during gameplay will take a screenshot of whatever you have on your screen when you press the button. Screenshots can be found in the .minecraft folder on your computer.F3 - Holding down the F3 button will cause a lot of data to appear on your screen showing CPU usage, chunk updates, FPS, and a bunch of other types of data on that minecraft file that you are playing.F5 - Pressing F5 during gameplay causes you to enter "Third Person View" which is especially helpful for nighttime travels so you know if anything is behind you.F10 - Essentially pauses the game and allows you to move your mouse around the screen without being in the "Esc" menu.F11 - Toggles Fullscreen mode

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Secret - Free Coal

by f-r-a-n Mar 17, 2011

Put white wood and normal wood in the furnace you get charcoal. It's same as normal Coal.

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Glitch - Endless Water Supply In Minecraft

by pumasjrs Jul 19, 2011

The glitch is that, if you have two buckets filled with water from a water source in the area, and you dig a 2 by 2 square ( 4 blocks in total) and you empty the water buckets in opposite corners, you can create a infinite amount of water which will re spawn when you take the water out. There's no spawning or game hacking involved.

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Easter Egg - Minecraft Easter Eggs

by Rubencheathanger Oct 20, 2014

Minecraft has some Intresting and Funny Easter Eggs.

-In the Nether and the End, your compass will spin randomly around because it has no location to point to, so it makes the compass useless in these dimensions.

-When you rotate the item in the Item Frame, in one certain spot, it will have a dark particle.

-When naming a animal ( maybe something else too) 'Dinnerbone' or 'Grimm with the anvil, it will turn upside down.

-Naming a sheep 'Jeb' will make it's wool show off in all color dyes.

-If you try to sleep in a bed in the Nether or End, the bed will explode.

It has this behaviour because of these possible reasons:

1: Both Dimensions don't have a day-night cycle.

2:Makers of the game forgot to enable sleep in the dimensions.

Don't try to do this, put beds only for decoration, you will most likely die of the explosion or by the spreading fire.

-On 1st June (The Birthday of Notch) the splash will say: Happy Birthday Notch!

I will add more later

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Code - New Mob

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2014

(The new mob is called Briar. Herobrions sister, she only attacks boys. Change your skin to a girl if you are a boy and you are wanting to spawn her.)

Get out Diamond Blocks, Gold Blocks, Nether Bricks, and Iron (not the ore) then Make a 5 by 4 rectangle with diamonds Put the gold around the corners by 3's then in the middle stack the Nether Bricks 6 times then put the Iron on top.

Lighting will soon strike and Briar will be Summoned.....

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Secret - HEROBRINE..

by Rubencheathanger Aug 27, 2013

Do you guys know the mythical character...Herobrine?'If you don't know who he is....he is the same as your character but only he has white eyes and he has a diamond sword (sometimes he uses is fists)he uses to kill you with one hit.

Some say that he is just a Mod.Some say that he is a villager.And others say that he can roam in your world by the following things:

-He can place Sings like:Only god can save you now' or' Im watching you.

-Little sand Pyramids in the water.

-1x1 rooms underground.

-he sometimes creates towers with fire on top of it what this is is unknown.

One time i was playing Minecraft and it was already night time (Survival Mode) and i was busy collecting wood.Then i started to dig to find Diamonds.Then when i realized it i chopped a block and in front of me Herobrine was.He persued me and tried to kill me with his fists.i ran to my house and he followed me until the door.When i sleeped and woke up he was gone and there where holes in the ground and on the wall of my house.So form that point i never saw Herobrine again....

And if you want to search Herobrine make sure you focus on these things:

-Herobrine doesn't have a name tag

-Make sure no players are in your world.

-if you see those strange enviorment things like above (the first options)then it's a chance that Herobrine is in your world.

-Some players have seen sightings of him when it's fog or when they see something near a tower.

