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Poptropica Cheats :

This page contains Poptropica cheats list for PC version. Now we have 40 cheats in our list, which includes 3 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 30 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Poptropica on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ReAlly cool poptropica glitch

by Username1234 Feb 13, 2012

Hey guys I have a really cool poptropica glitch. It is only 10 simple steps. 1. Go to early poptropica. 2. Go to poptropica towers. 3. Find the green building. 4. Go up to the orange flower on the green building. 5. Kick the orange flower off the window sill it is on. 6. Move your mouse over on the window that had the orange flower on it. 7. Wait for your green arrow to become a blue and white pointer finger. 8. Once your green arrow becomes a blue and white pointer finger click the left mouse button. 9. After you click the left mouse button a members only item will pop up and go into your items pack. 10. Enter your items pack and see what you got. That is the glitch. Also I'm going to tell you what the members only it is. The members only it is really cool here it is. A really cool hypnotic item complete with : some red hair that looks like fire, a pair of orange and yellow hypnotic goggles, a weird shaped mouth, a brown pair of pants, and finally a orange and yellow shirt.

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hoW to get hypno costume

by Unregistered Aug 06, 2012

first go to early poptropica and go left to the green tower. Climb up to the window with the orange flower and click on the bottom left window.If not click on all panels until you get it.

good luck.

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by Unregistered Aug 25, 2008

if you go to early poptropica and go down the well. you will meet a guy. find the glowstick and go to the pit. go to the bottom and go left. you'll end up in a dark room. explore the place and yo'll find a golden egg. find the giant in the sky and give it to him. YO'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HoW to Look Like Hades in Poptropica

by Unregistered Jul 22, 2015

Go to Mythology Island. Go to Hades' throne room and customize every customizable feature of Hades. Beat Mythology Island and put on Hades' crown. Go to 24 Carrot Island and enter Carrot King Diner. Click on the Drinks station and fill your cup full of black juice. Click Drink. Your hair color will turn black. (FYI: You should have Hades' hair style.) Go to any non-SUI Island (Sound-Updated Island.) Then press Ctrl+Shift+S repeatedly until your skin turns white. Then click on Friends. Add the username: pearson7764 Then open their costume closet. Click on the costume with the Hades staff. Customize the Hades staff and click Accept. Then go to the Store and buy "Atlantis - Episode 3 Atlantis Captain" costume. Or, you can instead buy "Survival - Episode 2 Fishing Suit. (Both of these costumes are FREE.) Then return to Mythology Island. Go to Hades' throne room. Go near Hades. Click on "Menu". Click on the brown backpack icon near the top of your screen. Click on the green credit icon (Store items). Click on either the Fishing Suit costume or the Atlantis Costume. Click "Customize". Click on the button showing a white arrow pointing to a Poptropican wearing a green shirt. Click on Hades. Customize his Beard. Click the red X. Congradulations! You now look like Hades.

Add my Poptropican to your friends list:

Username: hadescreator1_

Glitch created by Mark K., Weston P. and the Youtube channel: Poptropica Glitches & Cheats Help

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DoUble Jump

by LakituBroz Nov 02, 2012

Now I know this may seem a bit useless, but it can really help if you're one of those lazy people. First of all, you need a certain item to do this, and it can be unlocked if you put this code into the Promo Code box at the shop: APPLEBEES12 (don't ask, I had Applebee's for dinner.) It unlocks an Applebees based suit, which has your character holding an apple. Get the apple (make sure you're not wearing any of the gum mouths, or it won't work). Now, after you have it on, jump anywhere. Then, press the Spacebar. You should say "Applebees"! and it should start raining apples. Right when it happens, act as if you're jumping on the ground. You'll actually jump in the air. AGAIN! If this was confusing, sorry. I'll make a video about it soon.

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by Unregistered Jun 04, 2012

go to spy island and go to the rope put on the bow tie then jump on the rope then shoot the bow tie at the ground and it will take you down to the ground and then jump.

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ThE Three Dances. . . And Some Other Glitches

by Shadow011398 Apr 13, 2010

First Dance: Tap Dancing: Go to Super Power Island (after you beat this island)and got to the jail. Run over to the side where Ratman is. Click where he is to talk to him. Your person will jump over to the bar and start dancing.

Second Dance: Break Dance: At Reality TV Island, if you beat the game there, there should always be a helicopter. Jump to the proppeler (which is attached to the wings). It will be spinning, so you will, too. While you are spinning, click down and use the space bar button. The rest will be shown.

Third Dance: Michael Jackson Hump: At Spy Island, go to the top of the HQ building. You will see an agent laying beneath the clotheline. Jump on the gray ledge and click on him. Your person will stop on the corner and start doing the Michael Jackson Hump from the music video "Thriller."

Cup of Black Juice: Go to 24 Carrot Island and go to the King Carrot Diner. Go to where the juice machine is and fill your cup up with ONLY white juice. Drink it. While you are drinking, press Shift, Ctrl, S. Everything will stop and your skin will change color. But, your mouse will become all swirly and what not. Click on the X tab to close your screen. Do not save. Login to your person and you should be holding a cup with black juice in it. (FYI: If your skin color changed and you didn't like what it changed to, go to Early Poptropica and go to Poptropica Towers. Then, go to the man who is selling balloons. Find the color of balloon you like. Your skin color will change to that.)

Secret character: Blues Brother: Go to 24 Carrot Island and Customize the Mayor. Only get his hat. Then, go to Spy Island and go inside the HQ building. Find an agent that has a tuxedo and shades. When you do, custumize those. Finally, go to the store and buy the outfit that has the singer. Once you buy it, custumize the microphone only. Once all that is done, you will be your own Blues Brother.

Secret character: Mario: First, buy the character "Baseball Fielder" and change the color of the hat to red. Then, get black hair. Then, buy the Albert Einstein costume and costumize the mustache. Get blue pants hand he will look like an old version of Mario.

Secret character: Silly Shadow: First, cick on BOY. Then, go to a public communication place. Find Someone with a goth hair style with skull earings. Then, make the hair color goldish brown. Then, find someone with a hairtip (or a Tinker Bell hairtip.) Then, buy a Rock Star outfit, and custumize a guitar,... 

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