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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 106 cheats in our list, which includes 8 easter eggs, 31 glitches, 67 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

eaSy win battle!!!!!

by wenchiro26 May 22, 2008

(requirements), you must have a starter pokemon that can poison, paralyzed, or asleep the opponent, ( for me, poison powder of chikorita is the best and it can damaged 10+HP) (chikorita can learn poisonpowder in lvl 15) first, you can battle anyone doing this, if the battle begin your first move must be the attack that can poisoned and etc., if the attack effect to the opponent, you can change your pokemon and you can level it up, some attack of your opponent has no effect in your pokemon if they poisoned,, so pound or tackle is great move to defeat your opponent. you can repeat it to the other next opponent. (REMINDER: if the attack didn't effect that can poison, etc. you can repeat it until your pokemon HP turn 0).., heyyyyy,,,, give me some points.... if you give some point i can tell all i know cheat to this games,,,

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HoW To Fight Training Gym Without Him Being Your Friend!!!

by Divinorum Aug 25, 2008

Training Gym is an accont with 6 Lv100 Blissey's
it's great to get a lot of Exp and $IC
usually you need to have it on your friends to fight it
but i'll explain how you can fight it in 4 steps:

1- start a fight with a friend of yours
2-in the fight, look at the URL(http://pivovar...) and then delete the numbers after "autotrainer&tid=..."
3-then you type the training acc ID "1095252" in the same place
4-just press Enter and you're good to go!

If you think 6 Lv100 Blissey's are to much for you
just use my own training acc "Corleone Gym"
it's ID is "1225091"
and i only have 3 Lv100 Blissey's in my team for now

I hope this hint can be usefull to you guys
and if you think it is
plz give me Thumbs Up ok

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MoSt Popular room and legendary-full

by Spark555 Feb 09, 2009

Go to "Rooms" and find the organizing thing and click most popular rooms on how it's played and look for a room that it says that someone wants more money and there's legendaries there. It's exploding with legends!(Mewtwo,Arceus,Giratina,Lugia,etc.)
ps. it has a blue background.
Hope this will help! :)
pps. send to me if you have any comments about it.

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EaSy Trainig

by cesar521 Jun 23, 2009

If you are having trouble training a Pokemon, add cesar522 as friend and then train. i have 6 blisseys and there still in training and they all have level 70+. Right now 4 of them are level 100.

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by jimmy_aragones Aug 18, 2008

Here are some hoenn and kanto gym leaders.Pokemon types is display means it is the weakness(s) of that gym leader.
Kanto Gymleaders

Brock: Water, Ground, Grass
Misty: Electric, Grass.
Lt. Surge: Ground.
Erika: Fire, Flying.
Sabrina: Dark, Bug.
Janine: Ground, Electric.
Blaine: Water, Ground, Rock.
Giovanni: Water, Grass

Hoenn Gymleaders

Roxanne: Water, Grass, Ground.
Brawly: Flying, Psychic.
Wattson: Ground.
Flannery: Water, Ground, Rock.
Norman: Electric, Any type.
Winona: Electic, Dragon, Ice, Fire.
Liza and Tate: Dark, Water.
Wallace: Electric, Grass.

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GeT double exp. money and catch pokemon

by kooldoomer Jul 21, 2010

First buy a pokeball.Then fight any pokemon you want to catch. next click use item.now use any moves to kill the pokemon.After the pokemon has died the items should still be up.click use pokeball (may have to use ultra ball for legends)and ta-da you get exp. again + u catch the pokemon!!! Enjoy!

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by jaqson Apr 20, 2009

Hi. I heard about jhgf and that he was shop or buisness or whatever it is. Anyway it sounds really cool so I wanted to start my own. For now I don't have many pokemon to sell, so I'll be happy to buy pokemon. I know you won't want to give away starters or legends so for starter pokemon or legendary pokemon I'll pay a large amount of money. so far all the money I have is IC$26316 so I'll only be able to buy a few of these pokemon. For evolutions or high level pokemon, I'll pay a pretty big amount of money. For normal or low level pokemon, I'll pay a small amount of money. I'll also be catching my own pokemon but not legendary's because the computer always freezes when im fighting Wallace! By the time I have enough pokemon, I'll start selling them. To sell or buy a pokemon just send me a message telling me so. My username is The Scource. Please make sure you have you're user in your message so I know who to send to. If you don't get your money or pokemon within a week send me a message for a full refund or your pokemon back. Sometimes I won't be able to pay you for the pokemon. When I have some more money I'll start offering jobs. I will lend workers pokemon to sell to friends. I'll pay 1000IC a month.

