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Pokemon Vortex Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Vortex cheats list for PC version. Now we have 46 cheats in our list, which includes 36 cheats codes, 2 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Vortex on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - The Training Codes By Harish

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2010

Hi......! Dudes i found some cheats of pokemonvortex check this out ...! if the pokemon s in 8lvl ur pokemon will grow to 80 If ur pokemon is at 9lvl ur pokemon grows to 75

Trainingto train all type pokemons
Trainingdarkfor dark type pokemon
Trainicefor dragon pokemons
Trainingwaterfor water type pokemon
Trainingghrasswaterfor water type pokemon
Trainingghostfor ghost type pokemon
Trainingfirefor fire pokemon
Trainingfireflyingfor flyining & poison type pokemon
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Secret - Training Accounts

by jan025 Jan 28, 2010

Here's some of the training accounts I know:

zedjawater - water type
zedjagrass - grass type
zedjapsychic - psychic type
zedjaghost - ghost type
(For other training accounts, just type "zedja-" then the pokemon type you want to be trained!!)

and lastly:

training - all types

Hope it helps!!!

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Code - Get money and leveling up fast!

by weiquan Aug 01, 2011

1st go take a weak fire(or any type) pokemon then put them in your team 2st go press battle then press battle any member (computer controlled) 3rd type training in the search bar then press OK then u will battle 6 lvl 100 hoppips which only knows splash and it wil not effect you. have fun getting money and lvling!

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Secret - Pokemon vortex helpful hints

by ironstomp Jun 27, 2011

trainfire = grass types

kingzapdos = fire types

training = types

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Secret - Pokemon Leveling 100lvl 2

by Tadausis Jun 27, 2011

Hello again i think you read my last secret of leveling nad found another one its Training2 it good for training ice and water pokemon but still you can level everything in it :) Happy leveling


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Code - New easy 100% safe cheat for legendary pokemon

by Unregistered Jul 08, 2011

Just so all you know this isnt a scam in fact i'm not requesting any info. to get legendary Pokemon you need to get 6 lvl 100 Pokemon and for a limited time fight the new special event guy. He gives you either Entei, Rikou, Or Suicune but not normal ones shiny, dark ,mystic, etc, kinds. Now if your having trouble training your pokemon go under fight an offline player and fight him(he has nothing but lvl 100 hoppips that only know splash) and you will level up crazy fast! now once youve gotten to this part where you have 6 lvl hundreds. fight the final special event and put claim prize on your dashboard, then make a new accout et it to have atleast 7 pokemon and trade all your pokeon for his and fight the final event with this new character( note:may have to wait 24 hrs after claiming last prize) Now go on dash board and recive your awsome new pokemon.

This is 100% legit i am the true ms.Hacks, have fun with your new legendaries

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Code - Pokemon vortex masterball cheat

by Unregistered Jun 17, 2011


1. get rid of your masterballs

2. if you dont have a ultraball buy one

3. find a wild battle

4. right click the circle where it says "Ultra Ball" click inspect elements

5. where it's says "Ultra Ball" change to "Master Ball"

6. use ultra ball and catch the pokemon (if it blocked it then kill it)

7. go to pokemart and you will have 65535 master balls

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Code - Searching for Legendary pokemon ??? here is ur answer

by osborneisthegreat Oct 26, 2011

to find legendary pokemon u just have to win all gym battles, elite fours, frontiers & any 2 of the events...

And the next thing u have to is to just go to a grass map having an entrance to another map .... e.g.: fire, ice, etc. and wait at a place for a long time, or u can just visit some other site on another tab, & then come back to the map and start moving to the entrance of the cave to another map,,,,,, (remember do not battle any wild pokemon on the way )

As soon as u enter the other map a legendary will appear !!!!

mark my words ..... it works

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Code - Training your pokemon easily

by Unregistered Dec 19, 2011

download imacros and you will be able to train your pokemon easily

after downloading imacros click on record

then start training your one of your pokemon by going into battle any member and type training

after training the pokemon click on stop button

then click on play ,if you go down you will see a option play loop above that it woul be written repeat

select how many times you want to train your pokemon then click on play loop

trainingnormalfor normal
trainingffor water and rock
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Code - Everything about pokemon vortex

by Deadly101 Nov 16, 2011

All right here are the training accounts

Training: for fire type pokemon

Training2: for water type pokemon

Training3: for grass type pokemon. To get lots of legendaries you have to get six good pokemon level 70+, defeat all champions, sidequests and

events and get all gym badges and beat all elite fours. Happy hunting! Secret areas, see secret areas cheat!

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Code - How To Level Up Your Pokemon Faster and WAY Easier

by Unregistered Oct 19, 2011

1. Go to

2. Type in

3. Battle them. They will have six Hoppips, all LV. 100. They all know only the move Splash, which is completely useless. Then all you have to do is battle the Hoppips with your pokemon, and it will emmediately level up.

Trust me, my pokemon was level 11 when I first did this and after I beat Training once with the same level 11 pokemon, it became a level 62.

