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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 152 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 31 glitches, 67 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get all starting pokemon

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2008

you must first have your username for instance(kj) and then you must make another username which could be (bj) and get his starting pokemon and then trade (bj's)starting pokemon to (kj)and (kj)will get (bj's)first starting pokemon . continue doing so and you all first starting pokemon .

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Secret - Deleting Pokemon moves to learn new moves not tm's

by Therealhybrid Aug 20, 2008

First buy a tm and go to a Pokemon and say you want to teach it a tm. Then click on Which moves to replace and click On every move all the time. So keep clicking on all the moves and then stop. Afterwards you will only have one move Which is the tm and wen you level up you'll learn new moves according to your level

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Easter Egg - How to get all starters

by GaiaEternity May 05, 2008

ok.. i will tell you how to get all starters because you cannot find any starter other than your first pokemon right?

create a new acount... then choose the starter you want to have... then trade it into your original account..

you will need a knowleged of trading here ok ^^

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Code - Total tab cheat

by jjblaze Apr 25, 2011

what is wrong with the pkindigo staff? pkindigo has lots of cheats with tabs. why don't they just make a system where they track how many tabs are open on one acount. my god.

well here is a cheat that invokes selling master balls, yay!

Step 1: save up enough IC's to buy a master ball. go to gyms, it's the fastest way to earn money.

Step 2: attach a master ball to a Pokemon, relatively someone in the first box of "captured order"

Step 3: download google chrome, if your computer doesn't let you like mine did it will be more difficult but possible

Step 4: if you downloaded google chrome go to the set up your team box. while there go to the tab itself and right click on it. one option will be duplicate, click on it as many times as you want. but if you have something else, no problem. just go to the bottom of the member panel and there will be a link. right click it and click on the option open in a new tab, do this as many times as you want. then go up one by going to the "my team" button. don't start at the last tab, start from the begging. this is better for the next step in case you have Mozilla

Step 5: now from the last tab i want you to remove each and every master ball from each and every tab. when your done removing the master ball from a tab, x out the tab. when you done removing all of the master balls, go to "my zone". you might notice a great increase in master balls. and you may also recognize a little button underneath that says "sell items". you may keep the master balls, or sell them for 10,000 a piece.

thanks, hold your applause, if you follow this then you will never have to battle for money again! you might want to send me IC's now, my nickname is (Team Shadow X Gen)jjblaze1999 and my username is HOOD99

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Unlockable - Arceus, Zorua and Zekrom

by dschug Apr 18, 2011
ArceusBeet ALL Gym Leaders Then Go To The Last Johto Map
Zoruain Celadon City
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Secret - Extremely easy cash and exp for beginners

by Swagodile Mar 21, 2011

First of all, you need to add Mac User and dark pika on your friend list by sending a request. After sending a request to one of them make sure to press enter again. This will have them on your friend list unless your friend list is bugged and will save you the time of waiting for your request to be accepted.

After adding them start battling Mac User first if you're new. Shedninjas only have 1 HP and they don't have Wonderguard in Indigo, so any Pokemon can beat a Shedninja in one hit. This is an extremely easy way to level low level Pokemon quickly and you will also get 2431 IC. Once you fell that you are ready to fight dark pika then try it. You should fight dark pika instead of only fighting Mac User because once your level gets high enough it takes awhile to gain a level from Mac User. The easiest way to defeat dark pika's team is by using Focus Punch. If you run out of PP then either use other moves or just go heal your Pokemon. If your Pokemon can't learn Focus Punch then just try to use your team to weaken the Blisseys.

The best way to earn IC is to get a level 100 Slaking with Choice Band and keep fighting dark pika over and over. Getting a Slaking should not be hard even if you're new. Just use the locator and find a Slakoth and get it to become a Slaking by fighting Mac User. After evolving the Slakoth into a Vigoroth then into a Slaking teach it Focus Punch and give it a Choice Band. To get a Choice Band buy one in the Pokeshop. Keep fighting Mac User until you stop gaining levels from one battle. You should be able to fight dark pika and train the Slaking to 100. After getting it to 100, the Slaking should defeat Blisseys in one hit if you did everything correctly. Beating dark pika should get you 5,000 IC which is the highest IC you could possibly get as Blissey awards the most IC.

