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Monopoly Tycoon Cheats :

This page contains Monopoly Tycoon cheats list for PC version. Now we have 0 cheats in our list, which includes . We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Monopoly Tycoon on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Lowest bid

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Alright for easy money download the MT Edit then make all 6 of the necessarily
things for life a commodity then go to the value thing increase every
product in the bakery to 100.00 exactly or this cheat is useless

To get the free build scenario search for monopoly tycoon scenarios
and go to the monopoly tycoon download site then go to the 1.3 patch
download and install it then play single player you will see three new
options sandbox mode skirmish and custom scenarios click sandbox then
choose your character you will have 20,000 dollars to build an empire
with no competitor and instant leases. Have Fun :)

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Cheats - Win auctions

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Finish all scenarios with any character. After the ending sequence, you be given a new scenario to build a Megapolitan. You will have $200,000,000 to build it, with no rival leaving you free to build your own city.

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Cheats - More money

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

To unlock all the scenarios, play the first game and
build the following on Pacific Avenue: a theater, bar, restaurant,
bakery, apartment complex, and clothes store. Build each of these
buildings as tall as you can with a medium quality. It does not
matter how much surface area you make them. You must do this before
the second time period. Then, save and quit the game. When you
restart the game, you should have all the scenarios unlocked and
the budget will read 100,000,000, but will never decrease (unlimited

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Cheats - 100,000,000 bucks

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

I've managed to change the # of cars and frequency, the starting population, the lease length, # of years in a day and maximum size of the buildings.

I beat the game and the last scenario gives you 20 story buildings. I raised them to 25 to accomodate the large population of 50 000 that I set it to. The original setting of 500 people makes it impossible to make profit with the large buildings. I've also noticed that it is possible to change the starting commodities but haven't tried editing it yet as it would take some time.

To edit these settings you must have a DOS editer like XTree gold:

1) Go to the folder that contains Monopoly Tycoon and go to the scripts section.
2) Open the default folder and inside there will be files, one called default.lua and hub.lua

default. lua edits the car frequency. I've found that #'s 200 and over in the time sections 8to11 and 12to15 will result in a crash. The other time sections should remain low as those are the times of the night.

hub.lua edits the other settings except for the population and building settings. It is the file that is loaded when any level is loaded. This file also allows you to edit the profit recieved by the utilities and railroads.

To edit the starting population go to the folder of that level and load the hub.lua file. Inside it will have values for population and others depending on the level selected. You can also edit the starting money of course but if you're playing with the other computer players, they get the same starting money too.

Editing Building Size
Editing the building size can be done 2 ways

1. When you beat the game. The bonus level hub.lua file contains variables for the building sizes.

2 In the default folder, the file business.lua contains parameters for the sizes of the buildings and various other settings including tennant or stock capacity.

The bonus level folder is scena~21 in MS-DOS Mode. Although I have noticed the MS-DOS name of the folders vary from computer to computer as my brother's computer has them different. To find out which one yours are called run windows explorer and go to the monopoly tycoon folder where it is located and right click on the folder. Then go to properties and it will tell you the MS-DOS name which is only 8 characters long.

*!!Note: VERY important. Make back-up files of the files you are editing in case you mess up and crash your system. Also if you like playing linked games,... 

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Cheats - Megapolitan bonus scenario

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Start an auction. Immediately save the game when the auction screen appears. Quit the game and reload your saved game. Almost all of the time, the CPU players will pullout of the auction, allowing you to get the property for the cheapest price. If this does not happen, reload the game and try again.

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Cheats - Edit Starting Money

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

NOTE: This involves editing a game file so make a back-up before proceeding.

Look for the file initialpref.* in the drive letter:program filesinfogrames interactivemonopoly tycoon directory or your custom install path. Each scenario folder contains the file initalpref.*

Use a text editor to open the file (in each scenario folder) and you can change the amount of starting money for you and your computer opponents on easy, normal, and hard.

Warning about the .initalpref file: When you edit the initalpref file, the amount of money you typed in will be given to the computer players, too.

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Monopoly Tycoon Cheats


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