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Poptropica Cheats :

This page contains Poptropica cheats list for PC version. Now we have 59 cheats in our list, which includes 16 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 30 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Poptropica on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - It starts with the Rare Flower

by multicheater Sep 10, 2009

First, go to the Falls place and colect the rare lily on the left side of the waterfall.
Second, go to Nabooti and trade it for a black hat thingy.
Thrid, go to giza and talk to the raider who has hhis mouth covered. He will give you a shovel. On that shovel is the bosses number.
Fourth, with a phone you should have collected from the cave the manacala guy bet you for, you dial the number. He will be busy finding his phone.
Fifth, look in his bag and you will get a yellowish pearl jewel.
Sixth, climb the sphinx and put the pearl in the ring.
Seventh, the light will reflect and the door will open.


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Secret - How to gt the camofllarge suit TOP SECRET!!!!

by Unregistered Sep 15, 2008

well go down the main street and u come to a shop called "spyglasses" go inside and click on the man and clik on eye test in order to gt the camoflarge suit.then if he cliks on an E like dat do tha opposite so the E wud be the other way round an d for tha w'su clik the m insted. signe soph the super cheat for poptropica

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Glitch - How to Look Like Hades in Poptropica

by Unregistered Jul 22, 2015

Go to Mythology Island. Go to Hades' throne room and customize every customizable feature of Hades. Beat Mythology Island and put on Hades' crown. Go to 24 Carrot Island and enter Carrot King Diner. Click on the Drinks station and fill your cup full of black juice. Click Drink. Your hair color will turn black. (FYI: You should have Hades' hair style.) Go to any non-SUI Island (Sound-Updated Island.) Then press Ctrl+Shift+S repeatedly until your skin turns white. Then click on Friends. Add the username: pearson7764 Then open their costume closet. Click on the costume with the Hades staff. Customize the Hades staff and click Accept. Then go to the Store and buy "Atlantis - Episode 3 Atlantis Captain" costume. Or, you can instead buy "Survival - Episode 2 Fishing Suit. (Both of these costumes are FREE.) Then return to Mythology Island. Go to Hades' throne room. Go near Hades. Click on "Menu". Click on the brown backpack icon near the top of your screen. Click on the green credit icon (Store items). Click on either the Fishing Suit costume or the Atlantis Costume. Click "Customize". Click on the button showing a white arrow pointing to a Poptropican wearing a green shirt. Click on Hades. Customize his Beard. Click the red X. Congradulations! You now look like Hades.

Add my Poptropican to your friends list:

Username: hadescreator1_

Glitch created by Mark K., Weston P. and the Youtube channel: Poptropica Glitches & Cheats Help

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Secret - Change your skin

by thwretchedone99 Aug 14, 2013

Press the key for 'S' and it will change your skin color at random

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Code - Oh ya! Change ur hair color and skin color! Also make ran...

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2013

If ur tired of ur old hair or skin, I'll tell u how to change it! All u have to for ur hair is press ctrl+shift+h. Keep pressing untill u get the color u want. Same with ur skin. Press ctrl+shift+s until u r happy. Add me, my name is kimmyabbott#

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Glitch - Double Jump

by LakituBroz Nov 02, 2012

Now I know this may seem a bit useless, but it can really help if you're one of those lazy people. First of all, you need a certain item to do this, and it can be unlocked if you put this code into the Promo Code box at the shop: APPLEBEES12 (don't ask, I had Applebee's for dinner.) It unlocks an Applebees based suit, which has your character holding an apple. Get the apple (make sure you're not wearing any of the gum mouths, or it won't work). Now, after you have it on, jump anywhere. Then, press the Spacebar. You should say "Applebees"! and it should start raining apples. Right when it happens, act as if you're jumping on the ground. You'll actually jump in the air. AGAIN! If this was confusing, sorry. I'll make a video about it soon.

