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MineCraft Review :

Minecraftv 1.2.5

by Theban Apr 17, 2012

Minecraft is very diffrent from your avrage game. It involves one thing creativivy and a little bravery (yes it scares me somethins...in caves) There isen't much that there is to say that isen't down in the review boxes. Minecraft is probboley the hardest game to revierew,because evrebody has a diffrent playing experance. You do need a good computer though,because it is quite demanding. Title screen is below(yellow sayings are random). The game is updated constantley,so bugs will be fixed soon,gameplay improvments,all will come free once you buy the game.

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3Story line
No story line at all. Even the end is supposed to be an endgame fight,you can still have fun after that.
Very usfull graphics. The game is pixelated and (almost) evrething is a block. Dosen't take from the game at all though.
Not the best sound ever (like dungen music),but it really fits in perfectly. Sometimes I mine blocks just to hear the sounds.
It is what you make it. If you are builder,this is the perfect game for you. You need to plan buildings (if your pickey about that which all Minecraft players eventulay become) and just have fun.
10Lasting Appeal
Can last you a few years(at least one) Bored of one world start a new one. Lonley,go to a server. Want a diffrent look? go grab a texture pack. The world is generated randomley so that helps make it last alot.
(Out of 10)


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