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jan 04, 2012Moviestarplanet [ PC ]   Submitted

I need to know the cheat for how to get to level 20 and where to put it


Code - How to get to level 20:

Step 1:

Well firstly you have to have at lest 5 moshlings

Step 2:

Have 3 fully grown dragon seeds planted

Step 3:

Play the daily challenge and get 15 correct answers

Step 4:

By that you would have around 150 rox so use all that up on food for your moshi (i know waste of money but its worth gettin to level 20)

Step 5:

Feed your moshi all the food then play 2 puzzles to get it more happier so that your moshis health and happiness bar is full

Step 6:

Log out then log back in and you should be up to level 20 and you also get a free 200 rox. (it"s a reward for making it so far up to level 20)