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Code - Easy Level Up All Your Pokemons

by Unregistered Sep 28, 2011

Click Battle,after clicking battle click battle any member,then type your username

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Secret - Level up by alot

by Unregistered Nov 29, 2011

first once you have logged in click on battle. when you have done that click on "battle any member (computer controlled)". when you do that type in the box training and battle all the level 100 hoppip. they do nothing to your pokemon and you have full life. when u have won u get alot of xp and money

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Code - Any Pokemon, Any Amount of Cash.

by Omniscient Jun 07, 2011

Hey guys, ive been using a program recently trying to duplicate pokemon, or make a specific wild pokemon appear and also give you a specific amount of cash you'd like. I figure everyones just about as fed up as I am searching almost endlessly for Legendary pokemon etc. so i figure, what the hell why not help some people out. SO if you'd like some free pokemon/monkey. Email me at dark_omni@live.com. even if im offline shoot me a message that says "Pokemon Vortex Hacks" and i will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Code - Add level and master ball

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2016

999 master ball

999 level all pokemon

tyrhonepogimaster ball 999
jordan09level all pokemon 999
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Code - Have a Mew Two (armor)

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2016
WoWyou have a mew two (armor)
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Code - Pokemon Vortex v3 glitch to get 255 Hyper Potions. etc.

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2015

1. Login to your account on Pokemon vortex and go to sidequests!

2. Go battle someone in sidequests, doesnt matter who!

3. Then use all of your Hyper Potions etc.

4. Win or lose the battle, doesnt matter.

5. Go to pokemart and look if you 0 potions etc.

6. If so, logout of your account

7. Then log on to your account again and go to sidequests and battle someone again.

8. If you have the standard amount of hyper potions (2) potions (10) super potions (5) and if so , use them all again. (If not try changing zeta.pokemon-vortex... to theta.pokemon-vortex... or theta to zeta and login again)

9. Then Win or Lose the battle (doesnt matter)

10. Go to pokemart again and you will have like 255 potions, hyper potions and super potions!! ;)

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Code - Cheats of pokemon vortex

by Unregistered Sep 16, 2014

this about pokemon cheats. some pokemons cheats does not work if u put training fire:then only fire pokemons will come.SO put cheat ''training ghost'' this cheat can train u r fire and ghost i tried this cheat its so nice to evolve our pokemon faster

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Code - Vortex Auto Trainer

by vortexer Apr 04, 2012

CRN Vortex Auto Trainer is a auto bot program which trains your pokemon until reaching up 100 level, searchs legendary pokemons, have auto shopping and finds wanted pokemon for you. These are the captures from auto trainer :
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Secret - How to find legendaries in pokemon vortex

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

1.you have to beat all the gym leaders elite 4 and this is what no one else says you must beat the battle frontiers 2.then you buy some pokeballs and some great balls 3. then rome about the grass maps and you should find a legendary pokemon read the writing on the battle frontiers and then you will understand

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Code - How to find legendaies

by Unregistered Dec 15, 2011

well first you have to beat all elite 4s and gym and about 2 events then look around any map for a while and don't give up you will run into one having trouble withelite 4s or gym or events send usename and pass ill help no scam i promise no harsh comments im only eight

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Code - Pokemon vortex a hint to get a legendary!!!! please try this

by Shaheryar Sep 14, 2011

Hey guys Im crazy with happiness because i just caught my first legend its a zapdos i had been looking for a legendary just like you .. you all should have completed all gyms and elites and champions i did so too but i could'nt find a bit of a legnd so today i decided to look in the electric map but i didn't go there directly i went through the grass maps to get there and that worked i think you have to walk a lot before finding a legend and I have just caught one YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOO!!! hope this helps

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Code - How to defeat Gordor and claim a legendary pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 23, 2011

defeating gordor is not too hard. u only have to capture almost every form of pokemon to defeat him like one of fire, one of rock ,one of water and one of grass but they all have to be of level 100. to defeat suiccine use the grass pokemon like venasaur, for defeating entei use a water pokemon like blastroise , for raikou use the rock pokemon like golem and for manaphy egg use ur fire pokemon like charizard. When u defeat gordor go to ur dashboard and claim ur prize. note:u should also download a better pokedex on ur ipad

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Code - Free Hyper Potions!

by Unregistered Feb 13, 2012

Hey guys! I found out a cheat that lets you use Hyper Potions in battle. And it wont even take a Hyper Potion away. So... when your in a fight and you want to use a Hyper Potion, right click Hyper Potion. Then click "Inspect Element." Then change "Potion" to "Hyper Potion." Then leave the box that shows up and click use item. And there you go. P.S. This only works on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Leave some comments plz so i can see how it worked out for you guys.

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Secret - Easy lvl up & money.

by Unregistered Jan 30, 2012

Go under 'Battle Any Member' and type in these trainers:

Training : To train your Flying, Poison, Rock, Fire and Ice Pokemon.

Training2 : To train your Flying, Ground, Water and Psychic Pokemon.

Training3 : To train your Grass and Electric Pokemon.

Hoped you've enjoyed this cheat!

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