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Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Cheats :

This page contains Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst cheats list for PC version. Now we have 35 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 1 password, 5 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 21 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Secret Passage Ways

by Aldermar Sep 14, 2009

Episode 1, Any Difficulty, Ruins 1

You see a huge hole and a waterfall, right Behind the waterfall, you will see a pathway there. What's there is just some boxes. People think it's a glitch but it's really a secret passage way.

If you are playing the quest TTF (Towards the Future): Only if you have the weapon "Branch of Paku Paku" (Force Weapon). There should be a secret teleporter in the hospital (usually I call it the "infirmary") and you gain access to Ruins. Go behind the waterfall, a popular character, Chao will talk to you. If he says he wants to join you... Say yes. Your "Branch of Paku Paku" will become "Striker of Chao", your Shifta and Deband range will be doubled. Also adorable. :3

Episode 2, Any Difficulty, Seabed Lower Level (After Seabed Higher Level)

You will happen to be in a room where water leaks and glass on the floor. There is a passage way on your left and you should able to pass through. Sometimes there's boxes or a healing ring. And if you turn around you might encounter a Sinow Zele (sometimes, depends on what map you are playing).

If you are playing the quest RT (Respective Tomorrow): As you enter a room with Reco Boxes on your left, just go to the path where there used to be a door. You will walk through it. There you will find boxes and a red switch. You will unlock the red gate in the secret passage way I explained. However, that only leads to a healing ring room. You might sometimes enter Tower, only if you got a random message during Seabeds (Lower) then you might have an access to Control Tower and you cannot fight Olga Flow at the end for some reason and I'm sure you will.

*Please PM me about the "Striker of Chao" in TTF or Access to Towers in RT for more details. This is completely off topic. :P

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Secret - Quest not found

by Aldermar Aug 10, 2009

If you have a Photon Crystal and you are looking the Quest "Black Paper's Deal 2", it's not on Skyline Ship. It's on Atlas Ship in Episode 4.

You just got over 15-30,000 Kills in "Maximum Attack 4 (MA4)" and you want to get an Type-M Weapon. The Quest called "Maximum Attack Seaside Rendezvous" is on Atlas Ship in Episode 2.

There are many other Quests that are not found on Skyline or Atlas. They can be on other ships by checking each Episode and Diffculty.

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Easter Egg - Limited Games

by Aldermar Jul 30, 2009

When you tried to make a party, and you got a note that says "Limited of games has been accomplished. Please join a party" it means that people already made their party and there are too many of them. It also means you either have to join the party or wait.

You can also do this on Skyline Block 2 if it's not happening to change a bit on Block 1.

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Secret - Mags has the Power to help you not as slaves

by Aldermar Jul 21, 2009

Mags are useful in most certain places. Your PB (Photon Blast) Gauge will increase when you strike an enemy, get injured or equip a PB Unit.

If you transfer your high leveled mag to your other low leveled character, the PB Gauge will rapidly increase (said above) when you equip it. When the PB Gauge is full, press and hold CTRL and you can see at least 3 Photon Blasts you can use. They are:

-Mylla & Youlla

You can get these cool Photon Blasts depending what you are feeding it. It is also to donate PB before the Photon Blast starts.

For example:
When a player used a Photon Blast, I rapidly press the END Key to donate my PB. It cost 10% of your PB, that equals only 10 PB. If were gonna do "GROUP PHOTON BLAST" we all have to use our Photon Blast at the same time. The number will appear beside your HP/TP (same for other players), the number that says 1 gets to use his/her Photon Blast first. The faster you act, you will become first to use the Photon Blast. This only happens when your PB Gauge is 100. If you do not have 100 PB and someone just used a Photon Blast either you donate for power or watch helplessly.

Two Photon Blasts can support you by healing or get buffs on.

Mylla & Youlla: They have the power to give you buffs, Shifta & Deband(not debuffs, Jellen & Zalure). If you donate while you are dead, you can be resurrected and continue the battle. This is most useful to most players.

Leilla: She has the power to heal, if people donate they will get healed, too. Not only that their status ailments will also be removed. If you donate while you are dead, you can be resurrected and continue the battle. Mostly FORCES have this Photon Blast.

