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Pokemon TPPC Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon TPPC cheats list for PC version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 1 glitch, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon TPPC on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

EaSy Lv 125's

by Coolster61 Nov 04, 2008

Have you tried the Towers?
have you Figured it out?
Well go to the Baby Tower, ok?
have only 6 lv 5's knowing these move

-doesnt matter
-doesnt matter
-doesnt matter

ok? when you enter all the pokemon you face are lv 5.
after you complete this you get one of the baby pokemon you fought
BUT its lv 125 W00T!! your first lv 100+
each one you can sell for over 5 mil, mantyke is 19 mil
Keep In mind noone will buy them so use them in trades.

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WhAt has more health Dark/Shiny/Normal

by TPPC_Ledgend Jun 24, 2008

Blissey - 101 -= 656 hp --- DoubleKick 4 hits Crit - 24dmg
ShinyBlissey - 101= 666 hp --- DoubleKick 4 hits Crit - 24dmg
DarkBlissey - 101= 686 hp --- DoubleKick 4 hits Crit - 24dmg

Darks have more hp then shinys!
Shinys have more hp then normals!

So next time you use secret swap use dark because there better!

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HoW to get the 3 regi's, Shiny's and Dark pokemon(s).

by Pokemon271 May 03, 2010

For this 1, if it works for you, you have to put a thumbs up. First, get an Armaldo and a Cradily,(From evolution of Anorith and Cradily I got 5 anorith and a Cradily if you want to borrow it go ahead my trainer number is 2961008)then, put your roster as this.

and then, if you got all of those pokemon in the roster, go to Hidden Cove and find Regirock and Relicanth (First Regi got) and then put your ROSTER like this


And then, go to Ice rift to find Regice. (Second Regi caught). And then, line up your roster as this.

Unkown R
Unkown E
Unkown G
Unkown I

Then, go to Magic Mountains to find Shiny Treecko, Dark Treecko, Shiny Mudkip, Dark Mudkip, Shiny Torchic, Dark Torchic and, Registeel. There u go lads, And thank you for commentating and rating this if u do. :D

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LvL Up Faster And Money Too

by Trivixian May 27, 2008

go to trainer battle and battle 482301 for example choose starter as squirtle set moves toxic and hyperbeam
use 1st move toxic
second move hyperbeam 2 times
choose the next pokemon it will die
then again choose hyperbeam 3times
follow the same steps till 4 of your pokes die then choose your starter again
you will gain 487000 exp and 97000 money and pokemon will be lvl 78

Try It These Cheat Works

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HeAd start in the game

by Unregistered Aug 09, 2010

There are 2 ways

Its more of a hint than a secret but there's no hint option so... anyway, to get a decent head start in the game go to any map and catch some lv 5 pokemon (any pokemon, but the higher the Attack stat the better), put 6 on a team and make sure they all know double kick (it goes a little faster if its their top slot so you dont have to change moves) and go to the baby tower. you will fight 8 baby pokemon whose level are equal to the highest level pokemon in your party, which should be 5. They are, in order, Budew, Chingling, Bonsly, Mime Jr., Happiny, Riolu, Munchlax and Mantyke. Keep using double kick and you will eventually beat them all. When you do, you are given one of the pokemon you just faced, or a shinx. the difference is that pokemon is level 125. they are weak at first, but with the right moves they can be amazing. Mantyke with hydro pump in particular stands out. Also, if you get one that you just can't use, keep it until you get 100K and swap it. You will get back a level 125 pokemon (almost any pokemon, including powerhouses like salamence and garchomp)

The other way requires a faction and Sergeant Rank, and a lot of money. Why? because the reward for Sergeants, which cost 1000 points a pop, is a level 150 snorlax! (for team magma and aqua its shiny) so go to your faction, and get one! Now swap it! (or keep it, your choice, keep at least 1, its an awesome pokemon, especially with Recover, since it comes with around 700 HP) You will get a lv 150 pokemon, potentially one of the best in the game. It also helps to sell one of the snorlaxes, especially if its shiny, since at that level it sells for many million (shiny is something like 17 million.)

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GeT More Team Factions

by Trivixian May 22, 2008

If You Are A Beginner
Modify Your Profile
You Coose Tppc
Battle The
Team Aqua
Team Rocket
Team Magma
Just Battle The Weak Pokemons With Fix Roster Then Go To Team Stats
Then Get A Team Boost Then Battle The Other Team
Team Aqua
Team Rocket
Team Magma
Then You Will Get 300 Team Points
If You Battle The Higher LvL
Like Your LvL 5 Attach With Team Boost Battle LvL 6
Then You Will Get 750 Team Points

Try It

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hoW to beat baby tower

by Unregistered Oct 06, 2008

if uve ever wondered howto beat baby tower and uve looked it up and it said use doublekick?
well thats wat u do but theres another thing change all your six starter pokemon to lvl 5s change 1 of there moves each to doublekick then go to baby tower keep using double kick and ull win

the prize is a random lvl 125 baby pokemon!(baby pokemon are the 1s u fight in the tower ull get a random 1 of those) hope it helped!

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geT a lot of exp

by dragonpyre99 Jul 28, 2008

1.put poke 1st on your roster
2.moves it MUST know.toxic,doublekcick,dig
3.go to trainer battle and type in'403525'
4.use toxic
5.use doublekcick
6.use dig to evade flamethrower)
7.keep using steps 4(always the first move) 5 and 6 until all the blissys faint.
then u will get a lot of exp just follow the steps

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