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MineCraft Review

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MineCraft Review :


Apr 17, 2012

Minecraft is very diffrent from your avrage game. It involves one thing creativivy and a little bravery (yes it scares me somethins...in caves) There isen't much that there is to say that isen't down in the review boxes. Minecraft is probboley the hardest game to revierew,because evrebody has a diffrent playing experance. You do need a good computer though,because it is quite demanding. Title screen is below(yellow sayings are random). The game is updated constantley,so bugs will be fi...

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Mar 25, 2013

MineCraft is a great sandbox game with millions of players and so many things to do. From programming mini-games to building enourmous structures of beauty. MineCraft has servers that have amazing games with great buildings for strategical advantages in person vs. person fighting. You can craft more then 200 items, and build anything beyond your imagination. You do so many things from finding diamonds to going to hell. You can defeat a endgame dragon, and a boss that shoots exploding heads (amaz...

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Oct 07, 2010

Before I start, this is the Alpha version of the game, as stated in the title. I am going to point out flaws that may be corrected in the future, which is another reason why I included the version of the game that I'm reviewing in here. I also plan on writing new reviews as major upgrades/updates are released. Now, the main point of this game is to survive and to build your house or base. If you want, you can spend your game simply mining and building your house on a peaceful mode until you...


Dec 20, 2011

Minecraft is a great game i've been playing it a lot lately so i decided to give it a review.before you read this i want to say i have been trying to get whitelisted on a multiplayer server it is hard also i have been going on minecraft wiki a lot to find out some stuff like how to et wheat how to make some bonemeal that can automatically grow a plant to its full version also i found out that you can control snowgolems there epic stuff! also i've been playing it in browser all the time...


Apr 16, 2012

Minecraft is a online game. It's a place, something that's wonderful. Everything is made out of blocks. With no rules, no limits, going where you want to go. Climb a mountain, venture into a dungeon. Build what you want, castle, cottage, two story house. Protect yourself with amour, and defend against the monsters of the night. Play online, build your village. Limit's. That's in a different world. But this world, this is magic. It's a basic survival game. Building weapon...

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