Feeding mags is easy, just press F4 and a Feed Mag Menu will appear. When feeding mags you will see stats go up. Some stats poorly increased because it's not its favorite kind of food. And you will also lose some recovery items. As long you have Resta and Anti (and other supportive spells) you won't need those items (but you will need it if TP runs out).

Here are the stats for the Mag:
DEF - Boosts your DFP by 2 every time it levels up (Gain more resistance of the enemy's attack)
POW - Boosts your ATP by 2 every time it levels up (Able to use better Swords)
DEX - Boosts your ATA by 1 every 2 level ups no this stat (Able to use better Guns)
MIND - Boosts your MST by 2 every time it levels up (Enhances Technique Power and able to use better... 

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Secret - Transfer Items

by Aldermar Jul 09, 2009

There are basically 3 ways you can transfer items to another character you've made. It's quite helpful for those who needs help transferring items to other characters if they're useless to you in your original class.

1.) Create a Party, set the game type Normal and choose any difficulty. Now go to the bank and you should able to see another bank lady on your left. Speak to her and you'll see that it will have no money and no items in that spot. It's actually a special bank that allows you to have other characters of yours pick items from what you deposited. Such as your HUNTER deposited a GUN and your RANGER can pick it up and use it since HUNTER can't use them.

2.) Have someone you can trust with, then begin the transfer. Drop items and have them pick them hold them on for you. Ask your partner to wait in the same Party you made and come back with a different character. Then tell them it's you and get your items what you needed.

3.) You can also do this with a partner by using the TRADE WINDOW, they're not actually keeping them while traded and plus during that you don't need the required items to do this just "NO ITEMS" and proceed. Come back with a different character and get your items back by doing TRADE WINDOW again. And there you have it, your precious items.

That's all you need to know about transferring items to another character you have. You can only have maximum of 4 characters with different class and name. Because all class with different names and classes you will get a different ID SECTION that allows you to find specific rare item.

HUNTER: Beginner
RANGER: Normal
FORCES: Intermediate

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Secret - Semi-Rare Weapons

by Aldermar Jul 09, 2009

Have you ever noticed that you found a Yellow Weapon with a Yellow Text after being tekked It's true! Some Yellow Weapons has Yellow Text only because of the name of the ability on the weapon.

Hell Laser +6
King's Vulcan +15

If you find unknown Yellow Weapons you may get a Semi-Rare Weapon. Which will have 9 Stars on it. Unknown weapons can be found at Ragol after slaying enemies which its text color is blue.

NOTE: Special Weapons are capitalized within the RED BOXES after slaying a specific enemy.

NOTE: There is no Yellow Weapons for FORCES but at least you can get something cool from HUNTER or RANGER classes.

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Secret - Zu (and Pazuzu)

by Aldermar Jul 06, 2009

This is PSOBB Episode 4 monsters that usually appears in either the Crater or the Desert. To tell you the truth lots of players are getting frustrated with this creature all because it swoops down a lot and shoots beams (like Nano Dragon).

Also there was a Rare Monster of it called "Pazuzu", it was colored in green and a little orange. Most often Rare Monsters gives off high EXP and maybe a Rare Item as well. If you're lucky enough... you may as well consider the most luckiest person in game.

NOTE: It's useless to use Close-Combat Weapons unless you get near, under the Zu. It will come down and shoot fire balls. Or use guns and maybe some Techniques if you are a Force. As for Androids use Frozen Traps to stop and freeze it you will likely to hit it with your best shot.

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Secret - Merissa A (and Merissa AA)

by Aldermar Jul 06, 2009

This is PSOBB Episode 4 monsters that only appears in Subterranean Desert 2 & 3. To come to think of it I hate this monster the most, they hop around, they can cast Gibarta and freeze you, they can jab you, they can flop and slam you to the ground and evades your attacks by jumping on the other side. They're usually pink but if you see the ones in "GREEN" colored, you have found the Rare Monster, Merissa AA.

Merissa A are said to be common that one of them seems to be different. Such as common Sand Rappys which will likely occur a Del Rappy. Good luck and comment if you think they are annoying or not.

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Secret - Giratablulu

by Aldermar Jul 06, 2009

These things can only be found in Subterranean Desert 2 & 3 in PSOBB Episode 4. You'll find it most annoying: This thing can change it's elements to Thunder, Fire & Ice.

