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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 152 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 31 glitches, 67 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Legendary Pokemon

by WolvesInTheMist Jan 31, 2012

i know where to find arceus, mewtwo, palkia, regice, regigigas, regirock, cobalion, cressilia, dialga, enti, giratina, reshiram, zekrom, and pretty much any other legendary you want. shoot me a message on pk indigo (im Whinny53) or post here.

By The Way, looking for any level 100 pokemon, will trade one of several other pokemon, including an umbreon and several legendaries.

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Code - Evolutions

by GodlyGod Jan 09, 2012

Use the following items to evolve the corresponding Pokemon.

Clamperl to Gorebyss: Deep Sea Scale
Clamperl to Huntail: Deep Sea Tooth
Eevee to Flareon: Fire Stone
Eevee to Jolteon: Thunder Stone
Eevee to Vaporeon: Water Stone
Gloom to Bellosom: Sun Stone
Growlithe to Arcanine: Fire Stone
Pikachu to Raichu: Thunder Stone
Poliwhirl to Politoed: King Rock
Roselia to Roserade: Shiny Stone
Seadra to Kingdra: Dragon Scale
Slowpoke to Slowking: King Rock
Vulpix to Ninetales: Fire Stone

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Code - Pokemon locations

by GodlyGod Jan 09, 2012

The following locations have the listed Pokemon.

Articuno: Elite Four Sidney's map.
Cascoon: Rooms.
Celebi: Elite Four Drake's map.
Cranidos: Misty's map.
Darkrai: Exploder or get up to 9,999,999 experience points.
Dialga: Elite Four Drake's map.
Dratini: Brock's map.
Espeon: Brock's map.
Giritina: Artisan Cave, one level 100 in team, difficult to find.
Glaceon: Brock's map.
Ho-Oh: Exploder or get the Sharp Beck and 9,999,999 experience points.
Horsea: Rooms.
Latios: League Champion Steven's map.
Lugia: Underwater Zone, at least one level 100 in team, extremely hard to find.
Mesprit: Erika's map in Celedon City.
Mew: Artisan Cave, six level 100s, difficult to find.
Mewtwo: Artisan Cave, one level 100, very difficult to find.
Mewtwo: Exploder or get Venasaur, Blastoise, and Charizard to level 100.
Moltres: Elite Four Garcia's map.
Raikou: Giovanni's map in Kanto.
Regigigas: Artisan Cave, at least one level 100 in team.
Riolu: Pewter City in Kanto.
Rotom: Misty's map.
Shaymin: Get all the items in the Pokeshop or Exploder.
Uxie: Lt. Surge's map in Vermillion City.
Zapdos: Elite Four Phoebe's map.

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Code - How to train fast

by Unregistered Oct 05, 2011

all u need to do is just got to the friend thingy then just type in Training then my zone then click on his profile and find battle and he should have lv 100 Shedinja with 1 hp and no moves!!! i strike he`s down :) hes got six Shedinja with 1 hp and no moves..

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Code - Getting opponent asleep or paralized

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2011

Whenever you come across a pokemon and it uses hypnosis or stun spore etc. on you then click use item pokeball and then it will get the same effect i.e. asleep, paralyzed etc.

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Secret - Moves in the minus

by lucario986 Aug 29, 2011

are you tired off running out of pp when you are training well open two tabs and get into a fight with both tabs and when they both have 1 pp on both tabs use the move with 1pp and use on the other tab and then it will go into minus pp but when you restore i think it puts you back to the max pp

hope it helps

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Code - Legendary locations on pk indigo

by anubhav999 Jul 11, 2011


mewtwo can be found in mahognay townlatios in last elite four map
rayquaza in blackthorn citygirantina in viridian city also kyogre and raikou
arcues in last johto mapdarkrai on elite 4 garcia's map
dialga in olivine cityreshiram on canalave city
palkia in cianwood citygroundon on fuchisa city
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Code - Weird glitch

by kly Jun 28, 2011

okay, this glitch happened to me when i was battling a friend. i was going to do a cheat, with lvl 100 pkmn from someone else, but clicked a link that had no auto trainer no. on it, and it showed the one pkmn i had been battling, but no more.so i killed it, thinking yay, more exp, but i killed and i got no exp. and instead of exiting out of the battle, it kept going, with a blank pkmn img.name,and lvl,and w/ no exp or coins for any of them.

