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Poptropica Cheats :

This page contains Poptropica cheats list for PC version. Now we have 60 cheats in our list, which includes 17 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 30 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Poptropica on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get a hidden item in Poptropica

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2011

Step 1: Go to early Poptropica .

Step 2: Go to Poptropica towers (to the left)

Step 3: Now go to the green tower and go up.

Step 4:Find the window with a orange flower.

Step 5: Click on the first square (or find an pointer).You will get a cool coustume:a hypnotic! It's also the 4th rarest item in Poptropica history!

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Code - Steps how 2 finish spy island

by onewingangel Oct 27, 2008

First, go to Spy Island. Go to the headquarters and find Director D. Talk to him and get the decoder kit. Get out and jump to the top of the building. There will be a guy there. Then translate the message you get from the guy on top of the headquarters. The coded message says, when Dr. Spyglass points to a symbol, choose the one that faces in the… “OPPOSITE DIRECTION”. Then go to Dr. Spyglass’s, the eye doctor, building. Take the eye test but whatever the doctor points to, choose the ”E” that faces the opposite direction. (An “E” facing upwards would mean that you needed to choose an “E” facing downwards.) If you did it correctly, he will say “I see that Director D has sent you. Meet me upstairs.”
Then he will go to the upstairs room then you will have to get out of the room and climb the ladder to the left and enter the door. Next go inside and he will give you a suit that will make you almost invisible. The suit is called the “Chameleon Suit”.

The 1st Spy - Then go to the Docks and get the message from the guy in the trash can. He will give you a message that says, There’s a secret entrance to the warehouse “ON THE ROOF”. Now put on your chameleon suit. Climb as high as you can there and avoid the B.A.D. guards, because if you bump into them they will knock you over and because they can see you when you move. You’ll find a door. Go in and continue. Be careful of the dogs. They’ll bite you. Then there is a room you can go in. Then go to the roof and get inside. Go past the dogs by rushing at them, but not letting them touch you. Then stop. They can’t see you because of your suit, and they will walk on. Do this with all the dogs. At the bottom, go left. You should see some little platforms above you. Get on them, and jump to the other side. You should have landed in some kind of small hidden room. Talk to the tied up spy there to free him. He will give you a laser pen and a satellite clue.

The 2nd Spy - Now leave the warehouse and go back to Main Street. Then go all the way to the right and go to Balding Avenue. If you continue to the right you will see a guy wearing green camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you a message that says, There’s a top B.A.D. agent in Bistro. To access the B.A.D. control center you’ll need his “FINGERPRINT”. Keep going right until you get to a place called B.A.D. Bistro. Take off your suit and go in (The chameleon suit isn’t allowed inside.). Go all the way... 

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Secret - How to get 50 credits and also get a rabbot suit from dr. hare's secret lab.

by Unregistered Apr 09, 2010

Step 1. complete shark tooth island, early poptropica island and the haunted house (see walkthroughs) and then buy dr. hare's secret lab from the store.

step 2. arriving at a smaller version of 24 carrot (in it's bad state) go into the door and keep going right until you find a door with dr. hare's logo on it. then push the boxes onto the switches. (if you can't push a box up push it down the hole at the bottom and jump in yourself. you will arrive at the top again with the box.) but while you're doing that avoid the guards. DO NOT TRY TO FREE THEM. THEY ARE WORKING FOR DR. HARE AND THEY ARE PAID TO DO IT. IT IS NOT LIKE 24 CARROT ISLAND.
then go to the laser beam doors (not the electric ones. they are not doors.) and collect the glowing key cards.

step 3. go out the door and go onto that moving floor and then when you reach the top talk to the man wearing a rabbit eyepatch and then do what he says with the keycards.

happy hopping in your RABBOT suit.

by a certain Finn.


pps. when you have completed this place say "I've completed dr. hare's secret lab on Q&A.

