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Pixie Hollow Cheats :

This page contains Pixie Hollow cheats list for PC version. Now we have 14 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 1 password, 2 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pixie Hollow on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - New Secret Codes

by khrista18 Jan 06, 2010

Here are a few new secret codes for pixie hollow. I hope you all like them.

Sparkle poppy skirt259965
Rose cami362016
Stargazer pendant572031
Acorn kettle898909
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Password - All the Furnishings Codes (so far- April 09)

by SteelMagniloa Apr 13, 2009

Codes are entered on the sign in page for Pixie Hollow.

747906a water pitcher (white)
492967Thimble (Forrest Green)
409826Butterfly Glider (Ruby)
633877Butterfly Glider (Lilac)
947774Butterfly Glider (Blue)
728808Mainland-Style Finger Harp (guitar)
317105Chatter (squirrel doll)
530413Violet Blossom Swing
716585Heart Leaf Stand (green)
128288Oyster Shell Mirror (Fern Green)
194830Raindrop Mirror
902156Trinket Chest
547694Eggshell Tea Table (Bluebell Blue)
499840Leaf wrap kettle
161373Walnut Bookcase (Brown)
872638Garden Lounge Chair (Green)
898909Bellflower Lamp
382593Autumn Eve Sofa
690890Waterdrop Wall Shelf (Purple Petunia)
923954Toadstool Furniture Set (Green)
FLYButtercup Floor Lamp (Spring Breeze Green)
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Code - Pixie Hollow Secret Codes

by Dawnfire Nov 19, 2008

Go to pixiehollow.com (assuming you are registered)
On your left there is a large PLAY button, further down you'll see an icon
for SECRET CODES click on it and follow the directions! Each code entered will be
given to each of your Faeries! Codes can (so far) only be used once!

947774Cerulean Butterfly Glider
633877Lilac Butterfly Glider
409826Ruby Butterfly Glider
747906Crocus bulb pitcher (pearl)
492967Forest Cap Thimble
728808Mainland-Style Harp (Rose Red)
471575Hibiscus Top Daffodil Yellow+Mini Skirt Set
606419Hibiscus Top Grassblade Green+Mini Skirt Set
514689Hibiscus Top Rose Red+Mini Skirt Set
525350Hibiscus Top Pumpkin Orange+Mini Skirt Set
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Code - Pixie hollow codes

by missymissellen Jul 28, 2009

When you lod on to pixie hollow there is a big play button and at the bottom of the page there is a thing that says secretcodes click on it and enter the codes

471575 -Hibiscus Top Daffodil Yellow+Mini Skirt Set.
606419Hibiscus Top Grassblade Green+Mini Skirt Set.
514689Hibiscus Top Rose Red+Mini Skirt Set.
525350Hibiscus Top Pumpkin Orange+Mini Skirt Set.
947873 -Pink top
679335 -pink top
362016 -Ivy Ankle Boots (BlueBell Blue
259965 -Lavender Purple Silk Clogs
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Code - Pixi Hollow Secret Codes behave differently as of 12/09

by Unregistered Dec 07, 2009

In case it hasn't been noted yet, Pixi Hollow Secret Codes are behaving differently. The old rewards are gone, except for maple leaves. The only items I have been able to produce are: SPARKLE POPPY SKIRT, ACORN KETTLE (not the same one from the old list), STARGAZER PENDANT, and ROSE CAMI.

495692formerly Glowing Gold Sash: now STARGAZER PENDANT (pink pendant on green chain)
259179formerly Ruffled Myrtle Leaf Belt Raspberry Pink: now ROSE CAMI (yellow)
690890formerly Waterdrop Wall Shelf Purple Petunia: now ACORN KETTLE
471575formerly Hibiscus Top Daffodil Yellow and the Maple Mini Daffodil Yellow: now gives both STARGAZER PENDANT AND ROSE CAMI (same as above)
382593formerly Autumn Eve Sofa: now SPARKLE POPPY SKIRT (yellow)
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Code - Pixie hollow stuffs

by pikapikachu123 Jul 29, 2009

Its most of the codes from pixie hollow sorry that i used only one row

606419 Hibiscus Top & Maple Mini Skirt (Grassblade Green) 471575 Hibiscus Top & Maple Mini Skirt (Daffodil Yellow) 407501 Hibiscus Top & Maple Mini Skirt (Sky Blue) 525350 Hibiscus Top & Maple Mini Skirt (Pumpkin Orange) 514689 Hibiscus Top & Maple Mini Skirt (Pale Rose Red) 959015 Tulip Tee & Tulip Peddle Pushers (Harvest Gold) 799835 Perfect Pearl Top and Perfect Pearl Skirt (Pearl White) 947873 Leafy Dahlia Top (Watermelon Pink) 679335 Bellflower Petal Top (Pink) 118337 Jade Sash 585047 Opal Sash (light pinkish) 412725 Sapphire Sash (it looks lavender) 495692 Glowing Gold Sash 259179 Ruffled Myrtle Leaf Belt (Raspberry Pink) 947954 Rosey Sash (Rose) 207251 Sunny Sash (Yellow) 406060 Acorn Tiara 165488 Sunrise Hairband 293015 Satin Flower Garland 624149 Pearly Puff Necklace 106510 Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace 303228 Star Bright Necklace 572031 Fressia Flower Wrist Flounce 767130 Freesia Flower Ankle Flounce 130408 Violet Petal Anklet 362016 Ivy Ankle Boots (Bluebell Blue) 259965all the stuff you want
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Code - Codes From NDS Game:

