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Pokemon Battle Arena Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Battle Arena cheats list for PC version. Now we have 18 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 16 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Battle Arena on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - No waisting pokeballs

by snakeman98088888 Dec 16, 2008

ok all you have to do is use the pokeballs annd if it does not catch the pokemon then just press the back button on the top left of you computer screen

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Secret - How to get easy lvs form 1-35

by cero420 Mar 11, 2010

All u need to do is get any normal type pokemon then go to battle trainers. After that scroll down to the jhoto gym leader morty click 2v2 click the pokemon that u want to train then click ur normal pokemon. Morty has ghosts so they cannot not hit u

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Secret - Darkrai leveling as well as other dark pokemons

by justinhtet Jun 10, 2010

Psychic pokemons dont do damage to dark types. by using this advantage, you can just go and fight psycho who has got like more than level 80s.he can be found in the first column of trainers list. besides, ghost attacks like night shade do super effective damage to those psychic types. in fact, u can just go and fight when your dark type pokemon is at lvl 3.this can be used as an advantage for leveling darkrai.

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Secret - Easy money and EXP

by kingokrush Aug 17, 2010

This cheat will get you 5k every time you use it and EXP and a magnet! (i dont know wht the magnet does so plz dont ask) first get a good ghost pokemon ( you can find a duskull on route 7 if you sre willing to look for him) then go and battle lance ( he is the eliot 4 from kento) battle him with a ghost pokemon and another pokemon ( this works better 2 V. 2) and slaughter all of lances pokemon. because his pokemon cant hirt the ghost pokemon you will win easly.

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Code - Easy way to lv charzard

by poplorda Aug 03, 2010

If you have a charzard,go on battle trainers.when your on there go all the way to the bottom.once there youll see 3 trainers with badges,click the one in the middle of them.he will have 3 diglett (ground type lv 100) and 2 dugtrio(also ground type and lv 100)dont worrie they are lv 100 but they only use earthquake and since charzard is a flying type he cant get hit.keep on doing it and charzard would lv up like crazy.

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Secret - Easy lvl. up for all pokemons^^

by feastofblue May 06, 2010

Follow the prodedures:
1. catch a ghost pokemon (lower level than the pokemon you want to train)
-if you cant find a lower level ghost pokemon just train the pokemon you want to lvl. up by fighting koga until your pokemon reaches lvl. 7)
2. challenge lance(the last elite 4 in kanto) on a 2 vs 2 battle
3. select your ghost pokemon and the pokemon you want to lvl. up and battle him
-the ghost pokemon will serve as a shield for your pokemon because the pokemons of lance will not give any damage to a ghost pokemon so make sure that your ghost pokemon has a lower lvl. or else this will not work
-u must also make sure that ur ghost pokemon will not be the one to faint the opponent instead, it must be the pokemon u want to lvl. up who must faint the opponent
-after winning, u can just reload the page to start the battle again...m/(0o)m/!!!!

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Secret - How to train gastly (E-Z)

by Unregistered Apr 05, 2010

Fight elite four lance. all his pokemon only know normAL type moves which will not be effective against you .after your gastly evolves you can evolve it again with the item lance gave u

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Secret - Berries and Rainbow Ponyta

by Guideranger Oct 23, 2009

You go to route 7 and go through the grass near the tree. When you got through the trees you will find a berry or money. Then go through the grass and you will maybe find a rainbow ponyta.


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Secret - Invincible Sableye

by paumalla93 Aug 09, 2010

Hey I find sableye the strongest. it's so cool and unbeatable with its dark ghost attribute. I recommend to those who want to beat gym leaders easily to have one and it's easy to level it up. first if you want to rush, go battle gym leader sabrina(psychic types don'y do damage to dark). or you can fight lance or psycho. their pokemons do normal moves so they won't affect your pokemon.

add me up..paumalla93

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Secret - How to train gastly (E-Z)

by Unregistered Apr 05, 2010

Fight elite four lance. all his pokemon only know normAL type moves which will not be effective against you .after your gastly evolves you can evolve it again with the item lance gave u

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Secret - Level up your rock/ground types easier

by Unregistered Mar 30, 2010

When you catch a rock or ground type pokemon (at the moment im using onyx) go to battle trainers and battle The 3rd gym leader in KANTO (electricity guy). Im gaining a level every time I kill on of his guys and they are doing 0 damage to me.

Have fun!