If you stray too far it will try to pull you right to it! Whenever you hit it, you were able to prevent from being Shocked/Frozen. The claws are its protection so you may want to attack in the center. It's not a good idea to do this alone but in a party it is. Make sure you have a high-leveled partner with you to slay it for you. (Don't forget to hit and run so you can get EXP! And make sure you survive or you won't get any.)

That's all.

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Secret - Nano Dragon

by Aldermar Jul 02, 2009

Did you know that once it kills a monster or two it suddenly grows larger It's true! And it gets even more powerful as it kills whatever is in its sight. It shoots deadly beams at monsters and/or you as well.

NOTE: He can still grow powerful as it kills you! Be sure to use Ranged Weapons to prevent being attacked or use Barta Techniques.

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Secret - Cure Status Conditions

by Aldermar Jul 01, 2009

There are ways to cure status Conditions for all races Humans, Newmans & Androids. Mostly Androids don't get affected by Primary Status Condition (Poison and Paralyze).
Cure Poison
-Use Anti or Antidote to remove this status (to cure party's poison, you must have Anti LV2)
-Androids cannot be poisoned

Cure Paralysis
-Use Antiparalysis to remover this status or have someone remove it by using Anti LV3 or higer
-Androids cannot be paralyzed
-Equip "Cure/Paralysis"

Cure Confusion
-Patient (If enemy around spam techniques or attacks if you must, if Android use traps)
-Use Sol Atomizers
-Use Anti LV3
-Equip "Cure/Confuse"

Cure Slow
-Patient (If enemy around try your best to attack or spam techniques)
-Use Sol Atomizers
-Use Anti LV5
-Equip "Cure/Slow"

*Cure Frozen
-Tap buttons quickly to be free (All races)

**Cure Shock (Quite frustrating)
-Use Sol Atomizers
-Equip "Cure/Shock"

***Cure 'DEAD'
-Have someone use Moon Atomizers on you or Reverser (Revival Technique)

*To prevent being frozen I suggest raising EIC (Ice Element) Resistance high as possible. Or prevent from being hit by Gibarta or Rabarta techniques.

**To prevent from being Shocked I suggest raising ETH (Thunder Element) Resistance high as possible. You can't escape Zonde techniques (maybe Razonde) but can put you in Shock Condition.

i)You cannot stand 'DEAD' conditions in Single Player Mode (unless you are carrying Scape Dolls in your inventory or a Mag that knows Reverser). Please note that if you own Scape Dolls, to make its effect work you must carry it in your inventory or else you will not be resurrected (and get sent back to the infirmary, you will not lose your money in this game).

ii)Prevent from being hit by enemy's Megid Technique which will cause instant death. Make sure you raise your EDK (Dark Element) Resistance from being put to death by Megid. (List of enemy's with Megid will be listed in "iii".)

iii)Enemy's that knows Megid Techniques:
Hildetorr (Ultimate, RARE)
Ob Lily (Ultimate, RARE)
Mil Lily (Ultimate)
Gran Sorcerer (Ultimate)
Del Lily (Tower)
Kireek (Event, in any Difficulty in Episode 1)
Ill Gill (Tower)
Dark Falz (Third Form, only in Hard, V.Hard & Ultimate Difficulty)

These enemy's in Ultimate knows Megid. That's why Ultimate Difficulty is the most challenging thing to do.

That's all you need to cure these Status Conditions.

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Secret - RED BOX

by Aldermar Jul 01, 2009

What's inside the 'RED BOX' Well mostly Rare stuff of course! There are many kinds of Rare things that are inside the 'RED BOX', and here what they may contain:

Enemy Parts (Usually found on Episode 1)
Photon Drops (Used for Gallon's Shop)
Photon Crystal (Episode 4, "Black Paper's Deal" Quest, you can find yourself a new rare for this if you get your hands on this precious gem)
Photon Ticket (Obtained "Gallon's Plan" Quest)
SPECIAL WEAPON (Either a Sword, Gun or Cane weapons, find out by tekking it!)
Armor (May have special abilities on them)
Shields (May have special abilities on them)
Units (Usually "GOD/" units to raise stats massively or "CURE/" to prevent Status Conditions)
OTHER (Some items that you may never know what it's used for)
Mag Cells (Use it on a certain mag and reveal its true power!)
*Parasitic Gene "Flow"

'RED BOX' can be found in Hard, V.HARD and Ultimate Difficulties by slaying certain enemies. There is a number of kills to get this 'Rare' item from a specific enemy you wish to get. Sometimes it's just luck to get what you want. Sometimes they can appear in boxes as well.

