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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 152 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 31 glitches, 67 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Capturing elite four pokemons

by aljon7632 Jun 24, 2008

first find legendaries
second fight till hp is 30 down
third then use the pokeball that cost 4000
thats 3 steps for easy catching ledgendaries

user name:aljon7632

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Glitch - Walk on water!

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2008

I have found 2 places you can walk on water:

1. go to elite four garcia. go to the bottom. Then, you will see a white line "guarding" the water on the right. move right and walk right over it. there you go!

2. go to mossdeep. go on the bridge. When the bridge turns to the right, go right as far as you can(on the bridge) and walk up. There you go!

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Secret - Battling the same team over and over and recovering your pokemon too

by themaster1998123456 Jul 14, 2008

if your battling someone else deafet him and after that go to the pokemon center and recover your pokemons then click the blue right arrow in the top of your computer then you would face the same person that you deafeted and you can do it again to get more exp and money!!

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Secret - Hey guys i can get u legendary pokemon for free! just give me ...........

by tony536 Aug 13, 2008

so i have firebug and firefox and i can getu legendary pokemon! like dialga, palkia, xie, mesprit, darkrai, mew, arceus!, heatran, and shaymin all u have t do is to give me masterballs and/or ultra balls so i can catch it i cant get ultra balld or master balls due to low on money so my username for pokemon is: tony536 (add me!)

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Secret - Steal cheat

by magnetron2 May 05, 2010

Ok is there a really good pokemon from you're friends that you really want.
well with this cheat you could even with get it in shiny and golden.
ok first log in to your account
second get your friends fight button but don't click it click the right one on your mouse
Third click the "open in another tab"
fourth on your first tab go to any map
fifth find wild pokemon(shiny,normal or golden)
sixth and then their pokemon's are Groudon,heatran,palkia,cresselia,dialga and giratina on second tab
7 if you dont want his first pokemon "groudon" kill it and then you want heatran and then change pokemon and go to first tab and click fight and then it will appear and catch it.

Thumbs up
P.S. i dont know if this is a secret or not so i dont know.

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Secret - Ultra ball

by Doomleon50 Dec 11, 2007

make sure to get at least 2 ultra balls to begin with to catch pokemon with at ll 24-30

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Glitch - How to steal trainers pokemon >:D

by cheater_neo Jul 11, 2011

ok i found a way to steal a trainers pokemon here the steps

1.find a trainers pokemon u want

2.open up alot of tabs nd log in on 1 of them

3.now dnt fight them on ur other tab that u logged in a secound time got the same map

4.go find a wild pokemon but dnt fight yet

5.make shure u are in a battle with the trainers pokemon u want but dnt attack

6.switch to a pokemon u havnt used for some time

7.once u have switched then quickly go to ur tab whith the wild pokemon nd press fight nd the pokemon should appear

NOTICE:i got this on the internet it might not work srry if it doesnt :l

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Code - Olivine city

by danialkhan Jun 23, 2011

beat all gym ledaers and buy a materball than go to olivine city and you wil find it.if you do not have all badges you will not able to fight dialga

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Code - I will be a gym leader sometimes ill come on live battle

by ryanstar21 Apr 07, 2011

i am a gym leader pokemon i will use

1. zorauark

2. seaking


4.tepig/watever its evolved form is/emboar

5 oshawott/dewott/samarott

6. tympole/palpitoad/sesmito ad

face allroundgym my gym is called all out gym, gym badge when won put it on a forum im making called gym winners badge is called evolution and starter badge

battlingwinning a evolution and starter badge
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Glitch - Auto knockout glitch

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2009

During a battle (of any kind,mostly during battles VS other trainers,CPU controled) use any attack. if you're lucky, your pokemon (and the other persons pokemon) should be a broken picture (a box with a red x inside) it should say you knocked out that pokemon and you get all of the benefits (EXP,IC,etc.) this usually works with the second attack. note: this glitch is very rare.

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Glitch - XP Glitch

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

First go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont
click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0
hp you will get the same xp over and over again.