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Secret - Trading

by ppls2day Feb 10, 2010

How to trade:
1)Go to offline trades section
2)Search for pokemon you want
3) BEFORE CLICKING 'make an offer' click the persons name.
4)Click 'make an offer' on that page

Why Well some people have this problem, others might not:
When clicking make an offer before clicking the person's account name, it would only say Trade Offer #XXXXX. What it's suppose to say is 'Trade offer #XXXXX in response to trade offer #XXXXX'
Hope I helped.

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Secret - Raising rhyhorn easily but need patience.. (Just a hint)

by balogster Mar 09, 2010

When raising a rhyhorn battle LT.SURGE even if your rhyhorn has a low level... LT.SURGE's pokemon can't hurt rhyhorn... coz they are electic and rhyhorn is a rock/ground type..

u can use this if u want to evolve it to rhyperior..... it need patience coz it's experience is slow...

so good luck in raising a rhyhorn....
add me up in the game..

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Code - Flying type daycare.

by Archelava Nov 23, 2010

NOTE this is not a scam. if you want your flying type pokemon raised, comment on my channel (nickbuddybyme) bubble farts. and tell me which one you want to raise and then put it on trade. i will trade you 0pokemon and 0 dollars. i will comment on your channel done and i will trade it back

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by Ken326 Jun 14, 2010

For normal pkmn

This is The Leveling Guide For Your Pokes That Are Low Levels Any Type Are Fine Fire,Water,Grass,Etc:

You Can Have A Fast Exp Battling Trainer Koga And His Pokemon Koffing So This Are The Steps:

1.1st Of All Double Login Your Account. The 1st Tab Open Up Battle Trainer,The 2nd Tab Open Up Pokemon Center
2.Then Proceed In Battling Koga His 1st Pokemon Is Koffing That Uses Self Destruct
3.Choose A Pokemon That You Want.Then Use Any Skill Then You Will Notice That Your Poke Level Up

Take Note: Its Only Effective In Any Poke Until Lvl 1-20

Leveling Guides For Normal Pokes Lvl 20-30

1.As I Said Before Its Easy To Train Your Poke With Double Login You Dont Need To Bother Going Back To The Pokecenter
2.Proceed In Battling Johto Gym Leader Morty Use Any Normal Poke (use non normal atks)
3.You Will Notice The Attack Of His Pokes Is Not Affecting Yours Keep It Up Until Your Level Is 30

Leveling Guide For Normal Pokes Lvl 30-60
1..As I Said Before Its Easy To Train Your Poke With Double Login You Dont Need To Bother Going Back To The Pokecenter
2.Proceed In Battling Hoenn Elite 4 Pheobe Use Any Normal Poke
3.Guys Be Aware In Battling Pheobe`s Sable Eye Because It Is Ghost/Dark Poke It Can Damage Your Normal Poke
4.Its Is Only Good For lvl 60

Leveling Guide For Normal Pokes lvl 60-100
1.As I Said Before Its Easy To Train Your Poke With Double Login You Dont Need To Bother Going Back To The Pokecenter
2.Proceed In Battling Grass-Trainer But 1st Buy The Skill Hyper Beam In The Skillshop It Cost 150,000 PokeMoney
3.The Skill Hyper Beam Can 1 Hit The Pokes Of Grass-Trainer Keep On Doing This Until Your Level 100

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Secret - Get all the starter pokemon you want!

by legocrabman Aug 12, 2010

Step 1. Make a second account all you really need to do is put a number in front.
Step 2. Fill in real or fake information, then choose your pokemon you want on your first account
Step 3. Make a trade of the pokemon then logout and go to your first account
Step 4. Then search up your name and look for your second account
Step 5. Click on the info of your second account and got to trade's list (bottom middle left hand side)
Step 6. Make and offer got back to your second account and allow the trade
You can do this cheat as many times you want to! Have fun ;)

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Secret - Super Easy Experience

by Unregistered Jan 18, 2010

Find a Wild Pokemon or a Trainer (Havent tried with trainer), Copy the URL and then defeat the Wild pokemon or trainer. Return to the spot you were on the map, heal yourself do whatever. whenever you feel like it again, paste the URL into the bar or whatever and click enter. The pokemon or trainer's pokemon should have 0 health, you just attack it once, it doesnt attack back and u get the same amount of experience!

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Secret - Easy way to level your low levels!

by Unregistered Feb 01, 2010

Say when you catch a new pokemon (around level 5) and you have to waste 60-100k to buy an attack to help leveling, well save that money and continue reading!

Well after you get your new pokemon the first thing is you want to go to the battle trainers page and fight:
Koga Image (Kanto region)
He has Image and Image and they tend to self destruct.
This way of leveling your low levels is so easy!
You get one level everytime!
But when you hit around level 25 you may want to start fighting Weezing.

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