*No one has ever obtained this "ULTRA RARE" item for ages. It is said that if used on a specific weapon.... It will become one hell of a weapon. It is said to be obtained by this condtion:
-Equip any RED WEAPONS (except for Red Scorpio)
-Fight Olga Flow (Episode 2 Final Boss)
-Use RED WEAPONS all times (It's okay to shift other RED WEAPONS)
-After the battle of "Flow" return to where you fought it and you'll see **"Flowen's Ghost"

**"Flowen's Ghost" only appears after the conditions you've followed. He may occasionally drop the item, Parasitic Gene "Flow". But there are chances to get it. They say it takes 64 runs to obtain this item. You can ***combine it to a SWORD, SHOT, ROD weapons type.

***Choose a weapon from your class and combine it (recommended YELLOW WEAPONS)

=DARK METEOR (Has two different attacks)

STRIKER (There is no Yellow Weapon so combine with this instead)

And there you have it. Some other weapons are from event and very hard for me to describe.
Please go to [url][/url] for more cool stuff.

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Secret - Rare Boss, Kondrieu

by Aldermar Jun 30, 2009

Yes, Kondrieu is considered as a Rare Boss. You often face Saint-Million in your adventure but if you're lucky enough you may get a Dragon Scale from it! However, Kondrieu is 10% stronger than the orignal boss you fought.

Same move set but different color.

An image below will solve your question what does it look like:

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Secret - Raise your level even more

by Aldermar Jun 30, 2009

To raise your level quickly you must take the Quest: Towards the Future. You will run series of areas and will have to fight all 4 bosses including Dark Falz's 3rd Form (only in Hard, V.Hard & Ultimate Difficulty).

If you're too weak and can't even hit the enemy, use a gun or a technique and run away while a stronger player slays the monster you hit. Don't worry, everyone gets EXP even they deal 0 Damage to the enemy. Techniques always hit successfully (Megid doesn't really). If you're an Android use traps or guns. It is also recommended you have a Mag to raise DEF(DFP), ATK(ATP), DEX(ATA) & MIND(MST).

NOTE: If you raise your Mag(s) a lot you will able to learn higher Techniques and use more powerful weapons. And especially your defense.

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Secret - Del Rappy

by Aldermar Jun 22, 2009

PSOBB - Episode IV only

Del Rappy is considered as a rare Rappy just like a Al or Pal Rappy.

Del Rappy are kind of birds infected by D-Cellular things which turned out to be one of the darkened beings like Gorans or Pyro Gorans or a Del Lily... You get the point.

Del Rappy can be encountered either the Crater or Desert and they may drop a rare item or weapon. Or an enemy part (Rappy's Wing) which you can convert it as a weapon or Rappy's Beak (Mag Cell) so you can give it to your mag by selecting use. (Your mag now should look like a Rappy.)

Though there are 10 kinds of Rappys and here's the list:

Rag Rappy (Forest or VR Temple)
Al Rappy (Forest or VR Temple, RARE)
El Rappy (Forest or VR Temple, Ultimate)
Pal Rappy (Forest or VR Temple, Ultimate, RARE)
Love Rappy (VR Temple)
Hallo Rappy (VR Temple, around October)
Saint Rappy (VR Temple, around December)
Easter Rappy (VR Temple, around April)
Sand Rappy (Crater or Desert, Episode IV)
Del Rappy (Crater or Desert, Episode IV, RARE)

Happy Rappy Hunting!

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Secret - How is Blue Burst better than any other PSO?

by Aldermar Oct 21, 2010

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (or PSOBB for short) is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game). This game was developed by SEGA in 2004. But since the official SEGA servers have been permanently shut down due to a very weak population and move onto Phantasy Star Universe series.

To get straight to the point, the title as you play PSOBB is a little similar to PSOGC and the title theme will always remain the same. On the Japanese Servers, the title says, "Phantasy Star Online Episode IV." If you're all wondering what happened to Episode III, that game is known as "C.A.R.D. Revolution" for Nintendo Gamecube only.

