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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 152 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 31 glitches, 67 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Rare Candy Max Level

by MrShisir Nov 16, 2009

1.Download Mozilla Firefox and get the add-on Tamper Data

2.Go into the Poke shop. When you are inside buy only 1 rare candy.

3.Go to My Zone and go to Setup-team. Go to the Pokemon you are going to level up.

4.Click the pokemon. There press attach item then , look for rare candy. Don't use it.

5.Go to Tools in file menu of firefox and open Tamper Data. At the top-left corner of the Tamper Data window says "Start tamper" click it.

5.Now use rare candy.
The page will not load.
Again click the pokemon.
Again press use .
The tamper data page will keep blinking.
After enough click, go to tamper data box and then click submit. If submit doen't work once. Close one dialogue box and try close it. Then submit. The page will load more and more.

Everytime the page load the pokemon the level will be up.

This is the cheat made by my forum members.

Just go to www.xrl.us/indigocheats

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Secret - Check this out

by adorkam Jan 07, 2009

im goin to play a game with you today thru january okay each day i will give hints and the one who answers it write will get a pokemon trade plus 10000ics and will get a job and i will give you hints each day

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Secret - How to get some lvl 50 under pokemon

by primorox1 Jan 08, 2009

hi I am selling pokemon max lvl 50 but i can only get some legendary pokemon but they might not be the lvl you want and i might not be able to get the pokemon and right lvl. heres the money board
LvL 1-10 500 ic
lvl 11-20 800 ic
lvl 21-30 1000 ic
lvl 31-40 1300 ic
lvl 41-50 1500 ic
legendaries cost 300 ic extra and i cant get shinys sorry
you can ask for the pokemon in cheats guru or pk indigo when i say i have the pokemon give the money to me then and i will make a trade with you + i can only get 1st evelutions

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Secret - DAY CARE

by Unregistered Jul 22, 2008

hey..have a suckish time training a new pokemon? we'll train it for you, just for a little cash, but in this thread there no evolution bonus costs.


-(1-10) Level ups: (LvL Package 1) 10K (For example, A Pokemon is LvL 25, If the Level increases by 1-10, The payment will be 10K)
-(11-20) Level ups: (LvL Package 2) 50K
-(21-35) Level ups: (LvL Package 3) 70K
-(35-50) Level ups: (LvL Package 4) 100k
-(50-70) Level ups: (LvL Package 5) 250K
-(70-100) LvL ups: (LvL Package 6) 350k

EG: you trade me ur bagon to lvl up
i will give u a combusken (example) chat wiv me nd we will tlk it through
once i have lvled up ur bagon to a salamence u will give me bak my combusken in trade
for the salamence.

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Secret - Raising any level pokemon

by benderwender Jul 07, 2008

if you want to raise a really low leveled pokemon just send out your best weaken the pokemon you are fightin then send out the low leveled pokemon and kill it i all ways do it its awsome

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Easter Egg - Shaymin

by BrambleBlast Dec 07, 2009

You can get a shaymin by buying all items in the Poke mart.

And by that i mean all items once.

Another thing you get it when

A.Buy all items

B.Log out immeadiately.

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Secret - Something not many people can do

by aleksx11 Aug 04, 2008

i can get you any pokemon. all u gotta do is pay up. not a lot between 10k and 25k. just add me on the game aleksx11. then just message me and tell me what u want. i will tell u how much. when u give me the cash i will send u the pokemon. if u dont believe me just look at my pokemon on my profile all legendary pokemon

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Easter Egg - Dragonite

by okeoke13 Jun 12, 2008

dragonite is da closest nonlgegendary pokemon that is close to a logendary

actualy all dragon types are but i prefur dragonite because it is soooo coooll ;p and it is a normal dragon type that makes it only have one weakness unlike most dragon types dat a mix with other types, they have multiple weaknessess.

so get norlmal dragon type like salamance or dragonite they are da closest to a legendary just chek on bul

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Code - Get Shiny Legends For Free And Quick It Really Works!

by Subscribe Aug 16, 2010

Go To Any Trainer Profile's Select One With Good Pokmon Or Whatever. Go Batlle That Person. Copy The Site Of That Battle And Place It On Any TypeProgram. Type What You Want In This Situation I Want A Shiny Gyarados Lv.100. Go Further On Pokmon Indigo The Game Go Any Room You Want And Give That Room This:
-30 Subscribes.
-5 Catches Of Pokmon In That Room.
Then Walking In The Room And Often You'l Get An Shiny Gyarados Lv.100!

It's Working I've Look For That Cheat Maybe Lucks Sometimes Not. Further, SUCCES With Your Pokmons! No Lies It's Working! I've No Room This Time I'm Training Further And Faster And Harder! Would You Look My Profile? Go And Look For Dragon#.1!

Would You To Join Ur Team(Team Legend) Please Join And Make Your Nickname: Team Legend Member#.5 And 6-7-8-9-10 And Further,And Make Your Username: Dragon#.5 6-7-8-9-10 And Further!

Thanks For Watching! Whriting By Team Legend Member#.1 Dragon#.1 The Boss.

Please Join Team Legend And Look For Us.


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Secret - Easy Money and Experience

by Zeruel_130 Jul 21, 2008

First get all 8 badges next catch zapdos then battle the 8 gym leader and you get a lot of money and experience I hope this helps!