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Code - How to get past the Dryhads on Twisted Thicket:

by peachy705 Jul 05, 2012

you will need them to go on top of the cliff (because you cant jump up there its too high) and when you are trying to get them off you just quickly shake your mouse over them. but dont click otherwise it wont work.

hope that helps

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Glitch - Slingshot

by Unregistered Jun 04, 2012

go to spy island and go to the rope put on the bow tie then jump on the rope then shoot the bow tie at the ground and it will take you down to the ground and then jump.

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by Krystal0209 May 28, 2012


Non-members are able to play a limited demo. Every 100 years, Poptropolis Games Island rises from the ocean and a competition is held among different tribes to determine a single champion. In this island, instead of going on a lengthly story-driven quest, you compete in a series of ten different events. Your goal is to get the highest overall score and claim the title of champion of the Poptropolis Games!(OPEN 2 MEMBERS ON 24 MAY 2012)

At the start of the game, you can choose which tribe to join. You will represent this tribe in the Poptropolis Games

  • Flying Squid
  • Seraphim
  • Black Flags
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Nanobots
  • Yellowjackets
  • Pathfinders
  • Wildfire

Poptropolis Games Written Walkthrough

The beginning to the island is pretty self-explanatory. After the cool intro sequence, just walk to the right and talk to the guy with the microphone. Follow him to the colosseum to participate in the games. After the opening ceremony, where the archer starts the torch with a flaming arrow, walk over to him again and speak with him to select your first event. Listed below are guides to all the events in Poptropolis Games with all the cheats and secrets you need to win!


The goal in archery is to get the highest score using ten arrows. In theory, the highest possible score is 100, meaning you’d get a bullseye on every shot. Unless you’re Katniss Everdeen(From The Hunger Games) or Robin Hood, this might be tough. But the good news is that Archery is one of the easier events in Poptropolis Games. Here’s how to play. First, pay really close attention to the wind direction and speed. Line your cursor up to the center of the target and then adjust the position to the left or right based on the wind direction and the speed. The best thing to do is to take a few practice rounds to get a feel for how much you need to move based on the WIND.

Next, try to click the mouse when the power meter on the right side of the screen is centered. This gives you the most powerful shot and if your positioning is right, you’ll get a bullseye. The wind speed and direction can change a little between shots, so keep an eye on that and adjust as necessary as you go.


In Diving, you will leap from the top of a waterfall while attempting to complete diving routines. Each routine is a series of flips in certain directions. To do the flip, just hold your mouse cursor to the left or the right of your Poptropica character as you dive... 

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Secret - Change Color

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2012

This is not really a glitch, cheat, or code. I'm just telling you. Go to Poptropica Towers in Early Poptropica. Once you're there, go to the balloon man. Click a balloon and you will change to that color. (Skin only) There are 5 colors: Black, Brown, Tan, Green, and Peach.

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Code - Change skin colour

by Unregistered Jan 18, 2013

hey guys, im gonna tell u how to change your skin colour, first press ctrl shift and s in ur key board and ur character will turn blue, white, red, green, yellowish brown, black, pink, indigo, torquise, yellow, peach, bown and light purple. just keep on pressing it until u find the colour ur finding for.

ps.thanks for reading

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Code - Nabooti Island: How to disract the guy at the camp

by wolferineone Dec 12, 2011

Once you have the shovel head to the camp. This guy will block you from getting to the other side to the pyramids. If you look at the handle on the shovel in your items, you will see the phone number. Get out the phone you got from the cave and punch in the numbers on the handle. Give the phone to the guy and he will leave to talk on the phone which will allow you to reach the pyramids.