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Code - Legitimate Cheats

by Omniscient Jun 07, 2011

Hey guys, Omniscient hear. I made a post earlier today on Pokemon Vortex but my program also works on Pokemon Indigo! So im gonna give you guys the same opporitunity i gave everyone on Vortex. If youd like any pokemon at all and any specific amount of IC or any item. message me on msn at dark_omni@live.com. shoot me a message that says "Pokemon Indigo Cheats" even if i am offline and i will reply ASAP.



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Unlockable - Legends/ Strong Pokemon

by Tibenmech May 23, 2011

PM me and put up a private trade offer for a rare pokemon and pay me the price listed below, and then i will trade. If i reply to the pm and say yes, then pay me and i wil trade. be sure it is private trade with me

I didnt add the "Lv." in front the # of the of the pokemon level

1-10 normal500 IC
1- 10 Unnormal1000 IC
1-10 Rare1500
11-20 normal2000 IC
11-20 unnormal2500 IC
11-20 rare3000 IC
21-30 normal3500 IC
21-30 unnormal4000 IC
21-30 rare4500 IC
31-40 normal5000 IC
31-40 unnormal5500 IC
31-40 rare6000 IC
41-50 normal6500 IC
41-50 unnormal7000 IC
41-50 rare7500 IC
50+ normal8100 IC
50+ unnormal8600 IC
50+ rare9100 IC
Legend 1-50 normal10,000
Legend 1-50 unnormal11,000
Legend 1-50 rare12,000
Legend 50+ normal15,000
Legend 50+ unnormal16,000
Legend 50+ rare17,000
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Secret - I know ive been offline since like what 2 years

by tony536 Jan 12, 2010

What title says. i made a new account and it has full of pokemon and im giving them away for free. yuup u heard me . first like say 7 people who message me gets them. my acc. tony536 got banned so i made a new one. ninjawoosh . add me and good luck

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Secret - Pokemon Tradings!

by UzumakiYua Jan 24, 2012

My username is almulet in Pokemon indigo, i have Jirachi lv. 63, Rayquazza lv,71, Rampardos lv. 67, Suicune lv. 70, Zekrom lv. 50 and Kyrem lv. 62. if anyone wanted to trade, please send me a message, and i have other legendary pokemon all lv. 40 and up, random pokemon all level 30-70.

PS: im willing to trade mothim and Victini any level, so if anyone is interested, please send me a meassage!

my username is almulet

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Secret - Tree walk

by Unregistered Nov 18, 2011

go to the 6 gym in hoinn keep going

very fast across a bridge then boom you can walk on trees

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Code - Sinnoh Cheat

by Unregistered Aug 22, 2011

Did You Ever Want Your Pokemon At Full Health On All SINNOH League Gym Leader Battles ? Yes - You Can ! In 5 Steps :

1) Finish Roark And Get The Badge

2) Go To Next Map

3) Open Heal Center In New Tab And Don't Press Heal Pokemon

4) Click On Gym Leader An Press "Fight"

5) When It Is Loading, Quickly Go And Heal Your Pokemon

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Code - Actualization

by Unregistered Jun 06, 2011

Hi! I just wanted to say that now almost ALL legendary pokemons can be found in rooms, and that you don´t need any level 100 pk to catch mew, mewto, palkia or dialga; you just have to beat all of the johto leaders. Although, mothim is still uncatchable.

Defeat all johto leaders, then go to the last johto map. (until you do this, he'll remain unvisible)Arceus
Defeat all johto leaders, then go to Cianwood City to be able to fight whit himPalkia
Defeat all johto leaders, then go to Olivine City to be able to fight whit himDialga
Same as DialgaMew
Defeat all johto leaders, then go to Mahogany Town to be able to fight whit himMewto
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Code - Master Ball / Money Cheat

by Poke-Unleashed Apr 25, 2011

First you buy a Master Ball, then you go to Setup my Battle Team. Attach the Master Ball to any Pokemon. Then you copy the link to so much tabs as Master Balls as you want. Then, remove on every tab the Master Ball from your Pokemon. Delete all tabs but not the first one that you had in the begin.

