Plants vs. Zombies Review

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Plants vs. Zombies Review :

Fun enough

by Peashooter765 Oct 04, 2010

A more simplistic version of a tower defense game. It's annoying you have to complete the story to play some of the other modes. The story is SLOWWW as mud for veteran TD players. The story has charm definitely, but veterans can basically plant a basic defense then take a nap for far too many levels. The mini-games are fun. Survival maps are fun and frustrating. The game is fun in general but I find myself getting jaded with it often.

Theres basically nothing wrong with this game.
Cute, fun tower defense game. Blowing zombies up with potatoes is great. Lots of game modes, all kinds of production value. a COB cannon! that's right, a corn cob cannon. this thing owns. pea shooters, pirahna plants, etc. great fun. if your reading this review it means your'e considering buying the game, and you need not worry - there's no danger of you not liking this game.

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10Story line
Excellent themes. Everything in this game's presentation is charming, from the zombies' notes to you to the Crazy Dave shop in the back of his car.
Vibrant, clear, hi-res. It's 2D, with characters that feel 3D. Nothing appears to have been lazily done, everything looks great.
High quality sounds. I just wish their was more variety in the zombie sounds and tower sounds sounds.
Fun, easy to pick up game. Play for 5 minutes or hours. The biggest flaw in the gameplay is your real estate is so limited, sometimes you feel you can't defend against everything.
8Lasting Appeal
Frustrating flaws in the game cause me to become jaded. Games take way too long to get going. There are SO MANY diff zombies and you don't have enough room to defend against it all on the harder modes
(Out of 10)


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