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Code - How to change Your Skin Color

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2011
Click Ctrl+Shift+ SYour hair color changes
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Secret - How To change your hair color

by Unregistered Nov 25, 2011

Click Ctrl + Shift + H at the same time and the color of your hair will change

P.S Tip: (If) you find that hard just go to 24 Carrot Island and drink the hair coloring drinks in the Diner

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Code - Free zombie costume

by Unregistered Oct 17, 2011

Ok first you have to get the free item in the store, on the top,that says gold cards, find the one that is a haunted house and get it, its for free so don't worry, then go to Youtube and type in haunted house walkthrough and follow the steps that they do, after that go to the very right, you will see a golden card, click it and you will get a free zombie costume, it can "zombiefy" thats a word only in Poptropica,.it says you can make the other players into zombies or something, i don't know but just read it, i just figured this out today, October 15 2011 :) please comment if you have a problem doing this cheat or, i don't know but just comment if you have a trouble finding the costume or something. See you on the next cheat i have!!!

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Secret - Brillant poptropica

by abbie2490 Sep 16, 2010

This is the full solution, including spoilers. If you want to play the game, there are
hints online at the Poptropica site.
Talk to the crying mayor, and he will tell you that the town is deteriorating because all
of their carrots have disappeared.
Visit Charlie's Carrot Surplus where the clerk tells you her cat is missing, and may be by
the farmhouse.
Head left to Carrot Farm.
Go to the old house and enter it by the chimney.
Go right and take the bowl that you find next to the couch.
Go back to town and visit the Carrot King Diner. Take the bowl to the waitress and ask her
to fill it up with milk.
Go back to the farmhouse and put the bowl down where you found it.
Go to the right and climb the electric wire to get upstairs. Go left until you reach the
bathroom. Turn on the shower by twisting the handles. The cat will jump out.
Chase the cat back downstairs (this may take awhile, and the easiest way is to just
auto-chase by clicking on the cat). The cat will drink the milk and follow you.
Go back to town and give the clerk her cat. She will give you a crowbar.
Go to the Carrot Factory.
At the factory:
Get the blueprints from the boarded window.
Climb down near the icky water to the right of the building and use the crowbar to get
Walk to the left until you find the Carrot Transporter.
Entering the factory:
Climb up and go right. The last two moving floor sections may take a while to get past.
(Try to stop between them.)
Continue climbing up. Dodge the rat, and go up to the main factory room.
To turn on the power, move the middle switch all the way down and the other two switches
to the middle. Once it is turned on, jump up and hop on the moving claw near the top. This
will take you right to the vent system.
First, head for the PROCESSING ROOM (on the lower left). Use the blueprints you found
earlier to find your way around the vent system.
On your way to the PROCESSING ROOM, you will pick up a pair of wire cutters.
If you enter the room, the robot guard will transport you out of there, to :
The FREEZER room . In the FREEZER, you will find a security box. Cut the wires and leave.
The password:
Go to the PRINTER ROOM. You can disable the rabbot ears controlling the worker there (who
is being mind-controlled). You do this by pressing the ears' blue control button (C) when
her back is turned. She will show you a piece of paper that prints out. (It reads, "System
Password: fuzzybunny".)
Rabbot ears:

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Secret - Speedy Spike:

by multicheater Sep 10, 2009

On the subway train, just jump over Speedyy Spike when he run towards you. Gradually lead him to the front(your left side) of the train. Then, Lead him to the puddle your character probably slipped on going in. He will fil and get a concussion (i think). You click on him and he's one more down!

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Secret - How to get a free police hat

by BDC1239 Nov 07, 2011

If you have the cell phone in the Nabooti world dial 911 on the phone then click the green phone button. It will give you a police hat.

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Code - How to beat copy cat & speed spike on superpower island

by Chickenman122 Aug 09, 2011

1) coppy cat- talk to copy cat and she will set a smoke bomb up and copys herself! you wil have to run through all of the copys, until the last one is copy cat!

2) speedy spike- run in the subway train until you see speedy spike. you have to keep jumping over him when he runs at you. try to keep jumping until you lead him into the puddle.

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Glitch - The Three Dances. . . And Some Other Glitches

by Shadow011398 Apr 13, 2010

First Dance: Tap Dancing: Go to Super Power Island (after you beat this island)and got to the jail. Run over to the side where Ratman is. Click where he is to talk to him. Your person will jump over to the bar and start dancing.

