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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 106 cheats in our list, which includes 8 easter eggs, 31 glitches, 67 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

RaRe candy

by yohasakura May 28, 2009

Okay to do this glitch you have to have a slow computer. In order to do this you have to buy rare candy then attach to a pokemon then keep on clicking on use then it levels up real quick.

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LeVel up as much as you want (may work may not)

by hairybob Apr 13, 2010

First you need to by a rare candy
then you need to give it to a pokemon
repeatidly keep giving that one rare candy to your pokemon until it stops loading
the ammount of times you clicked it, the ammount of times the pokemon levels up
this only worked for me once but it might work more for you


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exP and win for gyms

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2008

first press use item.
then fight until when it says continue don't press it
use an item and there a pokemon fainted

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caTch every time

by blueray2000 Jun 16, 2008

if there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you get the exp. and the money as well as a new pokemon!

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Stealing Shiny Pokemon Legends - Simplified

by Myst_Benefactor Sep 28, 2009

Attention: THE OLD CHEAT DOES NOT WORK. The programmers fixed the glitch, but this version is a way around the fix :)

(1)-go to a Map or Room and find a Shiny Pokemon. Click "Fight"

(2)-While in battle OPEN A NEW TAB and find a trainer (in a map or room...) with a pokemon in the FIRST SLOT of his party that you want to copy and make shiny. (To make finding people like this easier, I suggest you add anyone you find with good pokemon in their party to your friend's list. When you want to find them, they're there.)

(3)-Go into battle with the trainer

(4)-Go back to the battle with the wild shiny pokemon and hit refresh. (I don't know why, but it needs this.)

(5)-(Do this step all within about 5 seconds) Go back to your battle with the trainer, change your battling pokemon, return to the wild pokemon and hit "refresh" again.

(6)-The target pokemon will appear in place of the wild one, but it wont be shiny yet.

(7)-Close the other Tab (the battle with the trainer) and throw a masterball at your target.

Return to "My Zone". Whatever pokemon you've chosen to steal will be a shiny, so long as the original wild pokemon was also.


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ThE Rare Candy Glitch

by Unregistered Mar 09, 2009

In Setup Battle Team...attach a Rare Candy. And this is the catch.

Use click on it repeatedly as long as you can...

You can lvl up many times even if u only had one!

Updated: 03/07/09

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CoPying another players Pokemon.

by Emerald101 Jul 02, 2009

Ever wish that you can have that shiny level 100 mewtwo what about that level 85 rhyhorn that giovanni has well with this glitch you can capture those pokemon!
1st. go and fight a Wild pokemon Battle.
2nd. Copy the Url of the wild Battle.
3rd. open up another page or internet browser.
4th. go to a trainer battle (CPU CONTROLLED)
5th. (OK the hard part now) while you are in the battle switch one of your pokemon, then quickly(while the game is loading the switch) go to the new page of internet browser and past the Url you copied, and go to it, then quickly switch to the trainer battle.
6th. if successful you should see the pokemon you want to copy in the wild battle at the same level and same moves. if not, just repeat step 5 until you get it.(may take a bit to get correct)

he..he... if a picture is worth a 1,000 words then a video must be worth millions.
the movie in this post was don by GrottosGhost. all credit for this glitch goes to him.
that is for people who don't like to read or don't get it without a video

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CaTching the pokemon and getting exp and money

by Unregistered Jul 01, 2010

First you find the pokemon you want fight it. when you start fighting click use item keep it open until you kill the pokemon you want click use pokeball then if it works it should say you got x exp (x meaning how much exp u got) and x amoun of money. and then it shouls say you caught this pokemon. and then it will repeat the exp and money thing. it always doesn't work though. not 100%.you can use this to catch suicune entai, and many other pokemon if is zapados and articuno and moltres you gonna need alot then maybe a masterball.

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HoW to make a starter pokemon have a powerfull attack

by Unregistered Jun 03, 2008

This means making a starter pokemon have a powerfull attack. To make a pokemon have a powerfull attack train it first and then when its level is when its time to envolve dont envolve it. Train it again one more time. It will have an attack. For Example: I have a treecko. When its level 16 I didnt envolve it. I battled again. I surprised tha t my treecko have to attacks!! First one is pursuit and absorb.

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EaSy pokemon

by jjblaze Mar 03, 2010

First open up two tabs on the first tab have you vs a wild Pokemon, then on the second tab vs someone with Pokemon you want. on the second tab switch Pokemon from your party and quickly in the time you have go to the first tab press refresh. as i have said before if you dont have a refresh button right click and look at the options you have. you notice nothing has happened. for this part you may want a slow computer because you only have the time the loading for Pokemon swap on the second tab. so this is important, keep doing this cycle, you will eventually find that the pokemon on the wild pokemon battle you have been using will change. now eventually you find that the pokemon you are vsing on the wild battle has changed as well. since it is a wild pokemon battle you can catch it.dont say it doesnt work because if you look at my account on pokemon indigo you see that one of my friends has a lv 100 cresselia and so do i. both the same lv and all the same attacks. so dont hate on me.

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CaTching all the time.

by Unregistered Jul 04, 2008

Did you want a pokemon you really wanted.Well do this glitch.Beat the pokemon you wanted to catch.Then don't press continue.Press refresh.You'll fight the pokemon with 0 hp.Throw a pokeball and there you go you caunt it.You also get exp and money.Well I kidda lied about catching all the time.I tried it 2 times and tried it again it didn't work but hope you still test it out.

