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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for PC version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Free Money

by NintendogsGurl Feb 01, 2006

If you have a poka dot collar then put it on your dog take them to the park. Then when you get there hold the 'Y' button and the'R' Button then free money!

PS: it works for all versions.

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Secret - Infinate trainer points

by skeleto333 Sep 21, 2009

All u have to do is put the hand u pet the dog with on the dog.put ur charger in the ds so it dosent die.leave the petting hand on the dog for a few days.when u come back to the game u will have gained tons of trainer points.

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Cheats - Lodsa items

by Unregistered Feb 21, 2006

If you go on walk and get as many blue? As you can, then go to the park and change your dogs accessories then when it says 'saving do not turn off' quickly turn it off, and when you look a your items you will have all the things you found on your walk and also you will not have to wait 30 minutes before you go on your next walk!

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Secret - Money Maker

by Unregistered Dec 07, 2007

If you want to make alot of money besides contests, when you go for a walk, rarer items will be farther aways from your house. If you stay by your house, you'll get bubble blowers and tissue boxes. But, if you go way away, you'll find hats and crowns, and I've even found 2 gold bars worth 2,000 dollars, carts, and helicopters.

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Cheats - Brush cheat for TP

by Unregistered Mar 06, 2007

It does work i left my ds on for 3 hours and i got over 300 tp and to any1 who says it doesnt,you prolly put it in sleep mode,DO NOT PUT IN SLEEP MODE.Otherwise it will be like standby and resume fram the start

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Cheats - Gifts Galore

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2006

When you go for a walk go over as many ? boxes as possible! When you get home only keep 1 of each toy except for food. e.g. if you have 2 tennis balls sell one in the second hand store. Eventually you have a lot of toys. Also, make sure you practise at the gym, with your dog, and to enter agility contests because they give away the most money! Plus don't shop in the pet supply shop buy stuff in the discount store, sometimes you can get the things 1/2 price!
Happy Gift Hunting! :)

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Cheats - Rare item

by Unregistered Mar 06, 2007

to get a huge possibility of a rare item,go into the yellow record any other,do not play it and if it is the yellow,set it to delete and hold it there.this way dogs can not pull you out to play and will eventually run away.once 1 rus away put the record away and he/she will give u a pressie!!!!

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Cheats - The silver cartridge sounds pretty cool......

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2007

I am not sure that the silver cartridge works, but don't let me burst your bubble!

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Cheats - Nintendogs

by Unregistered Feb 15, 2007

if you gain trainer points you may notice that some of the very low priced items like the dog photos, sticks, bottles, ect. may start to go up in price when you sell them! Also, try going to the discount shop every time you go on walks and you will get rare items faster! (still get the question marks!!!)

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Hints - Friends

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2007

if you get the same types of dogs your dogs will like each other more, they will play more
Ps:cheats dont work

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Cheats - Trial

by Z$$Z Jan 22, 2007

go on a agility trial and if ur on Chanpionship and u come 1st ur get 1.000 kk? p.s hope u come 1st!!!!

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Cheats - Dog trainer

by princesskittilover Jan 22, 2007

go to google and type in dog trainer under images...a some pictures will pop the one of a yellow box with a dog on should be able to find all the info on dog trainer you can see for your IS real

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Cheats - Sevral funny things

by Unregistered Dec 20, 2006

First of all if you make your dog lie down then pull its ear , it will hit you with its paw ! Make your dog sit down then pull its paw up, then it will bite! Plus the lower the dog is - the bigger the bite . Sometimes your dog will speak a bit of English . The word is ping . If you put music on and move the same way for some time - they will chase you then stop after that keep moving again . Your dog will shuffle around on the spot ! With your jumping rope make your dog play then go VERY fast , as a result your dogs fall down or get whacked off the screen (not pemerminent(how annoying ))

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Cheats - The best disc i found

by Unregistered Nov 30, 2006

get this the best disc ISN'T a disc at all! its a dartboard! ur dog(if i jumps high enough) will flip in the air when catching it. it flies REEAALLLLYYYY well- trust me i beat championship with it!

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Hints - Get Puppies

by Unregistered Sep 13, 2006

If you keep your Nintendoís without resetting it. It might have puppys. This takes 9 months or more to work. I've tried to fast forward time but it don't work.
But it works cause my friends dogs had some and now she has ten. But she had to give one of her dogs away.

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Hints - Good walks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Aug 09, 2006

Before you go on a walk save the game so that i you get rubish itames save a turn of and do it agen.

unlimeted walks!!!!
Go for a walk and when you get to the park change any accessory. After it says saving do not tur off power turn it of then go for another walk. note. you'll keep the presents but not get any walk exp. =p

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Hints - Unlockable dogs for Chihuaha & friends

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2006

Husky = 2000
German Shepherd = 4000
Others more points.

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Hints - Walk

by Pups4life Apr 08, 2006

When on walk go to the park after you have done as many as possible then go the park change your accessory and turn off the DS then you can go on a walk again

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Hints - Trainer points fast

by Mrs.Nintendogs Apr 05, 2006

Go to a gym and leave the DS sit there then come back do some tricks, leave, tri....well do tricks in between and when it's time to go. When you come back you get a ton of trainer points. You may be able to do this in the park Iím not sure, Iím sure on the gym (points my vary).

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Hints - Box of cookies

by style master Feb 16, 2006

When you get the box of yerkie treats and the lucky collar.
Give the box of yerkie treats to the dogs then you put the lucky collar to your dog and then go for a walk you can find the jack russel book, golden bar, golden cube, polka dot collar and infinity money.

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Hints - Heads Up! Err...Down.

by dakriththekitten Feb 12, 2006

When you go to donate a dog in the hotel and choose a dog to donate, click yes once and you will see your dog with a sad face. After a few seconds it will droop its head. Its really sad with cute pups. Especially corgis on my opinion.

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Hints - Make You Cry

by dakriththekitten Feb 12, 2006

When you go to the hotel and go to donate a dog and click yes once the dog will drop its head. It's really sad. It actually made me cry!

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Secret - Awesome Tricks!

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2008

Tell your dog to beg, then quickly to spin. It should beg in circles! Also, Tell your dog to lie down and then to beg quickly. It should do a handstand! One more. Tell it to roll over to the right, then to the left. It should do it very quickly! You can teach them to do these cool tricks without all the steps. It should work my dog did all of it :)

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Hints - Musical friendship

by Butterfly43 Jan 04, 2007

The one way to know the dogs get along is if you listen to the backround music!if it goes to the fast beating drums then they dont like each other:-(if it sounds happy then the like each other :-)!!!

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Hints - 800,00 dollars

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2006

If you have a boxer get a sheltie too. Then wait for a while (might be a long time) till the snuggle :) then.... this parts kinda gross... when the Boxer dog gets up you will see his little wiener under his legs. Turn off the power with out saving then when u get on u will have 800,000 + dollars!

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