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dec 01, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ PC ]   Submitted

where to catch latios,latias and other legendaries

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Secret - Where 2 cathc Latias or Latios or ne legendary:


Rayquaza is in sky piller

groudon/kyogre go 2 weather institute talk 2 people until u find one who says we have reports of droughts on this route go 2 that route and u will find groudon i belive u need dive 4 both and if the guy says we have reports of downpoor(or something involving rain) then go 2 that route and u will find Kyogre

latios/latias beat the E4 go home ur mom will b watching tv which says the pokemon spotted over the region when over ur mom says what color ? if u choose red u can find latias around the region if blue u find latios 4 both trade with a friend

deoxys is on the moon go 2 the rocket launch when rockets at 100 and u will find him

regis u will need a pkmn (with dive and dig in party and need relicanth and wailord)in ur party 1st and last spot(wailord first relicanth last or vise versa) then go left of pacifc log town and there is a spot where u dive dive then look around and u should c writing on the wall go up and u will b in a cave (go up in front of writing)then go straight until u hit a wall use dig wall will open then continue walking until u unlock the regis 1 regi is in desert one is south of4th city in the water the other is left of the town with the musem (regi caves have 6 rocks around them