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Pokemon Indigo Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Indigo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 46 cheats in our list, which includes 26 cheats codes, 20 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Indigo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

LeGends in Maps

by ShadowDazer May 11, 2009

Pls give me a thumbs up because i am new here in pokemon indigo

Moltresin the Third Elite Four [i forgot her name] or in Rooms
Zapdosin the Second Elite Four [same as above] or in Rooms
Articunoin the First Elite Four [same as above] or in Rooms
MewYou'll need six lv.100 pokemons in your battle team and go in the Artisan Cave.it is very hard to find
MewtwoSame as Mew
Celebiin Elite Four - Drake or in Rooms
Raikouin Kanto Leader Giovanni or in Rooms
Latiosin League Champion Steven or in Rooms
LugiaYou'll need one lv.100 pokemon in your battle team and go in the Underwater Zone.it is very hard to find
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by Unregistered Nov 18, 2008

I can get you one.
The only way possible is with
cheats. I can get you a shiny Lugia
or a non-Shiny Lugia if you like.
PM me in game if you want one.

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thE secret that i heard from my friends

by themaster1998123456 Jul 16, 2008

heres the hardest pokemons to get in the pokemon indigo game

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LugiaUnderWater Zone
DarkraiExploder or get up to 9999999 EXP
MewtwoExploder or get Venasaur,Blastoise,and Charizard lvl.100
Mewdesame as Mewtwo
Ho-OhExploder or get the sharp beck and get 999999911245573 EXP
ShayminGet all the items in the pokeshop or Exploder
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LeGendery pokemon

by kojitha Oct 06, 2008

This is how to get all the legendes. You can also get all with firefox.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RaikuGiovanni map
MespritVermilion city
uxieSabrina map
ArticunoSydney map
CelebiDrake map
LatiosSteven map
Shaymin (It may not be legendery)firefox
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HoW to evolve Electrabuzz, Hunter, Kadabra and other pokemons

by GaiaEternity May 05, 2008

ok. in this section... you will learn how to evolve other pokemon ok ^^
for pokemon trades.. if you want the pokemon go create a new account only for trade evolution ok ^^

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ElectivireTrade Electabuzz to evolve
GengarTrade Hunter to evolve
AlakazamTrade Kadabra to evolve
CrobatYou can find it somewhere in the map
RichuAttach Thunderstone to pikachu then evolve
Poligon 2Attach Upgrade to poligon then trade
GolemTrade Graveller to evolve
LegendariesRight now.. on version 1.0 there are no legendaries T_T
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LeGendarys, Rares, and more!

by tugtugbug926 Jun 01, 2009

Here are some of the pokemon rares, and legendary locations for all those
people who want to have rares but never can get them. Hope you enjoy the
guide to get you some rares!

regigigasArtisan cave at least one lv 100 in team
mewartisan cave six lv 100's hard to find!
mewtwoartisan cave one lv 100 VERY hard to find!
lugiain underwater zone at leaset lv 100 in team extremely hard!
giritinaartisan cave need a lv 100 in team hard to find!
three legendary birds ( zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno )3 of the 5 maps of the elite four!
horsea and cascoonrooms! ( this guide is up to date )
raikouvery common, rooms, giovanne gym and more!
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WhEre to find legendarys

by Unregistered Jun 09, 2008

First go on the elite 4 and then go on any of the maps and you will see the following legendarys.

Done by:Omari

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Articunowalk around in Elite Four Sidney!
Zapdoswalk around in Elite Four Phoebe
Moltreswalk around in Elite Four Garcia
Celebiwalk around in Elite Four Drake
Latioswalk around in League Champion Steven!
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alL legendary's

by jeremyw Sep 29, 2008

lagendary pokemons for mor info send a i mail

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ArticunoElite Four Sidney
Zapdos-Elite Four Pheobe
CelibiElite Four Drake
Latios-League Champion Steven
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by kyle1997 Jun 02, 2009

How to get legends some are really hard

MoltresElite four
Zapdoselite four
Articunoelite four
Latioselite four
ShayminHave Giratina and vice versa for Giratina
ArceusHave all the legendary pokemon before this
Cressilaafter u have all the legendary before this Cressila will appear on Sidney's map
Heatranafter you get all the legendary before this Heatran will appear on Pheobe's map
DarkraiYou have to beat the Elite Four 10 times then go to Steven's map
DialgaYou have to beat the Elite Four 10 times then go to Steven's map
PalkiaYou have to beat the Elite Four 10 times then go to Steven's map
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by ivan3cats Jul 16, 2008

sorry but its has no codes but have unlockable invite me become your friend my user is ivanscat

Unlockable:How to unlock:
magnezonetrade or evolve
celebielite fuor drake
ho-ohartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
lugiaunderwater you have lv.100 pokemon and defeat you all gym and elite four
darkraiartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
kyogreunderwater you have lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
enteiartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
suicuneartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
raikouartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
articunoelite four sidney
zapdos2nd elite four im sorry i forget who he is
moltreselite four glacia
mewartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
mewthoartisan but only you have 6 lv.100 pokemon and you defeat all gym leders and elite four
chikoritastarter and trade
cydaquilstarter and trade
totodilestarter and trade
bulbasaurstarter and trade
squirtlestarter and trade
charmanderstarter and trade
piplupstarter and trade
chimcharstarter and trade
torchicstarter and trade
treeckostarter and trade
mudkipstarter and trade
eveechampion steven
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by satoshi300 Jun 17, 2008

Where to find most of the legendarys that I found:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ArticunoWalk around Elite Four Sidneys map.
ZapdosWalk around Elite Four Phobes map.
MoltresWalk around Elite Four ( I forgot who but it is the 3rd elite four map) map.
CelibiWalk around Elite Four Drakes map.
LatiosWalk around Champion Stevens map.
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AlL Legends

by Kentmagno May 11, 2009

All of the Legendarie pokemon exept Latios and Raikou can be found in the written areas but you need 6 Lv.100 pokemon in your battle team.

