Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Review

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Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Review :

PSOBB one of the greatest PSO series I ever played

by Aldermar Nov 08, 2010

PSOBB is generally about online and it will stay like that permanently. Thanks to SEGA for bringing up this great game. I had a lot of fun experiences with many people that taught me how to manage solo quests on my own. I also made a lot of friends while I was playing with them.

I really do had fun on PSOBB but the thing is, I wasn't playing on SEGA's official server. I was playing on SCHTHACK private server. Because of this well-known server, it revived PSOBB. There were over 500, 600, 700, 800 players online. And maybe even more from all over the world.

And the only reason why SEGA Official US servers shut down is because there were not enough active users. SEGA's Official JP Severs lasted more than 6 years. And it has come to an end of November 2010. Now both servers were shut down permanently... but SCHTHACK private server remain. We are delighted to have JP players to join SCHTHACK.

"PSO Forever," quote from K_I_R_E_E_K_P_S_O on YouTube.

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7Story line
PSOBB started as free play mode, so there isn't specifically any story mode. You'd have to make or join rooms to begin some story quests. Side Stories count as well. The principal will basically say you must find his daughter, Red Ring Rico. But since it's free play, you can do anything you want.
You can configure the graphics on your computer on your own. The graphics are not bad but when people make special skins for certain characters, areas and items, it basically interests the player to keep playing PSOBB.
They still brought back the same background music for Episode 1 and 2. But on Episode 4, I noticed that the music is quite nice. Because it's about craters and deserts, the music fits perfectly. It is possible to change the background music with Super Mario or Sonic.
Like PSO Dreamcast and Gamecube but way lot different on PSOBB. This time, you use your keyboards as your controller. Having these awesome combo attacks, hunting rare items, slay hostiles and do challenge mode.
10Lasting Appeal
All I can say is that when my father first bought Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 for the Gamecube... I started playing it. I was a noob at first. Later, today, now I'm an official pro. SEGA made the best series I ever played. But no offense, I think they stole some stuff from Final Fantasy.
(Out of 10)


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