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Pirates of the Caribbean Online Cheats :

This page contains Pirates of the Caribbean Online cheats list for PC version. Now we have 14 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 8 glitches, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Fly on Port Royal

by TheWolfofYourDreams Jan 15, 2010

Go to Port royal main docks. By Fort Charles,there are rocks and bushes. Find the way to get in, and to behind the Fort Charles door. Get at the very edge, and dance a jig. Go over the edge, and you should fly

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Unlockable - Weapons

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 21, 2010

Here are all of the weapons you can unlock on Pirates Of The Caribbean Online.

CutlassDo the tutorial or skip it.
PistolVisit Captian Barboose.
Voodoo DollGet Level 5 Notoritey, visit Tia for a mission to unlock the Voodoo Doll.
DaggerGet Level 10 Notoritey, visit Elizebeth Swann for a mission to unlock the Dagger. MUST HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS!!!
GernadeGet Level 20 Notoritey, visit Jack Sparrow for a mission to unlock the Gernade. MUST HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS!!!
StaffGet Level 30 Notoritey, visit Tia for mission to unlock the Staff. MUST HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS!!!
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Secret - How to Win Battle Easily as a Basic Member

by multicheater Sep 02, 2009

Tagteams: Groups of pirates fighting one enemy.

You should use this on the Undead Witchdoctors, the Bosses, and the huge ships. More people on your crew, the better. DEFINATELY GET A TAGTEAM FOR VETERANS,OFFICERS, and MARINES.

Cutlass: The basic one

On Undead Gravediggers(about 4-5 strikes), Cadets(3-4 strikes), Swamp Alligators(5-7 strikes sometimes more), Bayou Aligators(6-8 strikes sometimes more, and other small enemies.

Pistol: The Basic one.

Anything except humans(that means animals and Undead)

Vodoo Doll:

Anything. You just have to retreat sometimes because the action takes time. It's worth it. Kills Cadet and Undead Gravediggers with 1 poke. Almost knocks out any alligator.

Combo 1: Cutlass first/ Gun second

Dont do this. In order for the gun to work its highest it has to be a distance. If you attack with a cutlass the enemy will always be on you.

Combo 2: Gun first/Cutlass second

Excellent for Scorpions and Undead. Rabid Bats is and Only-gun situation. Wait for the precise moment to begin with the cutlass.

Combo 3: Vodoo Doll/Anything

The Vodoo Doll should be done at a distance because the victim with be randomly attacked in their minds and it'll hurt them more for some reason. *shrug*

Avoiding Attacks/Making the enemy miss of lessen damage.

1. To avoid fighting go into a corner and wait til the health is green. Or take a Tonic.

2. Don't run into enemies.

3. Scorpions/Undead with daggers: Jump when the pincer/blade is about to hhit you. It will lessen/diminish the damage.

4. The Gun and cutlass will become most handy.

I'm Briana Darkblade I hang in Port Royal and Tortuga alot.

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Glitch - Walk in lava on padres del fuego

by familyguy98 Aug 12, 2010

Go to the catacombs on padres and look on your compass get down to the very bottom walk way and u will keep going until u see like a big hook on your compass. the wall forms a hook is wat i meean. go inside the hook and run at the wall while u r pointing slightly to the left.u should go through the wallthe run into the lava pool.it works best with people with grenades and long throw skill.there is a boss straight down the corridor in front of the little semi-circle on lava at the front of the lava.throw the grenade down the corridor and try to hit the boss and the raiders.stinkpot or smoke work best.my pirate is john renwald lv 37 if u want to try and find me

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Secret - How to complete the Black Pearl (treasure map) quest.

by DX1234567891 Jun 19, 2009

1.Gather a full crew. Make sure they stay about lvl 25 and up. Try to get a man who has take cover. It is best to have a crew of 12 (including you).
2.Entering the Black Pearl. You could skip or watch the cutscene. When you are on the actual Black Pearl, you will have to face officers (lvl 28 and up). It is best for someone to use their staff if they have one.
3.After the officers, have your "take cover man" take the wheel. Then, Light Frigates will appear. Don't waste your best ammunition but at the same time kill'em quick.
4.Allow your steering man to go. He should allow enough space to shoot the towers guarding the drawbridges. Once you did that go as fast as possible and shoot the last drawbridges AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! ALMOST EVERY ATTEMPT LOSE AT THIS PART!
5.If you actually made it here then your in luck. After the drawbridges, have everyone head to the LEFT CANNONS. THE GOLIATH WILL APPEAR ON THE LEFT. Then shoot him with ALL YOU HAVE! Try to hit him long enough so that your steering man can drive away fast. When you escape.........
(drama music)
If you had to do it for the quest at the end, head back to Jack Sparrow in Faithful Bride in Tortuga. He will give you 2000 Notoriety points, and you get the special sailing skill Leadership (i have it :))
Hope this helps! Happy PLunderin!

