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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 46 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 20 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

giVing away pokemon

by kooldoomer Jun 08, 2011

im giving away a samurott LEVEL 100!!!!!! for the chance to have this just comment and thumbs up my post also tell me your pokemon indigo username and i will give u the pokemon, yes it's that simple!!!

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HiGh Chance Of Catching Pokemon

by LagaLeah Jan 12, 2009

first you have to make the opponent faint, and then when it says go back to map you dont click it. Instead you refresh the page. The pokemon that your willing to catch should have 0/hp from here you cant use any attack or else it will automatically faint.(usually players want to use paralysing attacks or attack that weaken the pokemon)

You use a pokeball or any other ball(besides the master ball or else then you wouldnt have to do this cause it already has a high chance)and then it should have a higher chance, im not saying that this is a definite. But it should work.

please dont hate on me if it doesnt work.

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by Hemant Dec 13, 2010

TO get pokemons gallade & froslass follow this get a ralts below lvl 30 (must) but above lvl 20 evolve it in kirlia then go to setup team click on kirlia attach dawn stone to it then click to evolve and it will evolve into gallade and same goes for snorunt catch a snorunt at lvl 15 and repeat the same process


if you want your dawn stone back then while its evolving remove it from it and you will have your gallade/froslass as well as your dawn stone

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leGendary pokes for trade or sale

by animes786 Sep 15, 2011

i am selling or trading my legendary pokemon message me if you want any my username is animes786. here is the list: Deoxys level 52 Rayquaza level 56 Jirachi level 37 Mew level 50 Reshiram level 40 Landorus level 50 Golden Darkrai level 50 Golden MewTwo level 52 Dialga level 50 Palkia level 45 Zoroark level 33 Plz message me for these :D

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LeGendary/High level/ both.

by Tibenmech Apr 19, 2011

Here Are some pokemon.

Evolve Tepig 2 times for Emboar.

Go in my room. The pass for getting in the room is a animated TV show/ animated/ video game/ japanise comic book series,(TEAM BEST T ROOM)SOME POKEMON.
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toTal tab cheat

by jjblaze Apr 25, 2011

what is wrong with the pkindigo staff? pkindigo has lots of cheats with tabs. why don't they just make a system where they track how many tabs are open on one acount. my god.

well here is a cheat that invokes selling master balls, yay!

Step 1: save up enough IC's to buy a master ball. go to gyms, it's the fastest way to earn money.

Step 2: attach a master ball to a Pokemon, relatively someone in the first box of "captured order"

Step 3: download google chrome, if your computer doesn't let you like mine did it will be more difficult but possible

Step 4: if you downloaded google chrome go to the set up your team box. while there go to the tab itself and right click on it. one option will be duplicate, click on it as many times as you want. but if you have something else, no problem. just go to the bottom of the member panel and there will be a link. right click it and click on the option open in a new tab, do this as many times as you want. then go up one by going to the "my team" button. don't start at the last tab, start from the begging. this is better for the next step in case you have Mozilla

Step 5: now from the last tab i want you to remove each and every master ball from each and every tab. when your done removing the master ball from a tab, x out the tab. when you done removing all of the master balls, go to "my zone". you might notice a great increase in master balls. and you may also recognize a little button underneath that says "sell items". you may keep the master balls, or sell them for 10,000 a piece.

thanks, hold your applause, if you follow this then you will never have to battle for money again! you might want to send me IC's now, my nickname is (Team Shadow X Gen)jjblaze1999 and my username is HOOD99

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hoW to get regigigias im rooms

by DESTUCTION Feb 17, 2011

go to trainers rooms and go to room names, and type in dex. 250 exactly how i said it. the password is 284429 and walk around the room. you with see these Pokemon

#1 shinx LV. 41-50

#2 chimchar LV 41-50

# 3 celebi LV 10-20

# 4 regigigias LV 41-50 so injoy!!!!!!!

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HoW to lvl up easy

by thecomputergeek22 Oct 10, 2011

Firstly, u need 2 Pokemon in your team. The first being the one u want to train up, the 2nd can be random. Next, go to add friends and type in Mac User and press enter twice. Then play them*. After defeating each lvl 100 Shedninja swap to the other pokemon and back and kill the next shedninja with the first pokemon. keep repeating this pattern and before you know it, you will have a very high level pokemon!