I will also write a forum about this and if you knew please comment

thanks for reading

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Code - Minecraft unlimited items

by Unregistered Jul 30, 2012

make an end portal and make a 7 block water to the end portal.

place a crafting bench on the portal

place your item in the crafting bench and stay like that

when you come out the other end you will find two items like yours

one of those items are infinite

(outdated after 1.3)

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Unlockable - Achievement List

by cheatzapper Jan 11, 2012
Sniper DuelKill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meter away.
Diamonds!Mine Diamonds using iron tools.
We Need to Go DeeperBuild a Portal to the Nether.
EnchanterConstruct an Enchantment Table.
Return to SenderKill a Ghast with a Fireball.
Into FirePick up a Blaze rod.
OverkillDeal 8 hearts worth of damage in one hit.
LibrarianCraft a Bookshelf.
Local BreweryBrew a potion.
The End?Enter the "End Dimension."
The End.Enter the Portal after killing the Ender Dragon.
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Secret - Cavern spying

by jacko19863 Jan 06, 2012

to see caverns easily do the following.....

have 1 sapling and about 6 bonemeal

  1. plant the sapling and stand next to or on it
  2. use bone meal on it (right click sapling while holding bone meal)
  3. the tree should grow after putting bone meal on it
  4. because the leaves grow over your face you can see caverns if you look at the ground
  5. try in different places to find all the caverns!

get saplings from leaves on trees (smash leaves) and bonemeal by killing skeleton and putting bone in a crafting table

edit: this may not work in 1.1

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Secret - How to Find Dungeons Easily

by varun_sunayana Oct 14, 2011

To find dungeons easily you need to block yourself in a little room that you can fit in (better 2 blocks high and 1 block wide). Press the F key or the fog key you set to if you did in the options and rapidly press it. It should make everything but your hand disappear for 1 second. Every time the terrain disappears look for a monster spawner. If you see a monster spawner that's a dungeon. Note: If you are playing version 1.8, if you're in an abandoned mine it can be a cave spider spawner.

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Unlockable - A somewhat common Command

by johnmarkglinoga Jun 14, 2011

On most servers you can use /me to make the chat show you're performing a action, so say I used /me hits a sheep with a sword, it would show *Legolas76321 hits a sheep with a sword.

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Secret - Unlimited saves

by gamey1000 Jan 04, 2011

at first it looks like minecraft has only 5 save files or "worlds" but it doesn't. it only has 5 active ones, to get a save from active(appearing in the select world screen) to inactive( not appearing in the select world screen) you have to locate your "saves" folder. it is usally in the application data/app data folder under .minecraft, then you have to rename the wanted worlds to anything but World1-5. and to make it active again you rename it World1-5.

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by jeremy5521 Nov 05, 2012

First of all, this is a duplication glitch.

I think it only works once so be wise. :)

so, you need 1 of the item you want to dupe.

and a item frame.

place the item frame.

then, take the item in your hand and right-click with it on the item frame.

then wait 10 seconds.

then, destroy the item frame with the item thats on the frame.

the item frame will be destroyed, but also, the item will come out 2!




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Code - Backup Your Minecraft World

by adds Jul 13, 2011

The directory on your computer for Minecraft saved worlds and settings differs depending on what OS you

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Easter Egg - Samus' Helmet from Metroid

by dudemandude Jul 13, 2011

If you put a pumpkin in the helmet section of your armor your HUD will turn into the HUD of the galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran from Metroid. (No you won't get any missiles)

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Code - Achievement List 1

by gago999 May 26, 2011

The 1.5.01 Achievements List.

Taking InventoryPress 'E' to open your inventory.
Getting WoodAttack a tree until a block of wood pops out.
BenchmakingCraft a workbench with four blocks of planks.
Time to Mine!Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe
Getting an UpgradeConstruct a better pickaxe.
Hot TopicConstruct a furnace out of 8 blocks of stone.
Delicious FishCatch and cook fish.
Acquire HardwareSmelt an Iron ingot
On a RailTravel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started.
Time to Strike!Use planks and sticks to make a sword.
Time to Farm.Use planks and sticks to make a hoe.
Monster HunterAttack and destroy a monster.
Cow TipperHarvest some leather.
When Pigs FlyUse a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig die from fall damage.
The LieCraft a cake using: wheat, sugar, milk and eggs.
Bake BreadTurn wheat into bread.
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by enriqueiglesias May 24, 2011

This is very hard to explain so ill include a link to a video, but basicly u just need 2 blocks of sand and a flat surface (wall). Let the sand fall halfway onto u and u will be able to see into the ground if u do it right. I found 13 diamonds and buttloads of lava in the last day and a half by using this to find caves.

If not, go to youtube and type in "Minecraft Exploit - See through walls!

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Secret - Keyboard Shortcuts

by zairul122 Mar 01, 2011

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use in Minecraft.

  • F5 - Toggle view
  • F1 - While third person moves the view to the front of your character / While first person makes the tool/hand/etc dissapear, but NOT the landscape
  • F2 - Takes a screenshot
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