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Neopets Review :

Cool Online World

by sdan12 Aug 04, 2011

Neopets is an online virtual world where you can adopt a pet and do whatever you want with it. You can adopt more pets as time goes on. And you can make a home for your Neopets wherever you want. Not only that but you can customize your house with items that you buy with neopoints and neocash. Neopoints and neocash is the type of money that is played for this game. You can earn neopoints for playing the games in the arcade. You have to buy some kind of cards with real money to get neocash. One of the best things about this game is that you don't have to download anything to play. But you will need an email to activate your account. But this game is a lot of fun. A lot more fun then some of the other online virtual world. Hope you enjoy this game!

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8Story line
There is no peticular storyline except that you take care of a pet that you own and you get to take it around Neopia.
The graphics are reallly good. Not as good as Moshi Monsters but they are definetly good enought that you can tell what everything is.
There is no sound unless you atack a sound to your neopet but the sounds that you put on your neopet are sometimes kinda annoying.
The gameplay is pretty muck just clicking on stuff. I wouldn't say there is a peticular gameplay. Except that some games you have to use the arrows on the keyboard.
10Lasting Appeal
This virtual world is fun for all ages. You can adopt a pet, custimize it, put clothes on it, and even make it a house! Then you get to travel the world with it playing games, explore diffrent realms and even adopt more pets as time goes on!
(Out of 10)


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