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Code - How to get regigigias im rooms

by DESTUCTION Feb 17, 2011

go to trainers rooms and go to room names, and type in dex. 250 exactly how i said it. the password is 284429 and walk around the room. you with see these Pokemon

#1 shinx LV. 41-50

#2 chimchar LV 41-50

# 3 celebi LV 10-20

# 4 regigigias LV 41-50 so injoy!!!!!!!

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Secret - Easy Exp

by ShadowLord Jan 06, 2011

This is for people who have basically just started.

First off you will need (a) ghost pokemon (spiritomb, drifloon, etc)

Then you will need a pokemon you wish to train

1. Go to Petalburg City Gym (Norman)

2. Battle Norman (Slaking 28, Vigoroth 30, Slaking 31)

3. Use the ghost pokemon to weaken Norman's pokemon til his pokemon can be ko in one hit by the pokemon you wish to train.

4. Switch out your ghost pokemon with the desired pokemon and ko his pokemon

5. Repeat steps to defeat Norman and level up your desired pokemon.

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Code - How to lvl up easy

by thecomputergeek22 Oct 10, 2011

Firstly, u need 2 Pokemon in your team. The first being the one u want to train up, the 2nd can be random. Next, go to add friends and type in Mac User and press enter twice. Then play them*. After defeating each lvl 100 Shedninja swap to the other pokemon and back and kill the next shedninja with the first pokemon. keep repeating this pattern and before you know it, you will have a very high level pokemon!

*I am not mac user - i am aq9535 - will happily accept friend request

Another note - you can add anybody by typing their name into the friends bar and pressing enter twice

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Secret - How to Defeat Low Level Pokemon

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 03, 2010

First you must find a person who has these pokemon in the following order:
1.any level 100 pokemon
2. any low level pokemon
3.same as 2
4.same as 2
5.same as 2
6.same as 2
Now first you must defeat the level 100 pokemon with a strong pokemon when you defeat
the pokemon you will get about 4000 exp and then when you go to the other pokemon
(example torkoal level 14) select your weak pokemon but dont attack instead click on
refresh and then destroy torkoal with your weak pokemon. when it says torkoal fainted
see the exp and you will see that your pokemon will get the same exp as your strong
pokemon did against the level 100 pokemon.

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Secret - Easy Duplicate Pokemon

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

Have you ever found a rare pokemon and wanted more than one here you go.
Useing this you can get more than one of them! First you go in the battle catch
the pokemonor kill it hit go to map. go back resend the data. there you go!
useing that you can get so many rare pokemon, if you find one,and trade them
for strong ones and be the best trainer ever!

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Glitch - Catch Everytime

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

If there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and
the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you
get the exp. and the money as well as a new pokemon.

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Secret - BAttling same team over and Over

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

If your battling someone else deafet him and after that go to the pokemon center and
recover your pokemons then click the blue right arrow in the top of your computer
then you would face the same person that you deafeted and you can do it again to
get more exp and money!!

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Secret - User kojitha is starting business in pokemon indigo

by kojitha Sep 08, 2008

The user kojitha in pokemon indigo is catching pokemon for indigo coins. I don't know the cheat so catch a Magikarp and PM kojitha in pk indigo to tell the pokemon you want. I'll PM you when I caught the pokemon. When you get the PM send a private trade offer to me with the Magikarp and which pokemon you want for it. I'll trade when you give me the indigo coins. Here are the charges.

Level 0-20=140 indigo coins
Level 20-30=340 indigo coins
Level 30-40=2500 indigo coins

I don't do super rare pokemon like mew, mewtwo, shaymin, ho-oh ect. For more info or pokemon request PM kojitha of pokemon indigo.

