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OurWorld Cheats :

This page contains OurWorld cheats list for PC version. Now we have 40 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 1 easter egg, 5 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing OurWorld on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Gem mining

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2009

You can actually get as many gems as you want for free, everything you have to do is gain levels. I like to call this cheat "gem mining", because you have to work to get the free gems. Its really easy and has few steps. First, you need to open the friends tab, then you click "invite friends". Now's the trick, instead of writing a friend's e-mail adress, you can write your own. And soon you'll recieve an ourworld invitation. Then, on the e-mail press "go to our world" and it will bring you to the home page, there you have to click "not a member" and join again. When you reach level five with your new avatar, you'll recieve five gems for your old one. It is important that you go to your e-mail with clicking the "go to our world" because otherwise you won't get gems. And you can make new avatars again and again and get as many gemms as you want, it's your choice.

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Code - Flow Cheat

by DraMatiicMagic Mar 16, 2011

This Is A Pretty Old One, But As Far As I Can See, I Don't Think Anyone Has Stated It Yet . . . (Sorry If I Over-Looked That Statement)

This One Has Been Around For A While, But For People Who Have Never Heard Of It This On'es For You!

1. Type "test-mode 42" Into Your Text Box

2. And Then Type "cryptobiologist" After You've Typed In "test-mode 42".

You Get 5 (Or So) Flow To Start Off With And It Just Keeps Increasing. You Can Only Use It Once A Day, And The Maximum Amount Goes Up To A 100.

Got Any Questions?

I'm Happy To Answer o: (To The Best Of My Ability)

Peace Out`!

Lil` Monstaa`r! xox

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Glitch - Whisper Chat Get 20 gems

by OwProLove Apr 02, 2012

First you have 2 get the ow tool bar

and then verify so u could talk then you'll hget 20 gems!!

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Code - OW Secret Mission-Cupid's Bow

by BubblyMinty Dec 20, 2012

Go to your friend list and search 'Edwin' and go to his condo.Buy love potion with 5 gems.Throw it at Edwin and he will weep :P Edwin will pass you a letter for Collette.Now,go to Collette's condo and give her the letter, Watch the drama unfold (LOL) Now,go to Edwin's condo again and give him Collette's reply. He'll reply with an emo respond and he will give u a cupid's bow :D Since you have it now,buy them and shoot Edwin ;D

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Code - The Flow-Up

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2012

Okay. Go on 'Games' and click 'Plants vs. Zombies'. When It Loads, click 'Play'. Play A Couple Games Then Pause It For About 1 Minute. When Time Is Up, Collect As Many Suns As You Can That Have Already Fallen Down. It Increases As You Collect The Suns.

Feel Free To Comment:)

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Code - Change size of your wallpaper

by yummy_yumi900 Jul 18, 2011

you can change your wallpaper size in your condo. just click the up and down buttons and the size will change. its pretty cool.

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Secret - Npc cond cheat get cupid bow

by tempaz112 Jul 06, 2010

You have to buy a love potion and put one on Edwin. In his condo BTW.
He asks you to take a letter to Collette, go to her condo and give it to her. She will deny what it says and you will have to take the reply back to Edwin. He will give you cupids bow. You can throw it at people and you will see an arrow where you had threw it.

submitted by xluna on my hidden items condo cheat thanks luna

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Code - Our world flow cheat

by hop8656 Aug 27, 2013

No lie i know someone just send hop8656 any meystery box or gems wait a day and you will get 100 flow.Or send him 2 mystery boxes and he will give you some cheat on a message.If it does not work i will give you another couple cheats instead.

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Code - How to get mo' flow

by Unregistered May 29, 2013

hi ourworld fans I am Veasna and now I am going 2 tell u a secret flow cheat....

I th ink almost everyone knows this cheat of mo'flow. It is

type "test-mode 42 and then type cryptobiologist and sumthing like " why do cows only fly at night?" will come. then u will get 5 flow( or more).

remember tha this cheat's maximum flow is now 70 before it was 100 but it is 70.


and plz gift me a flow shovel!!!!!

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Code - Glitch-Big Head

by BubblyMinty Dec 20, 2012

This is for the people who doesn't know this trick.First,put on a Grow Potion. Go to 'appearance' and click 'reset'. LOL :D Now u have a giant head ;D

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Code - OW Secrets-Do A Job In Your Clothes

by BubblyMinty Dec 20, 2012

Go to flo's diner or other places you can get a job.Take the job and you will see that you're in your uniforms.Go to appearance and change your hair color and tadaa :D Ur working with ur clothes on!