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Secret - Free out fit

by heaven1116 Jan 11, 2012

go to early poptropica and go to mainstreet (green building) go up to (orange flower) and knock the flower off click the window in the top left corner then youll get it

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Easter Egg - How to hold a cup with black juice from 24 carrot

by needhelpIcouldhelp Sep 02, 2009

Go to 24 carrot and go to the King Carrot Diner.get a drink fill it up with white juice.then drink it while your drinking it press "ctrl,shift,and S"your mouse should become a swirl.when your mouse is a swirl close the tab.Then go back to your account you will be holding a cup with black juice in!

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Easter Egg - Order of the gems in nabooti

by needhelpIcouldhelp Sep 15, 2009

From bottom to top its:-Yellow







-Hope I helped!

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Secret - How to defeat Ratman, rock man and betty jetty

by Unregistered Mar 16, 2009

For Ratman go passed the guy with the flying rocks get in the bathroom into the sewer, hit a lot of steering wheels until you get to ratman. Be careful going passed the rats. There's another steering wheel that you spin, you'll see bees coming to sting you. Run away from the bees and when you find a wheel spin it and ratman will be knocked out. Go in front of ratman click on him and you'll see your self back at prison. Rock man: go before the bathroom where you beat ratman. Get a hotdog {the hot dog is for the end of super power}. You'll see poping grass get in the middle let the grass pop you up and hit Rock man. Go to Rock man click on him and when you do that your back at prison. Get your flying powers at a phone booth. Go to the top of one of the buildings. You'll see her saying catch me if you can. Fly up as high as you can and when you get up dodge betty jetty's blasts. When you get close to her she'll fall down on to the building. Wait a little bit and you'll see Ned Noodlehed tackle her. when you go to prison they'll say Ned noodlehed has the medallion. If you have the hot dog this is what it is for. Go to the comic shop and ned will say I would trade this Medallion for a hot dog. subscribe join and rate plz! hope you enjoyed my tips

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Secret - Super Power Island: step 1 Defeat Copy Cat

by ilovecheats Jul 30, 2009

Super Power Island: step 1 Defeat Copy Cat
I will try my best to explain how to pass Super Power island. When you've arrived in Super Power, go into the Comic Shop. There will be a man inside, talk to him and recieve a a handbook he wrote. Read it to know what to do when you've recieved the book. After you've read the book, go into Masks and Capes as it said in the book. Pick out a super hero costume that you like. The man there will also give you a Super Hero ID card. Then go to the prison and talk to the people there, you will recieve some things you need there. Then go to Down Town. Copy Cat is inside the bank and to catch her, you could not get through the cieling there but there's more of her there. To get through, there's a little up arrow button. Click on it to go up. Find the rest of her there. I hope you get what I meant now.

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Glitch - Really cool poptropica glitch

by Username1234 Feb 13, 2012

Hey guys I have a really cool poptropica glitch. It is only 10 simple steps. 1. Go to early poptropica. 2. Go to poptropica towers. 3. Find the green building. 4. Go up to the orange flower on the green building. 5. Kick the orange flower off the window sill it is on. 6. Move your mouse over on the window that had the orange flower on it. 7. Wait for your green arrow to become a blue and white pointer finger. 8. Once your green arrow becomes a blue and white pointer finger click the left mouse button. 9. After you click the left mouse button a members only item will pop up and go into your items pack. 10. Enter your items pack and see what you got. That is the glitch. Also I'm going to tell you what the members only it is. The members only it is really cool here it is. A really cool hypnotic item complete with : some red hair that looks like fire, a pair of orange and yellow hypnotic goggles, a weird shaped mouth, a brown pair of pants, and finally a orange and yellow shirt.