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Glitch - Xp glitch

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2008

first go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0 hp
you will get the same xp over and over again

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Secret - Restore Pokemon in battle without getting defeated

by xPOKEMONMASTERx Aug 11, 2008

Ok open 2 tabs one gos to a batting person and one gos to the pokemon center ok before your pokemon is defeated click recover in the other tab then when it faints click recover again then when ur 2nd pokemon faints ur 1st will be up in running

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Secret - Where Legends are found

by xPOKEMONMASTERx Aug 05, 2008

Articuno-Elite Four Sidney
Zapdos-Elite Four Pheobe
Moltres-Elite Four Garcia
Celibi-Elite Four Drake
Latios-League Champion Steven
Here Are The Hard Ones(I Think you need 6 lv.100 idk)Kanto:
Brock-no legends but you can catch espeon and glaceon
Sabrina-no rare pokemon
koga-no rare
blaine-no rare pokemon
thats it need help contact me add me as a friend 2 my username is pokemonruler

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Secret - The ultimate cheat in pokemon indigo. this will be the best of all

by boyscout Sep 29, 2008

first you must have a mozilla firefox and firebug.get firebug at www.getfirebug.com . walk through any of the maps until you find a pokemon to catch.go to the information of it at the fire bug and change the number.example if the number is 691 change it to the number of the pokemon you want and in the level in the data change it to level 100.another example if the pokemon you will battle is pidgey level 23 change it to lugia level 100. then the pidgey will change into lugia lvl 100 then battle it. but before battling it open another tab and login to your account again and go to the pokemon center.then on the other tab where you are battling the level 100 lugia just battle it until your pokemon are fainted and only one is strong. open the other tab and then click heal my pokemon and then in the tab where you are battling your pokemon will be healed without going to the pokemon center then continue doing this until the lugia is fainted.when the lugia is fainted click the refresh button and this will give you a lugia lvl 100 with 0 hp then just attack it and it will give you many experience pts then repeat the refresh and battle style while changing your pokemon to give them all experience pts . then your pokemon will level up fast ................ok! give me a thumbs up

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Glitch - How to train your weak pokemon!

by charlie1114 Jul 26, 2008

OK well first (when you have beaten all of the gym leaders ) go on to the elite 4 phobes map ( i think thats what shes called anyway) ok then when youve done that walk around for a while and then when you find a zapdos capture it ( use a master ball). When youve done that go on to elite 4 sydneys map and fight against a articuno - zapdos should beat it ( use electrick moves )when you have beaten it press refresh and then go on retry when the thing comes up - now you will be battleing against an articuno lvl 38 with 0 hp - put a weak pokemon out and kill it - youll get like 1700 exp ... not bad! :d

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Glitch - Pokemon with end moves

by swatteam1 Sep 25, 2008

to do this trick you need a pokemon under lvl 100 i use 99 delete all the attacks in the set up my battle team plase but make sure they have one attack left to damage the other pokemon get that pokemon up a lvl you will have a pokemon with new moves they will be good moves and the moves are the moves that the pokemon learns just say gyarados learns hydro pump at lvl 40 so if you are lvl 40 get up a lvl you have hydro pump

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Secret - Did u know dat

by okeoke13 Jun 12, 2008

dragonite is da closest nonlegendary pokemon dat is close to a legendary

actually dragon pokemon are da closest pokemon to a legenadry i just prefur dragonite because its sooo cool ;p

when go on ondogo or any pokemon online games get a dragon type (normal type dragon because den it will have multiple weaknesses)

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Code - Picachu

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2016

cheat and hints

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Secret - Bet Sinnoh eaaaaassssyyy!

by achmed66 Feb 11, 2013

First go to Roark just before you battle him enter a new tab and log into pk indigo on that tab and heal your pokemon on that tab then battle Roark and kill him! Then you go to Gardenia's map then go and heal pokemon! Then repeat until you beat Sinnoh!

Note:You must be ON the map before you heal or you will have to start from Roark again!

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Glitch - Walk on trees cheat

by byebye0326 Jun 29, 2012

ok when you go in hoenn league when you get to leader norman go all the way down to the ladder go up the ladder go to the other side go down and when you cant go anymore go to second tree crack move over and there

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Code - Frozen Cheat

by byebye0326 Jun 27, 2012

ok this will help if your in the sinnoh legeue have a arrcaine make it have facade use facade on riggerock and there one hp and frozen for leader roark

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