LugiaUnderwater Zone
EnteiArtisan Cave
SuicuneUnderwater Zone
RegigigasArtisan Cave
RegiceUnderwater Zone
RegisteelArtisan Cave
RegirockArtisan Cave
MewSlateport City
MewtwoSlateport City
JirachiArtisan Cave
HeatranArtisan Cave
LatiosLeage Champion Steven or in Rooms
RaikouKanto Leader Giovanni or in Rooms
GiratinaArtisan Cave
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UsEr allenli is starting business

by Unregistered Nov 10, 2008

I'm the user allenli

request any pokemon and pm me, I'll decide should I trade you, catch a magikarp and pm me then heres the price for the pokemon

I also trade specials{ shaymin, arceus, darkrai...}

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LEVEL 1-10600 IC'S
LEVEL 11-301300 IC'S
LEVEL 31-502000 IC'S
LEVEL 51-702700 IC'S
LEVEL 71-1003400 IC'S-4800 IC'S
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LeGendaries for 1.4 version

by manaphy72 Mar 01, 2010

Well i kept looking for new cheats for pokemon indigo i couldnt find them so i decided to make 1. i wont put rooms unless there is no map for the legendary when its capps u cannot get it on map or room

ARCEUScan not without trading or finding a cheat
articunoElite four- sidney
AZELFcan not without trading or finding a cheat
celebielite four- drake
DARKRAIcan not without trading or finding a cheat
DEOXYScan not without trading or finding a cheat
dialgaolivine city (johto must beat hoenn gyms all and indigo leaders and johto leaders 2 catch dialga
enteielite four- garcia
GIRATINAcan not without trading or finding a cheat
GROUDONcan not without trading or finding a cheat
HEATRANcan not without trading or finding a cheat
Ho-ohleague champion- steven
JIRACHIcan not without trading or finding a cheat
kyogreviridian city
latiasviridian city
latiosleague champion- steve
lugialeague champion- steven
MANAPHYcan not without trading or finding a cheat
mespritceladon city
mewolivine city
mewtwomahogony town
moltreselite four- garcia
PALKIAcan not without trading or finding a cheat
PHIONEcan not without trading or finding a cheat
raikouelite four- phoebe, and viridian city
rayquazablackthorn city
REGICEcan not without trading or finding a cheat
REGIGIGAScan not without trading or finding a cheat
REGIROCKcan not without trading or finding a cheat
REGISTEELcan not without trading or finding a cheat
rotomcerulean city
SHAYMINcan not without trading or finding a cheat
suicuneelite four- drake
zapdoselite four- phoebe
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ArCeus, Zorua and Zekrom

by dschug Apr 18, 2011
ArceusBeet ALL Gym Leaders Then Go To The Last Johto Map
Zoruain Celadon City
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LeGends/ Strong Pokemon

by Tibenmech May 23, 2011

PM me and put up a private trade offer for a rare pokemon and pay me the price listed below, and then i will trade. If i reply to the pm and say yes, then pay me and i wil trade. be sure it is private trade with me

I didnt add the "Lv." in front the # of the of the pokemon level

1-10 normal500 IC
1- 10 Unnormal1000 IC
1-10 Rare1500
11-20 normal2000 IC
11-20 unnormal2500 IC
11-20 rare3000 IC
21-30 normal3500 IC
21-30 unnormal4000 IC
21-30 rare4500 IC
31-40 normal5000 IC
31-40 unnormal5500 IC
31-40 rare6000 IC
41-50 normal6500 IC
41-50 unnormal7000 IC
41-50 rare7500 IC
50+ normal8100 IC
50+ unnormal8600 IC
50+ rare9100 IC
Legend 1-50 normal10,000
Legend 1-50 unnormal11,000
Legend 1-50 rare12,000
Legend 50+ normal15,000
Legend 50+ unnormal16,000
Legend 50+ rare17,000
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CaPture pokemons after they faint

by tyuuyt Sep 22, 2008

Battle with a pokemon.Make it faint.Refresh the page.The pokemon would appear with 0hp,but it would have the option for using item!My username in pokemon indigo is plok.

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alL starters

by Unregistered Jun 09, 2008

first make an acount and get a starter.then make a new acount and get a starter from the new profile then put the starter for trade then on the origanal profile get the starter from the other profile

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by Unregistered Jun 13, 2008

Here are some legendary pokemon to be found.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
articunoElite Map Sydney
zapdosElite Map Phoebe
moltresElite Map Garcia
celebiElite Map Drake
latiosChapion Map Steven
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ThIs is where you find a legend

by kumail Jul 23, 2009

By the way these are good legends and tehy are also needed for other legend and by the way search for pokemon indigo,cheat,how to get legend by doing something easy witch is by me and it will tell you how to steal peoples pokemon for free.
my pokemon indigo account is jrjrjrjroock and plaese add me and put thumbs up for this.

cresseliaslateport city
leafeonslateport city
phioneslateport city
manaphyslateport city
kygoreslateport city
latiasslateport city
rayquazaslateport city
groundonartisan cave
mothimartisan cave
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