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Code - Swift foot glitch

by Unregistered Aug 12, 2011

Listen people everyone asks me how to do swift foot well i am going to tell you ok now make 5 swift foot and then go in to potions and click the potion that has 5 swift foots in it and then move your cursor to drop in/drink and then click really really fast and a lot of times :) then you can up high (you can keep making more swift foots and you will jump higher but you will loss control of running)

jump high
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Glitch - Behind the Doors of Fort Charles

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2011

Not just simply running on the corner of the door to get in run in the corner of the door until you get in then get at the very edge the dance you should fly please comment if this works please.

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Glitch - Under the bridge of tortuga when near the swamp

by heemoii Aug 16, 2010

This is a simple one, when u r at the place port of tortuga, go straight passed kingshead. Then turn left when u see a little bridge. stand there for a min, then turn ur body left in the middle of the brdge. jump up and go straight at the same time and there u go. u r next to the bridge in the bushes. go back and the compass will think ur on the bridge, but ur under it. mistfy ur friends with this won!

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Glitch - Get on Top of the Weaponary Shop in Tortuga or on the Rock Wall Behind It

by chink888333888 Jul 12, 2010

U go over to the entrance to the little swamp pool with alligators and stop on the wooden bridge part. look on the right side and try to jump over it. then swim over to the part of tortuga behind the house and go behind the side roof then try to jump up. u will mysteruislly jump higher and ur there! if u wanted to do the rock wall thing then stay at that place behind the weapon shop. go to the closest part of the thing without falling. then flip a coin or dance in a jig and wait for like five seconds. then walk forward and u will magiclly be floating! walk backwards to go up and forward to go down. (i recommend walking in circles when doing that) after ur the right hight walk over to the rock wall (u cant see it while ur behind it) and turn the camera at urself. u'll be standing on the rock wall!!!!

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Glitch - Behind King's Arm

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Go to the barrel by the dockworker in the water. go as close as you can to the barrel without going on the dock.
Press R (auto run) and shift at the sametime.(May not work at the first time.)
Go to the right wall that leads you to Bonita's Tattoo Parlor. Stop right there.
Go into the wall. Then you're behind King's Arm! (You can press shift by the door to go in King's Arm Too!)

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Easter Egg - All of the secret chat thingys like /glare, /moo, /sleep, etc.

by Unregistered Dec 14, 2009

Type in one of the following in the chat

/tired + /sleep + /afk - your character goes into the sleeping position

/scared + /fear + /cower - your character looks scared/cowers in fear

/wave + /greet + /hail - your character waves their hand for a few seconds

/laugh + /lol + /cackle - your character laughs in different position depending on its gender

/jig + /dance - your character dances the jig

(/zombie - dances the Zombie dance, emote available only during Halloween)

/sad - your character looks really sad

/angry + /hiss - your character looks angry

/clap - your character claps their hands

/no - your character disagrees by making moves with their hands

/smile + /grin + /happy- your character smiles

/yes + /nod - your character agrees with others

/wink - your character winks

/coin - your character flips a coin, Heads or Tails.

/celebrate + /cheer - your character jumps up in the air and cheers

/yawn - your character yawns

/tap + /impatient + /bored - your character stands impatiently/ looking bored

/flex - your character flexes

/sorry + /sry - your character is sorry

For female pirates only:

/primp - your character checks her nails

For male pirates only:

/confused - your character scratches the back of his head

/glare - your character glares with hands on his hips

Local chat emotes:

/crazy - is going crazy!

/help - calls out for help!

/thirsty - looks thirsty.

/sigh - sighs softly.

/9000 - is far too mighty for these weaklings!

/sweep - sweeps the ground clean.

/bounce -bounces up and down.

/blink - blinks.

/ready - is ready!

/curious - looks curious.

/bark - barks like a wild dog!

/chuckle - chuckles softly.

/frown - frowns.

/shrug - shrugs.

/growl - growls angrily.

/congratulate + /congrats + /grats - congratulates everyone.

/roar - roars loudly.

/rofl - rolls on the floor laughing.

/cackle - cackles.

/kidding + /jk - is just kidding!

/arrr - says: Arrrrrrrrrr!

/hello - says Hello!

/drink - pours a drink.

/confused (for females) - looks confused.

/glare (for females) - glares angrily.

/wait - asks everyone to wait.

/moo - moos. Mooooo!!

/gasp - gasps!

/flee - flees in terror!

/eat - munches some food.

/salute - salutes.

/vittles - asks around for something to eat.

/giggle - giggles.

/search - looks around, searching for something.

/bye + /goodbye - waves goodbye.
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Glitch - U can work at the bar

by CaptinNick Jul 21, 2008

in tortuga bar (faithel bride) go up 2 carver go all the way 2 the right keep running at the boared (may take a minaute) ur in there

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Glitch - Swim through Cuba

by Unregistered Sep 18, 2008

if you swim around Cuba staying against the shore, about 3/4 of the way around you slip into the island. from ther you can cut across to anywhere on the island

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Unlockable - Pirates online easy cash

by piratesonline1234 May 06, 2010

First go to padres del fuego and go to a bar and sit down for black jack and you well get tons of money brig ur cheat cards!!

my pirate name is Ned Warhawk and i got 100k form this walk through!!

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