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leVel up any pokemon simply (must have beaten all the gym leaders to do this)

by blackangel465 Jul 22, 2008

So you go on any elete fours map and find a legendary pokemon then you get out youre hight level pokemon and only beat it up until it has ten or less HP then switch youre pokemon to the one you level up and kill the pokemon then press backspace f5 enter or you just click back refresh the page and press enter then you fight the same pokemon again and again till you reach the desired level.

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CaTch Everytime

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

If there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and
the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you
get the exp. and the money as well as a new pokemon.

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xp glitch

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2008

first go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0 hp
you will get the same xp over and over again

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HoW to train your weak pokemon!

by charlie1114 Jul 26, 2008

OK well first (when you have beaten all of the gym leaders ) go on to the elite 4 phobes map ( i think thats what shes called anyway) ok then when youve done that walk around for a while and then when you find a zapdos capture it ( use a master ball). When youve done that go on to elite 4 sydneys map and fight against a articuno - zapdos should beat it ( use electrick moves )when you have beaten it press refresh and then go on retry when the thing comes up - now you will be battleing against an articuno lvl 38 with 0 hp - put a weak pokemon out and kill it - youll get like 1700 exp ... not bad! :d

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poKemon with end moves

by swatteam1 Sep 25, 2008

to do this trick you need a pokemon under lvl 100 i use 99 delete all the attacks in the set up my battle team plase but make sure they have one attack left to damage the other pokemon get that pokemon up a lvl you will have a pokemon with new moves they will be good moves and the moves are the moves that the pokemon learns just say gyarados learns hydro pump at lvl 40 so if you are lvl 40 get up a lvl you have hydro pump

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WaLk on trees cheat

by byebye0326 Jun 29, 2012

ok when you go in hoenn league when you get to leader norman go all the way down to the ladder go up the ladder go to the other side go down and when you cant go anymore go to second tree crack move over and there

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waLk on water!

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2008

I have found 2 places you can walk on water:

1. go to elite four garcia. go to the bottom. Then, you will see a white line "guarding" the water on the right. move right and walk right over it. there you go!

2. go to mossdeep. go on the bridge. When the bridge turns to the right, go right as far as you can(on the bridge) and walk up. There you go!

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HoW to steal trainers pokemon >:D

by cheater_neo Jul 11, 2011

ok i found a way to steal a trainers pokemon here the steps

1.find a trainers pokemon u want

2.open up alot of tabs nd log in on 1 of them

3.now dnt fight them on ur other tab that u logged in a secound time got the same map

4.go find a wild pokemon but dnt fight yet

5.make shure u are in a battle with the trainers pokemon u want but dnt attack

6.switch to a pokemon u havnt used for some time

7.once u have switched then quickly go to ur tab whith the wild pokemon nd press fight nd the pokemon should appear

NOTICE:i got this on the internet it might not work srry if it doesnt :l

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AuTo knockout glitch

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2009

During a battle (of any kind,mostly during battles VS other trainers,CPU controled) use any attack. if you're lucky, your pokemon (and the other persons pokemon) should be a broken picture (a box with a red x inside) it should say you knocked out that pokemon and you get all of the benefits (EXP,IC,etc.) this usually works with the second attack. note: this glitch is very rare.

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XP Glitch

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

First go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont
click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0
hp you will get the same xp over and over again.

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AtTack when knocked out

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2009

When you are in a battle and a pokemon knocks you out,choose the pokemon that was just knocked out (you must have gone to the pokemon center and healed just before the knockout) it will let your pokemon fight,but it's picture will be faded,as if it were still knocked out. sadly,after this happens (in my case anyways)it says you lost all your pokemon next time that pokemon (the one that was attacking while knocked out) is KOed.

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ThE EASIEST steal cheat EVERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by tyrantblaze Nov 19, 2009

Go to the UNDERWATER map and find a wild pokemon. Don't click fight, open a new tab and choose a friend that you wanna steal from. RIGHT CLICK on the 'fight computer controlled opponent' and click on open in new TAB. Then in your trainer battle, change pokemon and make it load then *quickly* go back to the other tab on the map and click Fight . Do this very fast, and it should work the first time, I just did it 3 times in like 10 minutes!! :)

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eeSy catch pokemon!

by jamespk Feb 27, 2012

batlle a wiled pokemon make it faint dont click back to map click on one of your pokemon in your party pokemon will have no hp use pokeball... walla!!!

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RaRe Candy Max Level

by MrShisir Nov 16, 2009

1.Download Mozilla Firefox and get the add-on Tamper Data

2.Go into the Poke shop. When you are inside buy only 1 rare candy.

3.Go to My Zone and go to Setup-team. Go to the Pokemon you are going to level up.

4.Click the pokemon. There press attach item then , look for rare candy. Don't use it.

5.Go to Tools in file menu of firefox and open Tamper Data. At the top-left corner of the Tamper Data window says "Start tamper" click it.

5.Now use rare candy.
The page will not load.
Again click the pokemon.
Again press use .
The tamper data page will keep blinking.
After enough click, go to tamper data box and then click submit. If submit doen't work once. Close one dialogue box and try close it. Then submit. The page will load more and more.

Everytime the page load the pokemon the level will be up.

This is the cheat made by my forum members.

Just go to www.xrl.us/indigocheats

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