*I am not mac user - i am aq9535 - will happily accept friend request

Another note - you can add anybody by typing their name into the friends bar and pressing enter twice

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by Unregistered Oct 03, 2016

cheat and hints

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FrOzen Cheat

by byebye0326 Jun 27, 2012

ok this will help if your in the sinnoh legeue have a arrcaine make it have facade use facade on riggerock and there one hp and frozen for leader roark

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LeGendary Pokemon

by WolvesInTheMist Jan 31, 2012

i know where to find arceus, mewtwo, palkia, regice, regigigas, regirock, cobalion, cressilia, dialga, enti, giratina, reshiram, zekrom, and pretty much any other legendary you want. shoot me a message on pk indigo (im Whinny53) or post here.

By The Way, looking for any level 100 pokemon, will trade one of several other pokemon, including an umbreon and several legendaries.

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by GodlyGod Jan 09, 2012

Use the following items to evolve the corresponding Pokemon.

Clamperl to Gorebyss: Deep Sea Scale
Clamperl to Huntail: Deep Sea Tooth
Eevee to Flareon: Fire Stone
Eevee to Jolteon: Thunder Stone
Eevee to Vaporeon: Water Stone
Gloom to Bellosom: Sun Stone
Growlithe to Arcanine: Fire Stone
Pikachu to Raichu: Thunder Stone
Poliwhirl to Politoed: King Rock
Roselia to Roserade: Shiny Stone
Seadra to Kingdra: Dragon Scale
Slowpoke to Slowking: King Rock
Vulpix to Ninetales: Fire Stone

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PoKemon locations

by GodlyGod Jan 09, 2012

The following locations have the listed Pokemon.

Articuno: Elite Four Sidney's map.
Cascoon: Rooms.
Celebi: Elite Four Drake's map.
Cranidos: Misty's map.
Darkrai: Exploder or get up to 9,999,999 experience points.
Dialga: Elite Four Drake's map.
Dratini: Brock's map.
Espeon: Brock's map.
Giritina: Artisan Cave, one level 100 in team, difficult to find.
Glaceon: Brock's map.
Ho-Oh: Exploder or get the Sharp Beck and 9,999,999 experience points.
Horsea: Rooms.
Latios: League Champion Steven's map.
Lugia: Underwater Zone, at least one level 100 in team, extremely hard to find.
Mesprit: Erika's map in Celedon City.
Mew: Artisan Cave, six level 100s, difficult to find.
Mewtwo: Artisan Cave, one level 100, very difficult to find.
Mewtwo: Exploder or get Venasaur, Blastoise, and Charizard to level 100.
Moltres: Elite Four Garcia's map.
Raikou: Giovanni's map in Kanto.
Regigigas: Artisan Cave, at least one level 100 in team.
Riolu: Pewter City in Kanto.
Rotom: Misty's map.
Shaymin: Get all the items in the Pokeshop or Exploder.
Uxie: Lt. Surge's map in Vermillion City.
Zapdos: Elite Four Phoebe's map.

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HoW to train fast

by Unregistered Oct 05, 2011

all u need to do is just got to the friend thingy then just type in Training then my zone then click on his profile and find battle and he should have lv 100 Shedinja with 1 hp and no moves!!! i strike he`s down :) hes got six Shedinja with 1 hp and no moves..

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GeTting opponent asleep or paralized

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2011

Whenever you come across a pokemon and it uses hypnosis or stun spore etc. on you then click use item pokeball and then it will get the same effect i.e. asleep, paralyzed etc.

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leGendary locations on pk indigo

by anubhav999 Jul 11, 2011


mewtwo can be found in mahognay townlatios in last elite four map
rayquaza in blackthorn citygirantina in viridian city also kyogre and raikou
arcues in last johto mapdarkrai on elite 4 garcia's map
dialga in olivine cityreshiram on canalave city
palkia in cianwood citygroundon on fuchisa city
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weIrd glitch

by kly Jun 28, 2011

okay, this glitch happened to me when i was battling a friend. i was going to do a cheat, with lvl 100 pkmn from someone else, but clicked a link that had no auto trainer no. on it, and it showed the one pkmn i had been battling, but no more.so i killed it, thinking yay, more exp, but i killed and i got no exp. and instead of exiting out of the battle, it kept going, with a blank pkmn img.name,and lvl,and w/ no exp or coins for any of them.

