Plants vs. Zombies (Game of the Year Edition) Review

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Plants vs. Zombies (Game of the Year Edition) Review :

Excellant puzzle game!

by yoshi114 Jan 13, 2012

ahh zombies, they never get boring to kill, just to blow thier heads off with some kind of gun is pure DELIGHT! However in this game, you use a wide variety of plants, but not just any plants, MUtant plants. and hey guess what? There is a zombie on your lawn!!! in this game, you must plant one of many plants on your lawn to defend your house from the brain-craving zombiesout to...well, eat your brains. this game is FUN! there are so many things to do, minigames, puzzles, survival, Zen Garden, achievments, and the storyline/campaign. In each level, you must plant different plants with different abilites to kill each progresing wave of the undead. If you survive, you get money, and move on to the next level, but if you fail, you get your brains eaten. before each level you get to choose which plants you want to use for that level, up to a max of about 10 i think, the Sunflower, being the most important for producing Sun, the main inngrediant to plant your plants.each level gets more difficult as you progress,so you'd better start planting!

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9Story line
a good stroyline that makes sense, allong the way a guy named Crazy Dave helps you, by selling additional plants, zen Garden supplies etc. but mostly your trying to defend your house from zombies
Great graphics, for a Pc like mine (crappy windows XP) this game's graphics surprised me,for the most part
good good, sound, the music was...ok i guess, the sounds made sense and i loved the song from the credits :3
awsome gameplay, on top of good graphics made this game complete BOSS of my Pc, jsut shooting zombies with mutant plants is pure pleasure!
10Lasting Appeal
HAH who could forget this game? its mildly humourous, unviolent and kid freindly, that final boss was pretty hard too, havent played in months, i should start to play it again...
(Out of 10)


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