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PokemonLake Cheats :

This page contains PokemonLake cheats list for PC version. Now we have 25 cheats in our list, which includes 13 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 glitch, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing PokemonLake on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Free Money

by Goldgary123 Jan 27, 2010

About 1-10000 pokedollars
1.Log in
2.When you log in it will take you to a welcome page.
3.click battle a user
4.Type in npc12 (can be any # higher than 12)
5.select a pokemon
6.will automaticlly win money!

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Glitch - Nan Glitch ^_^

by blackarceus May 18, 2010

This is a glitch that will make both you and your foe's/opponet's HP NAN.

If you want to know how to do it here are the steps:

1.Beat the opponent's foe.

2. Once you beat it, it will say click here to continue. But don't click it. Instead, attack the foe again. The foe's HP will become NaN

3. The foe will attack again. Then, it wil surely beat your pokemon. Then, you're pokemon's HP will become NaN too.


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Secret - Plasma Pokemon

by Goldgary123 Jan 27, 2010

Plasma Pokemon are like every other pokemon.They come out randomly though.Just keep running into pokemin,It will show up

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Code - How to level up fast

by Unregistered Dec 16, 2011

guys i got a glitch first make any of your team pokemon learn hydro cannon or water spout then go to battle ( go to user battle) then type in deepblue or masterboosting then battle that person use hydro cannon then they will say it is super effective then if you are level 5 you may level up to 25

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Code - Pokemon at high level in wild and legendary locations

by Unregistered May 09, 2011

Hello friends,

Today I will tell you a cheat

1-Login to your account

2-Click on maps

3-Choose any map

4-Find a pokemon

5-Click on battle

6-Choose a pokemon for battle

7-Click on pokemon in battle

8-Change your pokemon till wild pokemon level has gone higher

9-When the level is high do a attack and use any ball, greatball , ultraball , masterball

Now I will tell you legendary location

Celebi2 map
Jirachi2 map
Regigigas3 map
Deoxys3 map
Zekrom3 map
Entei4 map
Giratina4 map
Giratina(Origin)4 map
Kyuremu4 map
Darkrai5 map
Cresselia6 map
Kyogre7 map
Suicune7 map
Uxie7 map
Mesprit8 map
Manaphy8 map
Phione8 map
Raikou9 map
Rayquaza9 map
Azelf10 map
Palkia11 map
Deoxys13 map
Arceus16 map
Dialga16 map
GroudonRock map- 1
RegirockRock map- 1
MoltresFire map- 1
Ho-ohFire map- 1
HeatranFire map- 1
RegisteelFire map- 2
ArticunoIce map- 1
RegiceIce map- 1
ZapdosPlant map- 1
DialkaSecret map
MewalgaSecret map
DaroxysSecret map
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Code - How to get Cobballiaan

by yuyuop Sep 05, 2011

go to 4 map and keep walking you will find it in 2 3 minutes !!!

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Secret - Pokemon level up

by kojitha Nov 11, 2008

This is how to level up your pokemon easy style. It is easy to beat normal with all types so i won't mention it.

1. if you have grass type vs water type
2. if you have water type vs rock and fire type
3. if you have rock type vs electric type
4. if you have electric type vs water and flying type
5. if you have ghost type vs rock type
6. if you have flying type vs rock type
7. if you have fire type vs electric and grass type
8. if you have dark type vs physic type
9. if you have physic type vs rock type
10. if you have normal type vs water type
11. if you have dragon type vs any type

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Code - Legendaries!!!

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2015

To get Legendary Pokemon, you must defeat all the gym leaders and elite four but not including the mega evolution trainers. Then go to any map and start walking around and you will find Legendary Pokemon!

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Code - Pokemonlake cheats, secrets and more! (UNLIMITED MONEY!)

by Unregistered Aug 18, 2014

Hello, guys. How are you doing? I am gonna teach you how to get Unlimited Pokedollars on Pokemon lake! Go to pokemonlake.com for the game. - XxSnivyRulesxX

Go to Battle. Click gyms. Jump to Unova. Beat Renbu. He only has a Charmander lv.5.Everytime you beat him, you get $20,000! You can be RICH!!!
Legendarys and Plasma Pikachu! Go to the Plant map. Keep walking down.You can find lots of Legendarys, like Raiko, Zapdos and Zekrom. After a minute or so, you can find a secret rare Plasma Pikachu or Pichu
Go to gyms. Beat the final boss.You get 50,000, it may be hard beating her, so bring a good lv.100+
Level 127 PokemonGet a level 100 Pokemon. Give it 27 rare candies. LEVEL 127, SUCKER!!!
Legendary PokemonBeat all the gyms and you can find every single last Legendary. Not all of the legendaries are at the same place, though.
All the starter PokemonGo to map 1. Go in the house. You can find almost all the starters.
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Code - Best Moves