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Unlockable - Poptropica cheats

by peachy705 Jan 09, 2012

They all work!!! I have a Poptropica account. I'm called "Magic Ice". Add me: peachy705
Hope you will like these cheats!!! :D

Go to 24 Carrot Island to the Carrot Cafe. On the left end there are various containers with different colours in them. Click on it and then fill your cup up with the colour/colours you want. (You can also mix them to make a colour that isnt there!!)Changes your hair colour to whatever colour you drink or mix
Go to 24 Carrot island to the Carrot Cafe. Go to the drinks on the left end and fill your cup with WHITE. As your poptropican drinks it, hold down CTRL + SHIFT + S for 2 seconds. Your mouse should become a swirl. Close down the tab (DONT SAVE IT), and then log back in to your poptropica account.Your poptropican will be holding a cup of black juice. (NOTE: This is the only way to get it, other people cannot costimize it!)
Travel to Time Tangled Island. Get your Glider and then go to the vikings. Go inside the cave. You’ll have a fire stick. Take off your Glider. Exit the cave.You’ll have a fire stick!
Using the Ctrl + Shift + 3 glitch, make your character do the angry emote. Just as the animation of the emote reaches to the part where the face gets red, hit Ctrl + Shift + 4 (the jumping emote). Your character will now jump in the air smiling, but with an angry red face! When your character descends to the ground, he/she will return to normal.Your poptropican should laugh with an angry face (hahaha...grrrr)
Go into a multiplayer room. Click onto your customize icon (green T-shirt at the top right). When a person is about to leave the room, quickly customize them. (Try not to do it too early). Instead of the poptropican, a boy with black fluffy hair, white or black skin and wearing a white shirt will appear. Customize his MOUTH ONLY. Then click accept. You will now have the glitching mouth. (It wont work if you are chewing gum). You need this mouth to do the glitching. Now talk to someone and then when you 're finished talking, your poptropican's mouth will be still moving! This also works with emotions. They will all saty like that but when you exit the room it will disappear.Mouth Glitch (You can't keep it)
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Easter Egg - How to get a cell phone on your hand

by needhelpIcouldhelp Sep 02, 2009

You press:control (ctrl) shift R until you get a cell phone when you do you can change your person back.

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Secret - Rare Key

by Unregistered Mar 07, 2012

First you have to go to Wild West the island.Then go to Rocky Rudge.After go to the top where the train

tracks are. Then go right until you find the cart.Then when you see yellow feathers jump up.You'll see

a Canary You need to press it.It should say "Canary Key".Go left some more then press the lock.


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Code - Pumkin head chang hair and skin:)

by heaven1116 Jan 11, 2012

press alt ctrl shift all togther and P pumkin head

press alt ctrl shift togther and H hair color changed:)

press alt ctrl shift all togther and S skin changed

thats it bye!!!!!

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Glitch - How to get hypno costume

by Unregistered Aug 06, 2012

first go to early poptropica and go left to the green tower. Climb up to the window with the orange flower and click on the bottom left window.If not click on all panels until you get it.

good luck.

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Secret - How to change color

by Unregistered Feb 08, 2012

on any island you can hit ctrl+shift+s and you can change any color

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Secret - How to change your hair color

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

Go to 24 carrot island. Drop to the ground then walk right until you see a diner. Go in and walk to the right until you see a drink machine. Click on it. choose different drink colors until the color of the drink is the color you want your hair. click drink, your character will drink and you hair will change into that color.

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Code - Poptropica Red Dragon Island Part 1

by capt30 Jun 13, 2011

This is me..


Red Dragon Island :

You're at Frog Creek, not much to do there.. go right, then theres a hole in the fence to go through, click "Enter", then you find 2 kids, and theres a sparkly thing.. it flies through the sky.. The girl says "Hurry up! Let's get to the tree house!" and the boy goes "I'm coming! I'm coming!" (LOL) they both rush to the tree house. The swing that's hanging from a tree you need to go near.. you "TRY" to get on it.. but it breaks

