Pokemon Tower Defense Feelings and Opinions

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Pokemon Tower Defense Feelings and Opinions :

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Optimus789    wrote on oct 18, 2011 4:49 am
Its a fun game but I cant get past lavender town and its annoying because my pokemon die and thetre should be more candies on that lvl. I have tonz of onix and machop pm me if you want one :)
mole338    wrote on aug 20, 2011 8:31 am
i love the game started out as charmander now its a charizard aswome and team brock is a random gym leader i have 5 level 40s 4 level 44s and 1 level 40 as i mean
Bryan190    wrote on jun 28, 2011 3:57 am
Then Now I Faced Kyogre At That Part.........I'm Confused This Showed WHen I Haven't Beaten Kyogre......Then When I Beaten Kyogre Joey And Maruto Was Headed Towards Nugget Bridge When Evil Mewtwo Stoped Them Before Mewtwo Was About To Attack Ash's Tauros Used Take Down And Ash Said To Joey And Maruto To Go And Help Me Then When Ash Saw Tauros Tauros Was Down To The Floor Then He Sent Out Baulbasur,Squirtle And Charizard He Said "Baulbasur Start Charging Your Solarbeam squirtle slow him down with bubble charizard seismic toss" The Mewtwo Took Only Minor Damage He said "I'm Impressed You Defeated My Subtitute" And Ash Said "But When DId You" Mewtwo Replayed "You Have No Idea How Strong I Am" Ash SAid "Everybody G..." (Mewtwo Used Psychic on All Of Them) Then Mewtwo Said "How Strong Are You If You Can't Move" Then Ash SAid "GRRR" (Mewtwo Used Teleport And He Teleported At The Middle Of Charizard,Baulbasur,Squirtle and Ash And He Said "Now For The Finnishing Move" Mewtwo "SELF DESTRUCT" Ash Said Calmly "I........Lost...." (Mewtwo Starts Charging His Slefdestruct) AND THAT IS ALL I'M GONNA SAY!!!!!! ENJOY
Bryan190    wrote on jun 28, 2011 3:46 am
And Team Rocket Is Not The One Who Is Causing All The Trouble Mewtwo Is Too When I Bested Kyogre Ash Suddenly Said "I Need To Talk To My Wife" He Said That To Joey And Maruto I was Surprised That Ash's Wife Was.MISTY And Misty Said The Words "We" and "Our" and ash though Kyogre Had Something To Do w\ it so he thrown a master ball at kyogre and Mewtwo Appeared From No Where (Green Mewtwo Not Pink Mewtwo) and he used psychic at the master ball and ash said "Someone Used Psychic On The Master Ball" And Joey And maruto Said "HE HAD A MASTER BALL?!"
Bryan190    wrote on jun 28, 2011 3:38 am
Misty Is A Piece Of Cake (Means Very Easy) Yeah I Beated Her On My First Try I Beated Kyogre With My Charizard And Pigeot They Are Both 40 Now But When I Faced Her They We're Still Level 36 It Was Easy And i Had Fun....Brock is Not A Random Gym Leader Or A Member Of Team Rocket Jessie,James And He Was Hypnotized By Mewtwo But Now I'm At Vermillion City There Was A Group Of Team Rocket And Ash Is About To..........D + I + E = DIE
skyp    wrote on jun 05, 2011 5:47 pm
Really great game. Play it as long as I am on the computer. Started out with Bulbasuar. Now its an Ivysuar!!! 8D I still don't know if Brock is of Team Rocket (Bad guys) or random Gym Leader.
GOLUCARIO123    wrote on may 30, 2011 9:33 am
Take your time to get it right and try to keep the pokemon from the rare candy, all thanks to team rocket (bad name) and beat everyone you can (misty is hard but i beat her)

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