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HoW to level up faster!!

by alwayscheating Aug 29, 2008

Ok I tried this the other day and it really works.Some times it goes slow cause Pokemon Indigo can get into traffic peaks
Here are some easy steps!(you can use internet explorer or mozilla fire fox.Probobly Netscape internet will work )
-log in your pokemon indigo account.
-open your tabs or open anonther internet explorer or fire fox (internet exlporer: the upper left corner). For mozilla fire fox,click file then open tab.(open about 4 tabs)
-ok, so click the tab and type pokemonindigo.com then log in your account(must be the same account that you log in)

So now you are log in.
-The first tab you go to maps and go to any gyms that your good at!(like you have water type and you fight fire gym)
-The second tab is same as first.
-The third tab is same as first and second.
-The Forth one is you go to pokemon center and just wait.

this part is really getting interesting,a bit confusing!SO READ!
-In the first tab you fight a gym leader
-Second tab the same as first (must be the same gym in the first tab)
-third tab follow second tab

ok for the Forth tab- just wait until your pokemon's life is near half.then click "RECOVER MY POKEMON"
(all your pokemon from tab to tab will recover its life and Power Points!)

When battling a gym leader,all the pokemon in the 3 tabs must be the same (so that pokemon recieves more EXP) or what ever you want!

I have one question
Where do u find mew,mewto,lugia,ho-ho, regigas and other legendary pokemon?

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ChEnzo's PkMn Market! Shiny! Level 100!

by Unregistered Nov 18, 2008

I am starting a business on Pokemon Indigo OL.
I sell level 100 Pokemon shiny or not shiny.
Levels 1-50 are 4500IC$
Levels 50-75 are 6000IC$
Levels 75-100 are a mere 7500IC$
Also, if you want it shiny.
It will cost 1000IC$ more.

My user-name is Chenzo.
Shiny orders might take a little longer.
To order just message me in game and I will
have your order in less that 20 minutes
depending if I am on or if there is business traffic or not.

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EaSy Leveling and Easy Money Gain

by StaticShock Jul 03, 2008

attach the lightball to pikachu. face gym leader wallace and use thunderbolt on every enemy. (when you face sealo you can teach pikachu focus punch for greater damage). face wallace over and over and you get about 6000++ XP and 900++ IC$.
this trick wont work for high level trainers. the XP and money gain is slow for you all high level.
Hints: Pikachu is a great electric pokemon because if your pikachu is holding the light ball, the sp. attack is doubeled.

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whEre to find raikou uixe and mesprit plus riolu

by deoxys239 Sep 08, 2008

to find raikou you go to the gym last gym in kanto then walk around the raikou will come
forgot name of city

to find uixe go to Vermillion City in kanto walk around and it will pop out

to find mesprit you go to celadon city in kanto walk around and i will pop up

to find riolu you go to pewter city in kanto walk around and he will come out

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anY pokemon you want whatever level you want as long as you are strong enough to catch it

by blackangel465 Jul 25, 2008

(you must have mozilla fire fox and the add on fire bug to do this)you can get fire fox at tektek.org and firebug at getfirebug.com) Ok i want to explain how to fin a mew in pokemon indigo.com you can use the trick on any pokemon but im just going to show you mew...open fire fox and log on to pokemon indigo...Then visit map (any map you want) Then open fire bug and go to html now walk on the map find a pokemon now you half to find the number of that pokemon right click on it and press source the number for a green burmy is 412 now look up 412 in the fire bug you half to find this part of the source code hidden" value="NUMBER" name="id_... change number to 151 for mew now change the number under it to the level you want after you edited both click figh and botta bing botta boom you have the pokemon you wanted (to find out the pokemons number look at the top of pokemon indigo there is a pokedex click on it choose youre pokemon and the number will be there) for the video tutoreal go to youtube heres the link http://youtube.com/watch?v=y2xVb589rr4

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by tylertrash Aug 27, 2008

for those of you that want great pokemon, with great moves
that have firebug

catch them at level 99
and train them to 100
that way they still learn there great end move :]
you will have a great pokemon, with a great move.
catching alot of level 99's is cheaper,
and overall more effective for exp.
than spending 4k on every level 100.

enjoy, and give me a thumbs up

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LeGendary Pokemon to be found

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

Articuno - walk around in Elite Four Sidney!
Zapdoss - walk around in Elite Four Phoebe
Moltres - walk around in Elite Four Garcia
Celebi - walk around in Elite Four Drake
Latios - League Champion Steven!

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buNch of pokemon indigo ic coins

by braydenhawk Aug 25, 2008

ok start a new account then get the required exp then when you start a new account you get 5000 bucks so get the exp and then send the money too your old account this most likely works im still testing it infact i just started this cheat so i dont know if it works try your self and im only 9 so dont come insulting me if it doesnt work brayhawk out

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I Can get you free shiny pokemon!

by bijanswims Mar 29, 2010

Make any pokemon shiny!
1) Pick the pokemon you want to be shiny.
2) Put it in the 1st slot of your party or find someone who has in their 1st slot of their party.
3) PM bijanswims (on pokemon indigo) and name your reward!