NOTE > Remove the Master Balls from the last tab to the first tab.

Now you can sell every Master Ball for a high price.

NOTE> If you want to do this cheat again, sell not every Master Ball so you don`t need to buy them.

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Secret - Secrets

by startasd Apr 22, 2010

If you want to catch a pokemon twice

have to master ball's
battle a wild pokemon
catch it and click go back (the one at the top left side)
go forward (the one at the top left side) and click refresh and a question will come to your screen and click yes and the pokemon will come again
please subscribe

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Secret - CopyWizard

by Unregistered Feb 24, 2010

How to copy a pokemon of a trainer.(only his 1st pokemon)
Step1:Open a map and select a wild pokemon battle
Step2:Open the trainer in cpu controlled battle in another tab.
Step3:Visit the trainer battle,then go to wild pokemon battle and click F5
Step4:Change your pokemon in trainer battle and go to wild battle.Click on F5 again.
The trainer's pokemon appears in the wild battle.Reduce it to low hp and catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give thumbs up.Please.My indigo account is ritwikxyz.I can offer some rare legends of lv.100.I have six starters

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Easter Egg - Easy way of evolving a clamperl

by mindswords Jan 16, 2009

here's an easy way to make ur clamperl evolve into gorebyss or a huntail..

if you want a huntail..give clamperl a deepsea tooth and after that check your clamperl and you can make it evolve now into a huntail..

and if you want a gorebyss..give clamperl a deepsea scale and after that check your clamperl and you can make it evolve now into a gorebyss..

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Easter Egg - Legendary pokemon!!

by deejay_pokemon3000 Oct 31, 2008

give me your account and be sure to send private because i dont want to let you lose your account just buy 20 masterballs and i will do the rest but money is required for me.
list level
level 50:40000
level 60:50000
level 70:60000
level 80:70000
level 90:80000
level 100:90000

this is not a joke look at my account and make me your friend.user:darryl.
trust me i am not kidding but if you don't trust me then its your choice dont tell me i didn't warn you.almost forgot list the pokemon you want.thank you.

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Secret - Team attack

by kojitha Oct 21, 2008

Team attack is my new team on pkindigo.It is for medium and advanced level trainers. The first 3 members get their magikarp evolved into gyarados and get 100 indigo coins a month. If you want to join leave a comment or PM kojitha on pkindigo.

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Secret - User kojitha is starting business in pokemon indigo

by Unregistered Sep 08, 2008

kojitha is catching pokemon for Indigo coins. I don't know the cheat so catch a magikarp and then tell me the pokemon you want. I'll PM you and tell that I've caught the pokemon. Send a private trade offer with the magikarp for the pokemon you want, to me after you get that message and pay me the required amount.I won't trade till you pay me. Here are the charges.

Level 0-20=50 coins
Level 20-30=100 coins
level 30-40=130 coins

I'm not doing very rare pokemon like mew, mewtwo ect. For more info or pokemon request PM kojitha on pokemon indigo.

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Secret - How to lvl up and get money and exp faster

by Unregistered Aug 20, 2008

first u hve go to have a Lapras.lapras will have da attack called sing.wat u do is in da battle choose ur lapras and choose sing as an attack.use it until ur oppnent is asleep.
now all u hve to do is choose da pokemon dat u want to lvl up and kill da ur opponent.dis will help u get lots of money and exp too.

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Secret - Where to find a cranidos

by Picanine Aug 21, 2008

you can find it any where in mistys map in the kanto leaders section and you want to kill then resend the data page and capture it with a pokeball

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Secret - How to unsuscribe rooms

by fateh212 Mar 23, 2009

if you have already suscribed the room and if you want it to unsuscribe then go to the room you want to unsuscribe

and click the suscribe button and there will be the unsuscribe button

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