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Moshi Monsters Review :

Spyro, Dawn of the dragon.

by Cheatin_Girl Apr 09, 2012

Overall, Spyro Dawn of the dragon is a good game, but you need ALOT of patience and time. I found this game fun, but frustrating at times. What I found frustrating the most was opening the gates to warfang. To open them you have to find 4 red crystals and on the way to find one of them you have to set fire to 4 things on a wall. One is above you, one is beneath yopu and the other two are beside you. I dont know how he did it but my 6Year old brother got the one on top first try and I had been trying for an hour. I ended up Rage quitting and then he picked up the remote and.....Got it on the first try. I was so angry after that.

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10Story line
Spyro and Cynder have to escape from evil and defeat a old rival (Im not going to spoil it for you). The cut scenes help alot with the story. They make it more interesting.
The graphics change depending on the tv you have and what console you have. The wii versions graphics are fairly good as well as the Xbox.
Make sure you turn your Tv down for the sound in this game is quite loud. It is perfictly synced with the game.
The game is challenging in some levels but easy in others. I found protecting the Cheetah village hard because you have to hit your enemies alot. The whole point of that level it to hit. I recmend 2 player for that level.
10Lasting Appeal
I recomend using your purple power (IDK what its called,but youll know what I mean when you see it.) for the boss at the end of the game. Make sure you use it the third time you battle him, for he is nearly dead and it kills him instantly.
(Out of 10)


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