Plants vs. Zombies Review

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Plants vs. Zombies Review :

The Great Trainer

by Peashooter765 Sep 23, 2010

When Plants vs. Zombies was announced, everyone thought it was a joke. It was cartoony, the concept was absurd, and the fact that it was announced on April Fool’s Day didn’t help either. The fact is though; the game is so much more. The presentation of Plants vs. Zombies is simple. This is a theme you’ll find throughout most of the game. The menu asks your name and from there you have access to main adventure. There’s no real story to the game, just that you’re growing plants to prevent zombies from entering your house and eating your brains (duh). The game is filled with great humor though. Occasionally you’ll find a note written in barely legible handwriting signed by the zombies asking your permission to come inside, asking you “nicely” to stop planting. Crazy Dave also adds a lot to the game. The cartoony style of the game is great to look at. Each of the planets and zombies are distinctly different, so there’s no confusing one with the other. The only problem is that there’s no ability to change the resolution (this is a PC review, remember) so the textures come out a little pixilated. It’s nothing distracting, but it would look so much better outside of its only resolution. The music is pretty catchy. I find myself having the main theme from the levels stuck in my head. The only problem is that there isn’t much variety in the music. Usually it’s just the same two tracks played during the game. The zombies themselves are pretty funny though, especially in the very beginning of each level. Crazy Dave’s ramblings are pretty awesome as well. Plants vs. Zombies is a simple game, yet within that simplicity are layers of strategic gameplay. You only have a certain amount of plants you can choose per level and picking the right plant for the types of zombies in each level is crucial. Each plant has its own function, and combining their different purposes can lead to extremely deadly combinations. Be careful though, there are many times I’ve chosen one wrong plant and it’s cost me the entire level. The other purpose of the plants is to protect your sunflowers. These grow “sun seeds” which are an in battle currency for purchasing more plants to use against the zombies. Managing your seeds is a must, especially when you reach the “huge waves” of zombies. You’ll be spending them like crazy in the later levels too, removing and replanting stuff to better protect yourself. The main game mode isn’t the only one though. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock other game modes like survival, puzzle, and mini-game mode. All of them are pretty fun, but only the first three levels of each are opened before you complete adventure mode and their only real purpose is to give you money. Using the money from your killings and victories you can buy items to help defend your house, or upgrade cards that when used on already planted foliage, will make them even more powerful. Everything is pretty expensive though, so it will take you some time before you buy everything. The main mode has around eighty levels or so, so there’s plenty to get through there. There are also achievements to go for and after completing adventure mode the rest of the extra modes to plow through. It’s a great time killer when you have an extra hour here or there to spare. Playing it over long periods of time tends to make the gameplay stale and boring. I tend to just play here and there, it keeps everything fresh.

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