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LeGitimate Cheats

by Omniscient Jun 07, 2011

Hey guys, Omniscient hear. I made a post earlier today on Pokemon Vortex but my program also works on Pokemon Indigo! So im gonna give you guys the same opporitunity i gave everyone on Vortex. If youd like any pokemon at all and any specific amount of IC or any item. message me on msn at dark_omni@live.com. shoot me a message that says "Pokemon Indigo Cheats" even if i am offline and i will reply ASAP.



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SiNnoh Cheat

by Unregistered Aug 22, 2011

Did You Ever Want Your Pokemon At Full Health On All SINNOH League Gym Leader Battles ? Yes - You Can ! In 5 Steps :

1) Finish Roark And Get The Badge

2) Go To Next Map

3) Open Heal Center In New Tab And Don't Press Heal Pokemon

4) Click On Gym Leader An Press "Fight"

5) When It Is Loading, Quickly Go And Heal Your Pokemon

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by Unregistered Jun 06, 2011

Hi! I just wanted to say that now almost ALL legendary pokemons can be found in rooms, and that you don´t need any level 100 pk to catch mew, mewto, palkia or dialga; you just have to beat all of the johto leaders. Although, mothim is still uncatchable.

Defeat all johto leaders, then go to the last johto map. (until you do this, he'll remain unvisible)Arceus
Defeat all johto leaders, then go to Cianwood City to be able to fight whit himPalkia
Defeat all johto leaders, then go to Olivine City to be able to fight whit himDialga
Same as DialgaMew
Defeat all johto leaders, then go to Mahogany Town to be able to fight whit himMewto
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MaSter Ball / Money Cheat

by Poke-Unleashed Apr 25, 2011

First you buy a Master Ball, then you go to Setup my Battle Team. Attach the Master Ball to any Pokemon. Then you copy the link to so much tabs as Master Balls as you want. Then, remove on every tab the Master Ball from your Pokemon. Delete all tabs but not the first one that you had in the begin.

NOTE > Remove the Master Balls from the last tab to the first tab.

Now you can sell every Master Ball for a high price.

NOTE> If you want to do this cheat again, sell not every Master Ball so you don`t need to buy them.

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olIvine city

by danialkhan Jun 23, 2011

beat all gym ledaers and buy a materball than go to olivine city and you wil find it.if you do not have all badges you will not able to fight dialga

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i Will be a gym leader sometimes ill come on live battle

by ryanstar21 Apr 07, 2011

i am a gym leader pokemon i will use

1. zorauark

2. seaking


4.tepig/watever its evolved form is/emboar

5 oshawott/dewott/samarott

6. tympole/palpitoad/sesmito ad

face allroundgym my gym is called all out gym, gym badge when won put it on a forum im making called gym winners badge is called evolution and starter badge

battlingwinning a evolution and starter badge
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pk indigo how to get mothim

by Unregistered Apr 04, 2011

First login to your account then click on my zone choose any pokemon you want to change it for mothim then right click on the pokemon you want to change then click on Inspect element then their will be comeing img src then...just right click to that one and then click on Edit as HTML then change your number ammmmmmm suppose you have palkia and its number is 484 just change it to 414 , back of that there will be comeing pokemon_sprites, if you want shiny or golden add this thing to pokemon_sprites,_shiny or golden , if you want shiny ten write only _shiny if you want golden then write _golden.

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GeT Shiny Legends For Free And Quick It Really Works!

by Subscribe Aug 16, 2010

Go To Any Trainer Profile's Select One With Good Pokmon Or Whatever. Go Batlle That Person. Copy The Site Of That Battle And Place It On Any TypeProgram. Type What You Want In This Situation I Want A Shiny Gyarados Lv.100. Go Further On Pokmon Indigo The Game Go Any Room You Want And Give That Room This:
-30 Subscribes.
-5 Catches Of Pokmon In That Room.
Then Walking In The Room And Often You'l Get An Shiny Gyarados Lv.100!

It's Working I've Look For That Cheat Maybe Lucks Sometimes Not. Further, SUCCES With Your Pokmons! No Lies It's Working! I've No Room This Time I'm Training Further And Faster And Harder! Would You Look My Profile? Go And Look For Dragon#.1!

Would You To Join Ur Team(Team Legend) Please Join And Make Your Nickname: Team Legend Member#.5 And 6-7-8-9-10 And Further,And Make Your Username: Dragon#.5 6-7-8-9-10 And Further!

Thanks For Watching! Whriting By Team Legend Member#.1 Dragon#.1 The Boss.

Please Join Team Legend And Look For Us.


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