It broke!! Anyways, you roll it left, then click "Go Left" it FOLLOWS you! You roll it left... "Go left"...keep going then you stop at the ladder! You roll the tyre under the ladder then bounce on the tyre! - WHEE! - Anyways you have to steer your poptropican into the direction of the ladder though, oh and before you do that is there any red glasses? They're the boys.. pick them up THEN go into the tree house. The boy goes "Who's in the tree house? You shouldn't be here!" Then the girl goes "Don't mind my brother. He's cranky because he lost his glasses." Then open your inventory and get the red glasses.. click "use" and you walk up to him saying "You mean these glasses?" He takes his glasses and says "Oh - Uh, thanks." and the girl goes "Great! We couldn't have gotten far in Japan without those." and then the boy says "Annie, shh!" Then you just have a walk around the tree house and you find a Frog Creek book, no? Then go to the girl and say "What is this place?" and she'll go something like "It's the magical tree house!" and you click her again saying "Magic, like make-believe?" and she also goes something like "No, real magic!" and then you say "How does it work?" she goes "Pick up that book and we'll show you!" Then move right and there's a red book.. collect it and add it to your inventory.. she'll say "Just look at it and say.. I wish we could go there!" Open your inventory and select the red book, and click "Use" you'll say "I wish we could go there." The tree house starts shaking and the place you're at magically turns into Old Japan.. you say "Wow, what a ride!" Exit the tree house then the girl says "We'll go on ahead. You should try and find a kimono so you can blend in." the boy says "Take the magic amulet. it'll return you to the tree house whenever you need it." (God.. they became your friends quick, huh?) Now you got the amulet, we can continue our adventure... run/walk left and theres a mean old dude, if you click on him he'll just say " I can't be seen with a... 

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Secret - Diary if a Wimpy Kid

by Unregistered Mar 18, 2011

Your job is to find Manny Greg's younger brother. Part 1: You first want to look around in Greg's house and collect a few things: a locker combination and a address book. Once you have collected the objects go into Manny's room and escape through the window in his room. This will bring you onto the rooftop and their will be footprints leading to where Manny was. Next you want to go to Whirly Street where there will be bullies who are throwing snowballs. You need to get the shovel so that you can clear the driveway of Greg's grandmother. Part 2: After that go to the school. In order to get into the school you need to move the trash can onto the left side of the see saw. Then you jump on to the other side and the trash can will fly onto the building. After you do that move it to the end and jump onto it to get into the school. Manny will be there and run away. You want to locate Greg's locker which is right under the 2nd I in Spirit. Enter the combination on the slip of paper you got from Greg's house. Once you have the cheat booklet go back to Greg's house and give it to Greg. He will then give you a CD and your job is to return it to Rowly. When you get to Rowly's house his dad will open the door. Distract him by jumping on the car. His dad will go to see what happened. You then jump behind the bush and wait for his father to go back in. Then you open the door and give the booklet to Rowly who in exchange gives you a credit card. Go back to Greg's house and use the card to open the locked door. Turn of the power in Rodrick's room. Rodrick will leave and you are able to enter. Get the Dog bowl and then outside and into the garage. Grab the leave blower and use it to unfreeze the kid who is a snowman. As a reward you will receive a troll doll. Part 3: You then can go to the retirement home. Your going to have to move quick because the old people shut the windows on you and you fall. I would continually jump up to the next window and then jump when they are about to shut the window on you. Do this until you get to a platform. The next two levels you will have to avoid the objects along with the windows. After that their will be a window open with the # 33C that leads to Greg's grandfather. His grandfather will give you salad that you are forced to swallow while his grandfather start to talk. You need to quickly as fast as possible swallow the salad continually until his grandfather is finished talking. It took me a few tries. Then go exit the door... 

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Glitch - Eggster

by Unregistered Aug 25, 2008

if you go to early poptropica and go down the well. you will meet a guy. find the glowstick and go to the pit. go to the bottom and go left. you'll end up in a dark room. explore the place and yo'll find a golden egg. find the giant in the sky and give it to him. YO'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - How to hold a Black drinking cup from 24 Carrot

by Warkitten007 Nov 24, 2011

First, you sail to 24 Carrot. Then, you go to the Diner. Next, you fill up a cup with the White dye. Finally, you press drink, and while you are drinking press Ctrl + Shift+S. then you mouse will become a swirl. Close out that tab and log back in on another tab. VOILA! you are holding a cup with Black Dye.

