Moshi Monsters Review

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Moshi Monsters Review :

Moshi Monsters Review

by Weaponizer Jan 22, 2013

Moshi Monsters Is A Game Where You Pick Your Monsters, And Take Care of Them, Give Them Food, Play With Them, And Even Catch Moshlings, Moshlings Are A Bunch Of Creatures We Can keep, To Get A Moshling, You Must First Buy Three Seeds, Then Plant Them In Your Own Garden.

Rox, a Currency Of Moshi Monsters, Can Be Used To Buy Food, Clothing, And Other Things.

Membership, The Company That Made Moshi Monsters, Mind Candy, Is Offering 1 Month Membership,3 Months Membership, 6 Months Membership, And Even 12 Months Membership. Moshi members Can Buy Their Own House That Has More Rooms Than The Standard House, And Has More Features Than Free Players.

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8Story line
Basically, There is Only one Storyline,But For Members, They Can Access The Super Moshi Storyline,The Storylines Are very interesting.
The Graphics Are Good, Nice Designs, Good Details, Very Cute Designs, Because This Game Is Directed Towards Kids.
Cute Sounds, Almost All Activity in Moshi Monsters Contains Sounds, Each Are Different Sounds In Different Activity.
Very Easy Gameplay,Even 7 Years Old Can Play This Game, Click And Play Gameplay Is Very Good For Casual Gamers If The Player Is Stuck , Having No Rox And Nothing in Inventory, They Can Enter Secret Codes.
9Lasting Appeal
Daily Updates, Cute Design, Cute Soundtracks, Very much Like A Real Pet, Interesting Items, Very Good.
(Out of 10)


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