by Dawnfire Dec 15, 2008

Under secret codes on front page of PixieHollow

547694EggShell Tea Table (BlueBell Blue)
947873Leafy Dalhia Top (Watermelon Pink)
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Code - Pixie Hollow Secret Codes

by Dawnfire Nov 19, 2008

please see the first codes that i have entered. there is a detailed
decribtion there, i promise!

407501Hibiscus Top Sky Blue+Mini Skirt Set
959015Tulip Tee CornCob Yellow+Tulip Petal Pushers Set
118337Jade Sash
585047Lilac Sash
412725Sapphire Sash
624149White Pearl Puff Necklace
106510Freesia Flower Necklace
406060Acorn Cap
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Unlockable - They give 5 lily petals and revelry gives 50 maple leaves

by Unregistered Jun 21, 2010

To use secret codes for the Pixie Hollow game, go to the Secret Codes page and enter your code. Secret codes for the Pixie Hollow game are available on select Disney Fairies products and unlock special gifts in the Pixie Hollow online world. Sometimes secret codes can be used for more than one account. Below is a list of some of these codes. For more information on the items awarded by the secret codes, click the links or see Pixie Hollow Secret Code Items.

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Code - 2011 codes not clothes ingredents

by salvarez511 Jul 11, 2011
  • ok fashion is for a girl fairy
  • style is for a sparrow man
  • they say revery does not work but people say it did so do u mind giving it a try
  • now id know the effect but they do work
  • you only get to use them ONCE
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Code - Earning Game Badges

by Arianna_cloudypetal Sep 05, 2012

To earn a simple badge, they tell u that u have to play the game 5 times then u get a game badge.

You don't need to play the whole game for it, 'cuz I have a cheat for you! Just lick on a game whose badge u want... play the first level of the game only and then quit. Repeat this five times and then you get the badge! It works perfectly.. and by this methods I have lots of badges now.

Allright, fly with you later,

Fairy Name : Arianna Cloudypetal

My Favorite server : Strawberry Forest.

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Code - Code pixie hollows

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

Persons want to now cheats here is one.

Derbycool stuff
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Code - Ingreidient codes

by danyelleadorable63 Jul 04, 2011

if you go to Pixie hollow, scroll down and find seceret codes. type in these codes to get ingreidients!

rose, acorn, twig, lily, ivy, leaf, and daisy all = 5 lily petals

revelry = 50 maple leaves

summer = 55 raspberries

Have fun!

- Danyelleadorable63

rose5 lily petals
acorn5 lily petals
twig5 lily petals
lily5 lily petals
ivy5 lily petals
leaf5 lily petals
daisy5 lily petals
revelry50 maple leaves
summer55 raspberries
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Code - Pixie Hollow Codes 2012

by VanessaSugarjewel Apr 02, 2012

  • 165488
  • 259179
  • 293015
  • 303228
  • 362016
  • 406060
  • 624149

for the
Rose Cami Daffodil Yellow

  • 130408
  • 161373
  • 259965
  • 382593
  • 409826
  • 530413
  • 547694
  • 633877
  • 716585
  • 747906
  • 767130
  • 872638
  • 923954
  • 947774

for the
Sparkle Poppy Skirt Daffodil Yellow

  • 118337
  • 207251
  • 412725
  • 495692
  • 572031
  • 585047
  • 679335
  • 947873
  • 947954

for the
Stargazer Pendant Watermelon Pink

  • 106510

for the
Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace

  • 407501
  • 471575
  • 514689
  • 525350
  • 606419
  • 799835
  • 959015

for the
Rose Cami Daffodil Yellow
Stargazer Pendant Watermelon Pink

code: derby

effect: red and black hat

code: fashion

effect: purple freshia bracelet (pretty pinkish purple) (fairies only)

code: style

effect: arm cuff (blue) (sparrowmen only)

Furnishing Items

  • 128288
  • 194830
  • 317105
  • 492967
  • 499840
  • 690890
  • 728808
  • 898909
  • 902156

for the
Acorn Kettle Mint Green


  • New! Revelry for 50 Maple Leaves (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Rose for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Lily for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Daisy for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Ivy for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Acorn for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Twig for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
  • New! Leaf for 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
derbyred and black hat
fashiongirls pretty pinkish purple freshia bracelet
styleboys blue arm cuff
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