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Code - Poptropica-shark tooth island

by funnyflavi247 Jul 20, 2011

when you first get on the island, grab a shark fin from the dude at the cart. Then go to the next cart and get some coconut milk. Go into the shark museum and look in the journal. There is a missing piece on the first page you will see. LEAVE. Keep going through the streets until you get to a sign that says ''booga bay''. Go forward and you will see a cart full of hula skirts. Grab one and then talk to the lady who is crying. She will tell you that her son is trapped on the island with the great booga (a shark) and she doesn't no how to get him off. Leave and then go back to the second street. Find the big boulder and move it under the big tree. Climb up the big tree and go to the medicine man. Be sure to put on your hula skirt because if you don't he will not talk to you. He tells you that deep in the ancient ruins there are three ingriedients and if you find them and give them back to him, he can make a potion to put the shark to sleep. There is a carving in the ruins that will tell you what you need to get. Go back down and talk to the girl in the yellow jacket. She will tell you that the missing piece from the journal is on top. Climb up the tree AGAIN and then jump on to the roof. Grab the paper and then go in to the ruins. keep going until you see the dude. You only have to talk to him if you want to. Keep jumping until you find this monster face on the wall. Click on it and then use the piece of paper to spell the word ''open''. Keep going and talk to the bat guy. He will tell you that the bones of a great beast are near by. Dodge the centipede and then when you get to the part where the ground is moving, jump in. Grab the bone and then do it again just don't jump in this time. Keep going until you see the carvings on the wall. Take the key ingredient and then go back to the medicine man. He will put the potion in a coconut for you. Go to booga bay and then jump on the boxes and go to feed the shark. Swim to the island and then you will see the boy. Lead him back to the main land and then you get a medallion.

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Code - Invizable

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2012

1.go to spy island

2.go to sunglass eye ware

3.ask for an eye exam

4.wait til the guy leaves

5.go out side and go up the latter

6.talk to the guy and you will get an invazbilat suit

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Secret - How to change your whole poptropican avatar

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2011

Click Ctrl + Shift + R = Some different avatar

For those Having Trouble Try either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

I use Google Chrome

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Code - How to look like Hades :)

by hassdf7495 Oct 03, 2011

If you want/like to look like Hades.

First,go to Hades's lair in mythology island then costumize him except the mouth then if you have enough money to buy the rockstar 2 change the color of the costume to black then costumize only the the mouth then change the color of your hair to black and your skin to white.

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Secret - Great Pumpkin Island Walkthrough

by gigglebox207 Feb 14, 2011

First you are going to go to the pumpkin patch (go all the way to the right). Click on linus and it will take you to a screen with a line of pumpkins. Find the heaviest! (Its the second from the right). Then you have to push the pumpkin back to their house. You have a series of obstacles. Once you get it back to the house he will give you a bag. Walk out of the house and find the stinky/dirty boy. Give it to him. He thanks you and gives you a lemon lolipop! Yumm :) Take it to the van pelt house (the blue house in main street.) He will give you his invitation to the halloween party tonight! Now exit the house and go to the very left to "charlie brown's back yard." Click on Charlie Brown and he will ask snoopy to clean up the leaves. Click and hold down your mouse and it makes snoopy blow. Walk snoopy over to the tree to the left when a leave falls do your best to blow it over to the pile (over to the right) you have to get 5 leaves. Once you do that linus will come and jump in your pile! (good Grief!). Go back to the Van pelts house and grab the pen from the desk. Now go back to the backyard click on the pile of leaves and blow the leaves away until you find Linus' blanket. Take the blanket to him. Then go back to the backyard. Click on Charlie Brown.They will start a long conversation. They need a pen! Go to your inventory and click use. Once they are done pick up the football! Then walk over to snoopy just to the right of where you are. He is looking at something (what you may ask? His hat!) use the football to get it down. Then you have to beat a game. You have to stay in the sky with out your plane (house thing) getting too damaged! Once you beat that. You move on to another game. This one is exceptionally hard! You have to get to the other side with out getting caught! Once you have made it click "go left". Click on the mask on the scare crow. Put on the mask and then walk into the house! Do all of the activities at the party! Once you finish you will go out and trick or treat! People throw candy out of the door so make sure you catch it. When your done walk to the pumpkin patch and click on Linus! Then the rest happens for you! Hope it helped :) Enjoy!

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