P.S.: if you want a level 100, it costs more money, so it would be helpful if you could send money to bijanswims after you recieve your pokemon or before.

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RaRe Candy

by PokemonIndigo Aug 14, 2009

Ok you need to be very first if you want to do this:
If you have rare candy put it onto a pokemon and then other keep doing so very fast then logout,whait about 2 mins then log in again then you'll see all your pokemon you put the rare candy will be leveled up.

Questions,HelpAsk me.

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usE the training gym acc it works wonders

by snagage Aug 14, 2008

add training gym and when they accept battle them whis a ghost pokemon with hypnosis i use my lv 60 gengar the just attack you get loads of exp and money!

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waLk on water

by themaster1998123456 Jul 31, 2008

go to the place where are the two twins are go to the brigde now keep going up and click right you would be walking on water

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hoW to get all starting pokemon

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2008

you must first have your username for instance(kj) and then you must make another username which could be (bj) and get his starting pokemon and then trade (bj's)starting pokemon to (kj)and (kj)will get (bj's)first starting pokemon . continue doing so and you all first starting pokemon .

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DeLeting Pokemon moves to learn new moves not tm's

by Therealhybrid Aug 20, 2008

First buy a tm and go to a Pokemon and say you want to teach it a tm. Then click on Which moves to replace and click On every move all the time. So keep clicking on all the moves and then stop. Afterwards you will only have one move Which is the tm and wen you level up you'll learn new moves according to your level

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ExTremely easy cash and exp for beginners

by Swagodile Mar 21, 2011

First of all, you need to add Mac User and dark pika on your friend list by sending a request. After sending a request to one of them make sure to press enter again. This will have them on your friend list unless your friend list is bugged and will save you the time of waiting for your request to be accepted.

After adding them start battling Mac User first if you're new. Shedninjas only have 1 HP and they don't have Wonderguard in Indigo, so any Pokemon can beat a Shedninja in one hit. This is an extremely easy way to level low level Pokemon quickly and you will also get 2431 IC. Once you fell that you are ready to fight dark pika then try it. You should fight dark pika instead of only fighting Mac User because once your level gets high enough it takes awhile to gain a level from Mac User. The easiest way to defeat dark pika's team is by using Focus Punch. If you run out of PP then either use other moves or just go heal your Pokemon. If your Pokemon can't learn Focus Punch then just try to use your team to weaken the Blisseys.

The best way to earn IC is to get a level 100 Slaking with Choice Band and keep fighting dark pika over and over. Getting a Slaking should not be hard even if you're new. Just use the locator and find a Slakoth and get it to become a Slaking by fighting Mac User. After evolving the Slakoth into a Vigoroth then into a Slaking teach it Focus Punch and give it a Choice Band. To get a Choice Band buy one in the Pokeshop. Keep fighting Mac User until you stop gaining levels from one battle. You should be able to fight dark pika and train the Slaking to 100. After getting it to 100, the Slaking should defeat Blisseys in one hit if you did everything correctly. Beating dark pika should get you 5,000 IC which is the highest IC you could possibly get as Blissey awards the most IC.

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EaSy Exp

by ShadowLord Jan 06, 2011

This is for people who have basically just started.

First off you will need (a) ghost pokemon (spiritomb, drifloon, etc)

Then you will need a pokemon you wish to train

1. Go to Petalburg City Gym (Norman)

2. Battle Norman (Slaking 28, Vigoroth 30, Slaking 31)

3. Use the ghost pokemon to weaken Norman's pokemon til his pokemon can be ko in one hit by the pokemon you wish to train.

4. Switch out your ghost pokemon with the desired pokemon and ko his pokemon

5. Repeat steps to defeat Norman and level up your desired pokemon.

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HoW to Defeat Low Level Pokemon

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 03, 2010

First you must find a person who has these pokemon in the following order:
1.any level 100 pokemon
2. any low level pokemon
3.same as 2
4.same as 2
5.same as 2
6.same as 2
Now first you must defeat the level 100 pokemon with a strong pokemon when you defeat
the pokemon you will get about 4000 exp and then when you go to the other pokemon
(example torkoal level 14) select your weak pokemon but dont attack instead click on
refresh and then destroy torkoal with your weak pokemon. when it says torkoal fainted
see the exp and you will see that your pokemon will get the same exp as your strong
pokemon did against the level 100 pokemon.

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EaSy Duplicate Pokemon

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 02, 2010

Have you ever found a rare pokemon and wanted more than one here you go.
Useing this you can get more than one of them! First you go in the battle catch
the pokemonor kill it hit go to map. go back resend the data. there you go!
useing that you can get so many rare pokemon, if you find one,and trade them
for strong ones and be the best trainer ever!

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