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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Indigo [PC] has been posted at 16 Jul 2008 and is called ": )". The Cheat have a rating -2 by 22 our users and has been commented 13 times. Also 5 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 53 other cheats for Pokemon Indigo, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - : )

by Unregistered Jul 16, 2008

my username is haleysaur , add me?

Pokemon Indigo

Easy way to make the pokemon's level higher:
You need to have a Jigglypuff and a Jynx, Find a trainer that have Level 5-25.
Put on the pokemon you want to level up or evolve at the first, This is a
example: The one you want to level up is charmander that is Lv. 10 and youre
battling a kakuna that is Lv.11 and when youre battling change it faster
before it attacks and you change jigglypuff and jigglypuff used pound that
is 14 damage and until the HP is 1-20 and used sing or Lovely kiss when its
asleep change the jigglypuff to charmander and attack and until it die so
you will have a 46 ex. thats it. The one who wants to invite me in the pokemon
indigo my username is sparky_14.

Ultra ball:
Mmake sure to get at least 2 ultra balls to begin with to catch pokemon
with at ll 24-30.

Shiny articuno:
buy six poke ball and log out

Unlockable How to unlock:
Shiny Articuno - Buy 5 poke ball ang logout
Shiny Nine Tail - Buy 2 Burn Heal ang log out
Shiny Chicorita - Buy 3 Full Heal

How to get all starting pokemon:
You must first have your username for instance(kj) and then you must make another
username which could be (bj) and get his starting pokemon and then trade (bj's)
starting pokemon to (kj)and (kj)will get (bj's)first starting pokemon .
Continue doing so and you all first starting pokemon.

Easy duplicate pokemon:
Have you ever found a rare pokemon and wanted more than one? here you go.
Useing this you can get more than one of them! First you go in the battle catch
the pokemonor kill it hit go to map. go back resend the data. there you go!
useing that you can get so many rare pokemon, if you find one,and trade them
for strong ones and be the best trainer ever!

XP Glitch:
First go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont
click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0
hp you will get the same xp over and over again.

Best Pokemon Team:
Do you want to be a great trainer? Well here is the key. If you have these pokemon,
you are the best trainer in Pokemon Indigo!

Team 1 Team 2
Sceptile Venusaur
Infernape Entei
Feraligatr Swampert
Electrivire Raichu
Dragonite Salamence
Garchomp Nidoqueen

Submitted by: andrew daly

to catch a mewtwo and all the pokemon on pokemon indigo
first go to the shop buy 20 master balls then go to stateport city and then vs
anyone that has a prinplip and catch it with a master ball and go to the trade center
and there will be a pinplip for a prinplip and do it and you logout and you login and
go to sootopolis city and vs him and he will have a mewtwo then go to fortree city and
look for andrewdaly and he will have 19 rare pokemon and steal from him

Same pokemon:
Say if you where in a battle and you caught a legendary and you want the same one when
you throw a pokeball and catch it press back it says youve caught the pokemon and you
battle it again.

Walk on water:
Go to mossdeep map go up the bridge till it utns go to the right corner on the first
bit of the bridge now move forwards and tada you can walk on water on the trees.

Starter pokemon:
This means making a starter pokemon have a powerfull attack. To make a pokemon have a
powerfull attack train it first and then when its level is when its time to envolve
dont envolve it. Train it again one more time. It will have an attack. For Example:
I have a treecko. When its level 16 I didnt envolve it. I battled again. I surprised
tha t my treecko have to attacks!! First one is pursuit and absorb.

Here are some legendary pokemon to be found:
Submitted by: omari

First go on the elite 4 and then go on any of the maps and you will see the
following legendarys

Done by:Omari
Articuno - walk around in Elite Four Sidney!
Zapdoss - walk around in Elite Four Phoebe
Moltres - walk around in Elite Four Garcia
Celebi - walk around in Elite Four Drake
Latios - League Champion Steven!

All starters:
First make an acount and get a starter.then make a new acount and get a starter
from the new profile then put the starter for trade then on the origanal profile
get the starter from the other profile.

Submitted by: alican

If you want to catch the legendarys in elite 4 you can cach wit a master ball
but it can with poke ball! make the pokemon hp low and than paralazye him and
than poke ball!

Secret - did u know dat:
Submitted by: cheats
Dragonite is da closest nonlegendary pokemon dat is close to a legendary
actually dragon pokemon are da closest pokemon to a legenadry i just prefur
dragonite because its sooo cool.
When go on ondogo or any pokemon online games get a dragon type (normal type
dragon because den it will have multiple weaknesses)

Easter Egg - Dragonite:
Submitted by: cheats
dragonite is da closest nonlgegendary pokemon that is close to a logendary.
Actualy all dragon types are but i prefur dragonite because it is soooo coooll
and it is a normal dragon type that makes it only have one weakness unlike most
dragon types dat a mix with other types, they have multiple weaknessess.
so get norlmal dragon type like salamance or dragonite they are da closest to a
legendary just chek on bul.

Glitch - Catch every Time:
If there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and
the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you
get the exp. and the money as well as a new pokemon.

Exp and win for gyms:
-First press use item.
-Then fight until when it says continue don't press it
-Use an item and there a pokemon fainted

Submitted by: ben

How to lv up your pokemon quickly: do the easyest gym and when youve killed the
last pokemon press refresh (it refreshes realy fast) and youle be doining the gym
from the start.

Capturing elite four pokemons:
-first find legendaries
-second fight till hp is 30 down
-third then use the pokeball that cost 4000
-thats 3 steps for easy catching ledgendaries

The only way of doubling your pokemon is by either catching them again if you
know what i mean or by getting someonbe to trade you them. You could also get
two computers with two different files and trade from one to the other.

how to get money easy:
Submitted by: connorb2

go to a gym leader, beat it then hit refresh all the pokemon should have 0 health
(note: this also helps with exp)

To get more money!:
Open 2or more tabs or internet explorers etc./ then log in on all off them! Then
battle the same person all over again..... But if ur battle crashes close that tab!

TM on all pokemon:
- first go to my zone
- second go to Setup my Pokémon Team
- theird click on every pokemon to show thier status
- fourth click on every Show my available TMs
- fith click the TMs your pokemon most have in common
- and then they have the same mooves

Easy way to make money:
you must have a pikachu. let it learn thunderbolt and focus punch (optionable). Buy
the light ball at the pokeshop to double your pikachu's sp attack. battle wallace
over and over. this should be easy cause pikachu's sp attack is doubled. finish
luvdisc, whishcash, seaking, and milotic with the deadly thunderbolt! for sealo,
you can use focus punch for greater damage or you can use thunderbolt.
You'll get 925 IC$ and 6951 xp. sweet eh? you can let your weaker pokemon for the
final blow to make them level up easily!

Raising any level pokemon:
If you want to raise a really low leveled pokemon just send out your best weaken
the pokemon you are fightin then send out the low leveled pokemon and kill it i all
ways do it its awsome.

Battling the same team over and over:
If your battling someone else deafet him and after that go to the pokemon center and
recover your pokemons then click the blue right arrow in the top of your computer
then you would face the same person that you deafeted and you can do it again to
get more exp and money!!

i got it off this site : http://www.cheatbook.de/files/pokemonindigo.htm

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