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Glitch - Attack when knocked out

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2009

When you are in a battle and a pokemon knocks you out,choose the pokemon that was just knocked out (you must have gone to the pokemon center and healed just before the knockout) it will let your pokemon fight,but it's picture will be faded,as if it were still knocked out. sadly,after this happens (in my case anyways)it says you lost all your pokemon next time that pokemon (the one that was attacking while knocked out) is KOed.

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Secret - Easier Rare Candy Glitch

by BrambleBlast Dec 07, 2009

Well you know how the rare candy glitch works right

Well know you dont have to have a slow connection anymore.


1.Get Rare Candy

2.Attach it to pokemon of choice
3.Do Not Use it.

4.The Fun part

Unplug your internet connection.
Now Click Use As many times as you want also you can switch the rare candy around as many times as you want!

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Glitch - The EASIEST steal cheat EVERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by tyrantblaze Nov 19, 2009

Go to the UNDERWATER map and find a wild pokemon. Don't click fight, open a new tab and choose a friend that you wanna steal from. RIGHT CLICK on the 'fight computer controlled opponent' and click on open in new TAB. Then in your trainer battle, change pokemon and make it load then *quickly* go back to the other tab on the map and click Fight . Do this very fast, and it should work the first time, I just did it 3 times in like 10 minutes!! :)

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Secret - Battle Heal

by pokeman345z Aug 11, 2008

you first need firefox login to the fitst tab then make a new tab and login to it after heal there at the pokemon center and there there healed

comment me

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Secret - Easy leveling

by hailer Jun 29, 2009

First get a high level pokemon.Then choose a lowt level pokemon u want to level up.Now go to Giovani's map.Now beat the pokemon untill it has a low hp.then switch on to the pokemon u want to level up.now faint it.Now see u will have a high exp and level.This doesn't work on high lv pokemon.

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Secret - Recommended elite 4 team

by Toboe- Sep 14, 2009

Notes: Pokemon with listed attacks have 1 or more attacks that are taught to it by TM;
most of the pokemon I used are shiny. yours don't have to be that way;Giovanni is the hardest gym leader,don't be surprised when it takes you a billion tries to beat him;
in spaces where it says "choice pokemon" it means you can choose which ever pokemon you want to use.
suicune (lv 50+)
choice pokemon
articuno (lv 50+) this pokemon is especially helpful when battling giovanni (when fainted,switch with suicune)
Dragonair (optional) attacks: wrap,shock wave,twister,water pulse (this pokemon is helpful in a tight spot)
Nidoking (lv 100+) attacks: peck,Thunder,Earthquake,shadow claw
choice pokemon
choice pokemon
hope this helps!

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Secret - Easy way to make your pokemon's level rise.

by 28maybloom00 Dec 10, 2008

first you need to have a squirtle of level 12 or more.then go to gym leader norman's map.you will find many abras from level 6-10.when you see one,fight it.in the fight first take the squirtle and you tackle.then change to another pokemon and attack with a good attack.the pokemon will get many exp points and you?-money$$$$!!!battle the abra 3-4 times and the pokemon's level keeps on rising.

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Easter Egg - Shiny Pokemons.

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2008

Did you guys know about the new addition of Shiny pokemons to the game?..I have just cracked the code to get any shiny pokemon at any level and now I am selling them.
As soon as I get the money and the trade offer for the pokemon I will send the pokemon to you in less them 15 minu.tes (exceptions can be made)
If you dont believe me then check out my profile RockstarVamp
For details message me here or on my pokemon indigo profile.**
Price varies form pokemon to pokemon.
If you wanna know the cheat, you need to pay a heavy price to me.(yeah that means I am one of the guy with the exploder.)
Also selling normal pokemons at any level if you you want them.
This is my first offer so the discount is on for only |5| days!..Hurry and make the best choice!!

P.S. I use the first come first serve policy..You will get your pokemon when your turn come.
P.S.S. If you dont believe me, check my profile..If you still dont believe me then I will give you the pokemon before getting the money, but how can I know that that you will send the money after getting the pokemon?
P.S.S.S Dont not copy my words..I dont like guys doing that..Exceptions are made for chicks
P.S.S.S.S (repeating again)My username on pokemon Indigo is RockstarVamp

** I am not going to answer your post here..I will answer to only messages send to me on pokemon indigo and cheats guru profile. But you can post here to claim your pokemon. Dont forget to message me or you will be left behind.

