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MineCraft Review :

MineCraft Review

by gbas Mar 25, 2013

MineCraft is a great sandbox game with millions of players and so many things to do. From programming mini-games to building enourmous structures of beauty. MineCraft has servers that have amazing games with great buildings for strategical advantages in person vs. person fighting. You can craft more then 200 items, and build anything beyond your imagination. You do so many things from finding diamonds to going to hell. You can defeat a endgame dragon, and a boss that shoots exploding heads (amazing). There is also the power of redstone, that can make advanced minigames such as, Super Smash Bro's brawl in Minecraft, automated wheat farms, and even plainly just giant bombs.

There is also "adventure maps" for role-playing, fighting monsters, and adventuring. I definitely recommend this game, because the possibilties are endless in the way of imagination.

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10Story line
You spawn in a world. You must break blocks to make a house and survive the endless amount of monsters at nightfall to come. You must equip yourself with wooden tools, to get better items from mining. After getting obsidian, you can build a portal to hell. From then, there are many possibilites.
The graphics in this game are completely crap, but all the other outrageously amazing things in this game balance it out.
There is many soundtracks and there is music discs and craftable jukeboxes in this game. There is many different sounds for many different mobs and blocks, breaking blocks, killing mobs, dieing, and many other things.
Gameplay is amazing in this game. The possibilites never end, and you can play with a friend, unlike some PC games.
10Lasting Appeal
MineCraft is an amazing game. The possibilites to your imagination in this game are endless. Definetly a must buy for people who love sandboxes.
(Out of 10)


lovecome8    wrote on jun 05, 2013 8:41 pm

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