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Easter Egg - Get Eevee's eight evolutions

by tyuuyt Sep 22, 2008

I have all eight evolutions of eevee.If you want to get them all trade me any seven low level wild pokemons and any one of these pokemons:

My username in pokemon indigo is plok.
If you want to trade with me message to me (eevee).

Note:put a private offer to me.

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Glitch - Pokemon in party use each other's attacks

by Unregistered Sep 03, 2009

First,get into battle with anyone. switch to the pokemon that has the attack you want to use,attack,and switch to a different pokemon while it says "Please wait" the pokemon you switched should use that attack. (this could've just been a fluke,please don't post mean comments if it didn't work for you) example: I was using my totodile,when suddenly,I switched to my Shiny Suicune on accident. then,Suicune used Scratch attack on the Growlithe I was fighting,That was Totodile's attack,and Suicune didn't even know the move. on the battle log, it said: "Suicune used Scratch! 50 damage."

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Secret - Who needs pokemon?

by Slick07 Sep 29, 2008

Hi everyone.im the one who u will get the pokemon from.Unfotunetly im kinder new on pokemon indigo.I have defeated all of the gym leaders tho.OK i will list all of the pokemon u can have they will cost coins tho.u have to add me to ur buddys list ok.im called SandBROS.u should know how to send private money to ur friends ok.

Drifloon(level 24)=50 indigo coins.
Carvanha(level 16)=20 indigo coins.
Scyther(level 31)=90 indigo coins.
Hounder(level 22)=35 indigo coins.
Zangoose(level 25)=50 indigo coins.
Shuppet(level 20)=30 indigo coins.
Ryhorn(level 25)=50 indigo coins.

there not all of my pokemon there some there r some more i would sell but i wouldnt have much more pokemon left.

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Secret - Scret how to skip battles and get the money and xp

by mech3000 Jul 11, 2008

when u r gihting a person with a big team after u kill the first pookemon click its first attack and press enter. it will skip the next battle. just keep clickin on attack and keep on pressing enter.
rate me thums up. (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (

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Glitch - How to defeat a low level pokemon and get great exp for your low level pokemob

by chat Jul 21, 2008

first you must find a person who has these pokemon in the following order:
1.any level 100 pokemon
2. any low level pokemon
3.same as 2
4.same as 2
5.same as 2
6.same as 2

now first you must defeat the level 100 pokemon with a strong pokemon when you defeat the pokemon you will get about 4000 exp and then when you go to the other pokemon (example torkoal level 14) select your weak pokemon but dont attack instead click on refresh and then destroy torkoal with your weak pokemon. when it says torkoal fainted see the exp and you will see that your pokemon will get the same exp as your strong pokemon did against the level 100 pokemon.
this might not work in internet explorer.

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Glitch - Speacil stuff

by briandakota Sep 09, 2008

ok when you go out in the wild and find a pokemon kill it then hit refresh on my pc it asks if i want to retry or cancel hitcancel you get the same money and the same exp every time you can do forever they just keep adding it to your pokemons exp and your money

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Glitch - Continued Freind Battle

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2008

When your fighting a cpu freind and get to his last pokemon do not hurt it as soon as you press continue to it and it loads just retry the page and it will come up with the last pokemon again but all the rest of his pokemon are alive too! So that you battle them all again.

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Glitch - Battle heal

by snagage Aug 01, 2008

fire fox requiered as far as I know------ Open 2 tabs in firefoxand log-in on both one go to your battle and go to the pokemon center on another when a pokemon dies clkick heal then switch pokemon you will then be able to send out your fainted pokemon at full health! happy glitching!

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Easter Egg - Sox The Robot.

by Madd_dogg May 19, 2009

Early in the game when you wake up as Tyler there is a desk in the bedroom with
an action figure on it that when checked he says "This is a figurine of Sox, a
character from my favorite videogame." Sox is a robot from another great Quantic
Dream game, Omikron The Nomad Soul.

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Unlockable - Capture pokemons after they faint

by tyuuyt Sep 22, 2008

Battle with a pokemon.Make it faint.Refresh the page.The pokemon would appear with 0hp,but it would have the option for using item!My username in pokemon indigo is plok.

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Secret - To get attacks ur pokemon has but ucant use but when someone verses u it will show!

by J2P1 Aug 11, 2008

Right lets see.....
Like i have rhyperior lvl60 i want Rock wrecker on my four attacks!

kk, u nd to by an attack what ur pokkemon can add on to it!

Then if ur using mozilla firefox, press on ur pokemon add the attack but choose what attack u want to go, then press on the attack u want to go, then press it for 5-10 times then log out!

sign back in so rock wrecker will come when its lvl 61 so lvl it up to that lvl but make sure ur close to the lvl!

then u will have a sick attack but u will have the TM still!

Thanks, My user is J2P1

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Secret - Most Powerful Teams

by Unregistered Aug 12, 2008


Aggron-Steel Rock

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Glitch - To get more money!

by Unregistered Jul 01, 2008

open 2or more tabs or internet explorers etc./ then log in on all off them!

then battle the same person all over again..... But if ur battle crashes close that tab!

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Unlockable - All starters

by Unregistered Jun 09, 2008

first make an acount and get a starter.then make a new acount and get a starter from the new profile then put the starter for trade then on the origanal profile get the starter from the other profile

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Unlockable - Legends

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2008

Here are some legendary pokemon to be found.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
articunoElite Map Sydney
zapdosElite Map Phoebe
moltresElite Map Garcia
celebiElite Map Drake
latiosChapion Map Steven
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