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Secret - How to get Lugia level till 50

by Sandy619 Jun 08, 2009

Go to pokemon locater on pokemon shop,centre,others.Type lugia in select pokemon and click on the sublist. My user name in pokemon indigo is sen.I have a sharpedo,celbi,lugia,aticuno,kingdra and wailord in my team.if you want to trade celebi level 38 then message me i will tell how many money you will have to give.

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Secret - : )

by Unregistered Jul 16, 2008

my username is haleysaur , add me?

Pokemon Indigo

Easy way to make the pokemon's level higher:
You need to have a Jigglypuff and a Jynx, Find a trainer that have Level 5-25.
Put on the pokemon you want to level up or evolve at the first, This is a
example: The one you want to level up is charmander that is Lv. 10 and youre
battling a kakuna that is Lv.11 and when youre battling change it faster
before it attacks and you change jigglypuff and jigglypuff used pound that
is 14 damage and until the HP is 1-20 and used sing or Lovely kiss when its
asleep change the jigglypuff to charmander and attack and until it die so
you will have a 46 ex. thats it. The one who wants to invite me in the pokemon
indigo my username is sparky_14.

Ultra ball:
Mmake sure to get at least 2 ultra balls to begin with to catch pokemon
with at ll 24-30.

Shiny articuno:
buy six poke ball and log out

Unlockable How to unlock:
Shiny Articuno - Buy 5 poke ball ang logout
Shiny Nine Tail - Buy 2 Burn Heal ang log out
Shiny Chicorita - Buy 3 Full Heal

How to get all starting pokemon:
You must first have your username for instance(kj) and then you must make another
username which could be (bj) and get his starting pokemon and then trade (bj's)
starting pokemon to (kj)and (kj)will get (bj's)first starting pokemon .
Continue doing so and you all first starting pokemon.

Easy duplicate pokemon:
Have you ever found a rare pokemon and wanted more than one? here you go.
Useing this you can get more than one of them! First you go in the battle catch
the pokemonor kill it hit go to map. go back resend the data. there you go!
useing that you can get so many rare pokemon, if you find one,and trade them
for strong ones and be the best trainer ever!

XP Glitch:
First go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont
click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0
hp you will get the same xp over and over again.

Best Pokemon Team:
Do you want to be a great trainer? Well here is the key. If you have these pokemon,
you are the best trainer in Pokemon Indigo!

Team 1 Team 2
Sceptile Venusaur
Infernape Entei
continue →

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Glitch - Eesy catch pokemon!

by jamespk Feb 27, 2012

batlle a wiled pokemon make it faint dont click back to map click on one of your pokemon in your party pokemon will have no hp use pokeball... walla!!!

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Code - Pk indigo how to get mothim

by Unregistered Apr 04, 2011

First login to your account then click on my zone choose any pokemon you want to change it for mothim then right click on the pokemon you want to change then click on Inspect element then their will be comeing img src then...just right click to that one and then click on Edit as HTML then change your number ammmmmmm suppose you have palkia and its number is 484 just change it to 414 , back of that there will be comeing pokemon_sprites, if you want shiny or golden add this thing to pokemon_sprites,_shiny or golden , if you want shiny ten write only _shiny if you want golden then write _golden.

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Secret - How To Get Any Single Pokemon Without Payin 15,000 for one

by grandchasefan7 Feb 01, 2010

Ok Heres what you do is first go to the shop and buy a or some masterball(s) then go to the pokemon locator and find the pokemon you want and once you find it fight it then use the masterball there you go pokemon for only 6,000 instead of 15.000

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Secret - Magikarp level up

by rhonorrae Nov 25, 2008

first go to a strong or weak(but have high xp)pokemon.second defeat it with your strong pokemon.third when you defeated it don't press "back to map" just press refresh.fourth swap your pokemon in battle to your magikarp then use splash.Thats how i evolved my magikarp into a gyarados.add me rhonorrae

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