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Code - Whatch a movie and get 1 or 2 free gems

by ElizaLN Nov 22, 2012

I think u need to have a face book necklace to do it but any way there will be vids that say whatach this vid and get 1 or 2 free gems it really works (its not a cheat)

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Code - Read description

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2012

first go to firends then search for (the hots) no bracets and put 5 things on ur wishlist at the top then send him a mystery box of any kind .ps. he likes light mystery boxes i asked he gives 8 wishlist things for light mystery boxes then finnaly send the mystery box and in less then a day u will have it have fun

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Code - Flow cheat for residents

by Unregistered Jul 04, 2012
  • first buy a flow shovel
  • next go to "nevermore"
  • then go into "skeleton key dungon"
  • finally go into the little left corner and dig

now you have alot of flow

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Code - Ourworld flow cheats

by XxNikkigoesyoxX Jun 19, 2012

Play on the piano keys outside flos diner

Play Around the world

say Test-mode 42 when the bubble is gone say Cryptobiologist

If you say nice things about Ourworld and dance you get loads of flow!

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Secret - How to get blue cow decal for condo.

by Unregistered Dec 15, 2011

First, put Derrick in your friend search bar and his profile shows up. Go to his condo, when you are there talk to Derrick and he will give you a bell. Go to Wonderland and put the bell anywhere on the ground. You will see a blue cow and it will follow you. Go back to Derricks condo and derrick will give you a blue cow.

remember,the blue cow is in DECALS section at your condo

Enjoy (P.S my name in ourworld is aneres5665. ADD ME!!!!!!)

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Secret - Throw and shoot

by momigi Nov 28, 2011

Go to the pier and search for Azia.When you find her,if you throw anything ay her se will throw the same thing back at you.

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Code - Residents Diving Moves without Diving Board

by sunnywooley Aug 25, 2011

Go to toxic beach or whatever beach.

Go qickly to the diving board and jump off. Quickly go to another spot which isn't the diving board and the diving board moves will apear. Now dive without even using the diving board!

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Code - How to get 10 free gems with no toolbar and facebook!

by Harry0505 Dec 13, 2010

Click on Coupon Codes it will have next to it verify email tape your email and go to your inbox on your email and click on the norereplyourworld message and click the link Verify my email address and log onto your OurWorld Account and you will be able to whisper to people on whisper chat when you click on your freinds account and press on your freind and press whisper chat so only your freind can hear you. Anyway you will have the gems when youve done it 10 free gems.

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Code - Secret-Doug Bot--fix

by Unregistered Dec 08, 2010

Throw a water balloon at Doug Bot. He will tell you to go see Otto. Go to Otto's condo and click on him. He will give you a circuit board. Take this to Doug Bot and throw it at him. He will then give you a laser gun.

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Glitch - Keep Familiars Longer

by BurningRamepage Jul 30, 2010

This glitch lets you keep your familiars for longer, if they are for fifteen minutes. use up some of the time, say half of it. and then play a game. play that for a little bit and then get out. You should get to restart the amount of time you have with you Familiar. This may work with fairies and other things, but i am not sure. I also dont know if this works forever, it might only work once, i didnt' test that well. i'll test it soon though, and tell you if it works with others, and if it works forever.

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Secret - Ourworld - flow cheats

by gummibearsx3 May 28, 2012

1.Find matching in the arcade

2.find the game "Around the world"

3.Play it and you get a lot of flow!

hoped I helped :3

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Secret - Gifting Secret That Actually Works

by love33me33 Nov 07, 2011

hi every1, this is a lil' cheat i use ALL the time, just follow these steps:

1. put things in ur wishlist.

2. find XxRachelGoRawrxX in the friend search box thingy


4. send XxRachelGoRawrxX sumthin on her wishlist.

5. check ur inventory and u have everything in ur wishlist!!!


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Glitch - Get Lots of Coins without loosing your stuff

by xXFallenAngelXx Jun 11, 2012

Here's a cheat that I just tested out and it works! What you do first is, save your outfit (test it on a noob account first), then sell one of the items your wearing, then, leave your profile till you see more coins. Now, go back to your inventory and wear the cheat. Its as easy as That! You don't wanna sell your rares though. It may not work on some items, but, you still get to wear your item! Also, (for residents only) save an outfit. Then list one item that your wearing (must be wearing saved outfit or it won't work) then, once you've listed it, put on the same saved outfit and you'll still be able to wear your item even out side the marketplace! Hope this helped!

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Easter Egg - This will make you float above your skateboard!

by Unregistered Apr 06, 2012

Ride your skateboard. Then, click on an Easter egg to turn into a bunny / chick. There will be one egg in each section (ie: Soho). This will only work in the Easter period and if you received your skateboarding license. Next, sit on a bench or something until your time as a Easter critter is over. When it is over and you are standing on your seat, leave it [the seat]. You should be floating above your skateboard . Use the 'emote' called "jump up" and it will sort of look like you're flying. Remember, don't sit down again after you do this.

(: Hope this helped! :)

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