*Your controller will be your Keyboard. The very same Keyboard you use to type and such. You can connect your XBOX 360 or PS3 Controller or any Joy Sticks to PSOBB once you configure the settings how you want to play the game by being in the lobby with any character, the Options and set controller. For more details, click here. (This one here will also help you how to connect a controller on Windows 7.)

Unlike PSOGC or XBOX, you will need to register for your Username and Password to create an account for PSOBB on a specific server. The active and well known Private Server today is, SCHTHACK. This server has over 300-500+ Online players. This also includes the shut down systems for PSO Ver. 1 & 2, PC and Gamecube. SCHTHACK does not XBOX sadly. The Microsoft company said that they don't trust Private Servers. So please do not make fuss about it. Once you registered for your Username and Password on SCHTHACK Server, now you can login into PSOBB.

PSOBB has 4 Character slots just like PSOGC. However, there is one problem--When you create a character on PSOBB... they will not have names with same Section IDs. If you named your HUmar, Seung, he will be Whitill. If you name your RAmar, Seung, he will be Skyly. You think this would work like PSOGC, but no, SEGA made it complicated for novices about Names and Section IDs for all 12 Characters to select from. And there is also a 10 Character Limit to make up a name for your Character. You may use any symbols, letters and numbers.
If you wish to find a specific Section ID for a certain class, you'll need to add space or symbols on your desired name. (ie: Seung- or Seung' or Seung!)
Doing this so will change your HUmar's name from Seung to Seung!. You will get a Skyly HUmar with the desired name.
Please use PSO-World's Section ID Calculator

*Please note that, if you're going... 

continue →

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Cheats - Control loading screen:

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

The Ranger Wall is available in Galleon's shop after
you have 300 points if you are playing with a Ranger class character.

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Unlockable - Purple Ring

by Aldermar Jul 09, 2009

To obtain the Purple Ring you must follow these steps very carefully.

1. Beat "Towards the Future" under 30 Minutes
2. Slay all enemies (also kill secret enemies)
3. Make sure you and your party survives (No deaths)

You can only obtain this ring in Very Hard Difficulty. It is recommended you are LVL 80 or higher if you are to do this alone. With a party they should be around LVL 90 or higher.

WARNING: Chaos Bringer can easily knock you out when it turns red by releasing a powerful energy from its rifle. Be sure to stay full health or raise your DFP (Defense Power) more.

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Code - Shortcut Menu

by Aldermar Jul 06, 2009

Shortcut Menu allows you to equip weapons, use items and techniques much easier.
Just press CTRL+END to activate Shortcut Menu. (Press Right Key to go next page)

CTRL+ENDOpen Shortcut Menu
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Code - Shortcuts using F"" Keys

by Aldermar Jul 06, 2009

Use F1 to F12 to open these windows as shortcut. Here are the following guides:

Instructions - Shows you keys from F1 to F12
Equip - Like Shortcut Window you can equip weapons, armor, mags and shields (units too)
Technique - Use Techniques
Mag Feed - Feed Mags (Mags will evolve in a certain levels)
Guild Card - Trade or Search Player's Guild Cards (Example Friend Requests)
Send Mail - Send mail to players (Search all players first then send mail)
Symbol Chat - Use Symbol Chats (Used for Communications)
Team - Displays Team Members
Team Log Window - Shows Team Log (Dunno much about it)
Normal/Team Chat - Chat with teams
Keyboard Control - Switches to play mode or chat mode (I don't remember)
Main Menu - The General

F1Instructions Window
F2Equip Window
F3Technique Window
F4Mag Feed Window
F5Guild Card Window
F6Send Mail Window (Example of Private Messages)
F7Symbol Chat Window
F8Team Window (Dunno much about it)
F9Team Log Window
F10Normal/Change Team Chat
F11Keyboard Control ON/OFF
F12Main Menu
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Code - ALT Actions

by Aldermar Jul 06, 2009

These button codes only works in the lobby or anywhere else (except for ALT+U or I).

ALT + A-Z (Greeting Actions)
ALT + 1-0 (Move/Flip Actions)
ALT + F1-F12 (Combat Actions, will not set off weapons in lobby)

By pressing ALT with these keys you are able to make cool commands.
NOTE: Depending on the gender they have different commands, so some may not do what says below. Or also known as "Stylish".
Example shown below:

PS: The reason why you are unable to execute buttons "ALT+U or I" in other places because they're chair actions and they only work in the Lobby. The chair color matches your ID Section Color.