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2014


The Best Move To Have is Explosion, Draco Meteor, Roar of Time, and Dragon Rage.

if you have these moves your pokemon will be really strong all my pokemon are over level 100 and have that move. Good Luck

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Code - How to get lots of rare candy

by Unregistered Dec 17, 2013

First you need to have a pokemon with the move Roar Of Time,then go to the gym battling,go to Jump to,then go to finale battle,then battle her,use the pokemon with roar of time-use it twice on the other pokemon,and you beat her,every time you beat her you get $50,000,so beat her using the step I listed before to beat her lots more times,you will end up having huge amounts of money,then go to shop,go down to rare candy,then click buy,then get as much RARE CANDY AS YOU WANT!!!!!

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Code - Money with battling

by winnerwinner Mar 14, 2013

when you go to "gym" tab in battle there you will find a link. It will read "more trainers !".and if you have good lvl127 pokemon....then it is easy to beat them so we get the money and a pokemon lvl 15 also!

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Code - Items!!

by winnerwinner Mar 13, 2013

go to the secret map. there you can see waterfall.go up to it and keep going upwards you will find many plasma FUSIONS and items too.

this can make you completely rich!!!!

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Secret - Starter Reiounion

by TheBoom Sep 05, 2011

Hint:If you go to house,You can obain almost ALL of the starters.


The Boomer

-with a baseball bat.

-Dancing Banana from that song.

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Code - Catching the pokemon you want made easy

by Tsnamer Jun 27, 2011

Go to a wall on any map and keep on pressing up.

You will cycle through pokemon extremely quickly therefor increasing your chance of finding shiny or plasma pokemon

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Code - Tip On Defeating Champion Errietta

by charlottew20 Mar 14, 2011

If you are struggling with Champion Errietta or want to defeat her quickly, here are some helpful tips;

-Have a team of lvl 90-100 Pokemon

-Make them have these types of moves;

Fire-type (V-Generate is awesome)

Dragon or Ice-type (preferably Roar Of Time or Haze)

Thunder-type or Water-type (I use Thunderwave or preferably, you can use Thunder or Surf)

Beating Errietta will get you $50,000 in PokemonLake money. I hope this helps

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Unlockable - How to get loads of cash!

by AeroglyphLake Jan 23, 2012

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to tell you how to get lots of money. Battle Errietta and remember to choose a strong team.

For each time you beat her you get 50000 coins!

Shadow BallBuy for 1 SP
Master Ball3000 coins (each)
Rare Candy5000 coins (each)
Full Potion800 coins (each)
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Secret - Find plasma pichu, pikachu.

by Unregistered Dec 02, 2011

if you go to plant map, and go all the way down, and keep pressing down, after a minute, you can find plasma pichu/pikachu.

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Secret - How to get a plasma arceus the easy way

by arcius852146 Nov 22, 2010

go to map 16 and go to the stairs. keep on going up and down the stairs then you will see a metalic arceus then a golden arceus then plasma arceus. it happened to me no lie.

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Unlockable - Rotom

by Unregistered Feb 02, 2010

Rotoms on poke mon lake route one there going out catch ur rotom now in route 1 on pokemon lake

rotoms at night in rotue 1youru time must be 19:00 2 8:00only at those tiimes may u find rotom rotomheat rotom cut or any other rotom
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Secret - How to get the pokemon you want

by jcbdr03 Mar 06, 2012

point the mouse at Maps then you will see >pokemon click it the click pokedex and its done,the only thing left is search for the pokemon you want.

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Unlockable - Super Duper Keldio

by AeroglyphLake Jan 23, 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm going to tell you how to get Keldio.

Go to map 8. Go to the beach area and linger around for sometime. You will find every type of Keldio. I also have a lot of them.

CoballianGo to map 4
KeldioGo to map 8
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Secret - Easy and hard way to LVL up

by Ernest_Tran Sep 02, 2009

Go to the gyms battle the Gym Leaders such as Bugsy, Brock, Falkner, Roxanne, Roark, Misty if the Pokemon is weak. If they are strong battle the Gym Leaders with a lot of Pokemon but your Pokemon can defeat definetly. If it is really high battle an Elite 4 or Frontier Brain.

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