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MineCraft Review :

Chip of the pixelated block

by David26 Apr 16, 2012

Minecraft is a online game. It's a place, something that's wonderful. Everything is made out of blocks. With no rules, no limits, going where you want to go. Climb a mountain, venture into a dungeon. Build what you want, castle, cottage, two story house. Protect yourself with amour, and defend against the monsters of the night. Play online, build your village. Limit's. That's in a different world. But this world, this is magic. It's a basic survival game. Building weapons and doing things at your will. Welcome, to the greatest game of all, built by Notch. swor

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5Story line
Minecraft is a survival, building game. It has no story line, even no tutorial. I found out everything by myself. My score:
Graphics is one thing that I count not important in this game. People say game's are all 'bout graphics. That's bull. This game is amazing, but with low graphics, there must be low score.
If you remember the early days, the music was peaceful, slow. Rarely you hear that now. But when you do, it brings a tear to your eye.
Build a castle, mine underground, kill zombies and creepers, build pickaxes and craft swords. Be proud to own this game.
10Lasting Appeal
With lack of graphics and storyline, this game is fantastic. Do what you want, build what you want, mine what you want, this is Minecraft. And this is our review.
(Out of 10)


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