ALT+MPlay Dead
ALT+UChair 1
ALT+IChair 2
ALT+NP.U. (Bad smell)
ALT+F1SMASH HIT (Fall on ground hard)
ALT+2Jump flip backwards
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Unlockable - Black Ring

by Aldermar Jul 03, 2009

This Ring can be obtained in Episode 1 in Very Hard Difficulty. To get this rare ring you must do these conditions:

1.) Do minimal kills (not all monsters)
2.) Kill a specific enemy (Will be listed)
3.) Rush to the next room as you hear the room has been unlocked (and kill the boss too)

WAVE 1: Kill the Hildebear at the start
WAVE 2: Rush to the Booma (don't kill them) and turn back you'll see a Booma there and kill it
WAVE 3: Go to the secret room in front of you (even it's just a wall) come back out and kill Evil Shark
WAVE 4: Kill the Poison Lily
WAVE 5: Same, kill the Poison Lily
WAVE 6: Don't kill the Slimes, just wait for the Pan Arms and kill it (Use Hell Abilities)
WAVE 7: Kill Sinow Gold
WAVE 8: Kill the Canane that's floating up. (Third one up and your left)
WAVE 9: Go straight to the wall and come back out, kill the Sinow Gold
WAVE 10: Get past the Garanz and knock down the Dubchic and destroy the remote, RUSH to the boss
WAVE 11: Kill the Chaos Bringer
WAVE 12: Kill the Chaos Sorcerer (Before WAVE 13, go to the active room and teleport and come back down)
WAVE 13: You should able to see a Deminian as you follow the previous step, kill it

After you beat all these specific enemies and after Dark Falz... You will be rewarded a Black Ring.

NOTE: If another player wears this ring your ATP raises like heck!

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Password - Abilities on Weapons

by Aldermar Jun 30, 2009

Not all weapons have special ability but they can be quite useful sometimes. Some are good and some are useless depending on what weapon.

Best abilities would have to be:

Heat, Fire, Flame, BurningDeal additional Fire damage
Ice, Frost, Freeze, BlizzardDeal additional Ice damage
Shock, Thunder, Storm, TempestDeal additional Lightning damage
Dim, Shadow, Dark, HellCause instant death
Devil, DemonReduces enemy's HP (Devil 1/2) (Demon 1/4)
Heart, Mind, Soul, GeistSteal TP from enemy
Draw, Drain, Fill, GushSteal HP from enemy
Panic, Riot, Havoc, ChaosConfuses enemy
Bind, Hold, Sieze, ArrestParalyzes enemy
ChargeUses 200 Meseta (Money) double the damage
SpiritSacriface TP double the damage
BeserkSacriface HP double the damge
Master's, Lord's, King'sSteal EXP from enemy
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Unlockable - Unseal the Weapons

by Aldermar Jun 22, 2009

Mainly there are two weapons that needs to be unsealed to gain its true power.

ExcaliburKill 10, 000 monsters with Lame D'Argent
Tsumikiri J-SwordKill 23, 000 monsters with Sealed J-Sword
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Secret - Hackers and Cheaters

by no-life Mar 23, 2011

If you're playing on SCHTHACK, Ultima or Eden Private Server, you will risk a ban permanently. Once someone found you hacking and cheating, they will report you and the GMs will be looking for you. You can't run or hide but you can learn your selfish mistakes.

If you are caught hacking by a GM with a different colored name, prepare to get a ban. Don't bother logging off because they can still can you. Accept it and don't play on that server again or just quit playing and do something else in your life. That being said, if you want to hack on PSOBB, make your own server and hack on that one.

And if you try to make a comeback to the same server, your IP Address is tracked. So good luck avoiding the people now. And don't think about switching to other computers because then you won't be allowed to play either computers you have in your household.

There are 3 different kinds of bans:

  • Temporary Ban (if you flame or troll a user you will get a temp. ban. Being racist gets you temp. ban as well)
  • Permanent Ban (if you flame or troll for the second time, that's it, you're done playing on that server)
  • IP Ban (your computer will not be allowed to play PSOBB on that server anymore, however this is a rare ban)
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