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Myst Review :


by GleshClen Aug 05, 2010

Myst is, without a doubt, both special and average at the same time. Great graphics, sound and some clever puzzles may attract point-n-click fans, but a lack of re-playability and some "we've seen this before" gameplay may turn some off.

The storyline is also pretty cliche as the whole magic books thing has been used frequently and you'll notice that a lot of puzzles can be solved the same way others were - in fact, the answer to about ten of the puzzles on Myst island can be found by rotating a tower, going up an elevator, then going back down.

Some aspects of this game can get tedious, requiring you to run back and forth until you've obtained every piece of information you need and there's usually no indication on where to use it if it isn't already obvious.

In short summary, Myst isn't for everyone. If you're expecting some huge, world record-like gameplay you're going to end up disappointed, but if you're willing to appreciate it then you'll most likely end up enjoying Myst.

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6Story line
A man who goes by the name of "Stranger" finds himself trapped on an island called Myst. Two books inside the library include a person, each one claiming that you must free them from their book by finding the corresponding pages, forcing you to explore. Nothing really original.
The graphics of Myst were fantastic at the time. While they were only 8 bit, the use of color made the environments look very real. It was only 1993 when the game was released and the graphics are about as good as the graphics we have now. The shading is also incredible.
The sound, like the graphics, is great. Crystal clear sound effects that you'd normally hear in related real life situations, though not clear enough to make it feel like your in the game itself. Another high-point of this game.
While the graphics and sound were something to gloat about, the gameplay is nothing more than clicking something and moving towards it. The puzzles are great, occasionally average, but it doesn't really excuse the fact that it's just pointing and clicking. Nothing else.
7Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal for Myst all depends on your taste of games and persistence. The game is entertaining itself, but unless you're completely devoted to playing it straightforward then you're going to end up quitting every five minutes when you get frustrated.
(Out of 10)


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