Second Dance: Break Dance: At Reality TV Island, if you beat the game there, there should always be a helicopter. Jump to the proppeler (which is attached to the wings). It will be spinning, so you will, too. While you are spinning, click down and use the space bar button. The rest will be shown.

Third Dance: Michael Jackson Hump: At Spy Island, go to the top of the HQ building. You will see an agent laying beneath the clotheline. Jump on the gray ledge and click on him. Your person will stop on the corner and start doing the Michael Jackson Hump from the music video "Thriller."

Cup of Black Juice: Go to 24 Carrot Island and go to the King Carrot Diner. Go to where the juice machine is and fill your cup up with ONLY white juice. Drink it. While you are drinking, press Shift, Ctrl, S. Everything will stop and your skin will change color. But, your mouse will become all swirly and what not. Click on the X tab to close your screen. Do not save. Login to your person and you should be holding a cup with black juice in it. (FYI: If your skin color changed and you didn't like what it changed to, go to Early Poptropica and go to Poptropica Towers. Then, go to the man who is selling balloons. Find the color of balloon you like. Your skin color will change to that.)

Secret character: Blues Brother: Go to 24 Carrot Island and Customize the Mayor. Only get his hat. Then, go to Spy Island and go inside the HQ building. Find an agent that has a tuxedo and shades. When you do, custumize those. Finally, go to the store and buy the outfit that has the singer. Once you buy it, custumize the microphone only. Once all that is done, you will be your own Blues Brother.

Secret character: Mario: First, buy the character "Baseball Fielder" and change the color of the hat to red. Then, get black hair. Then, buy the Albert Einstein costume and costumize the mustache. Get blue pants hand he will look like an old version of Mario.

Secret character: Silly Shadow: First, cick on BOY. Then, go to a public communication place. Find Someone with a goth hair style with skull earings. Then, make the hair color goldish brown. Then, find someone with a hairtip (or a Tinker Bell hairtip.) Then, buy a Rock Star outfit, and custumize a guitar,... 

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Secret - Getting the file cabinet open!!

by Lifehurts Apr 14, 2009

you need to open the over-flowing locker using the combo on the comic. go through the stuff that falls out to get a school blueprint. then you can open the file cabinet by clicking on it.


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Secret - Betty Jetty

by multicheater Sep 11, 2009

First you need your flying powers which you will get from a phone. Fly to the top of the bank. There'll be a little video. When she flies off fly up and dodge her attacks. How you ask Well here are her 3 main attacks.

The 2 by 2 set: When she aims them she will aim them at you of course. Stay in the same spot until she releases them. She does swiftly move to the edge. The rest of the four she releases will follow so flty quickly.

One: Whne she aims one, just sway back and forth dodging her attack.

The row of 4: Just wait. This is just a fear tatic. They will leave an opening. Fly through that opening. If there isn't an opening formed move to the side. Once, they are launched, they wont follow.
HOPE IT HELPS! :D Good luck.

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Secret - Super Power Island: Defeat Copy Cat

by Antonio-Luro Jul 09, 2009

I will try my best to explain how to pass Super Power island. When you've arrived in Super Power, go into the Comic Shop. There will be a man inside, talk to him and recieve a a handbook he wrote. Read it to know what to do when you've recieved the book. After you've read the book, go into Masks and Capes as it said in the book. Pick out a super hero costume that you like. The man there will also give you a Super Hero ID card. Then go to the prison and talk to the people there, you will recieve some things you need there. Then go to Down Town. Copy Cat is inside the bank and to catch her, you could not get through the cieling there but there's more of her there. To get through, there's a little up arrow button. Click on it to go up. Find the rest of her there. I hope you get what I meant now.

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Secret - A lot of hints!

by Madd_dogg May 25, 2009

Rabbot ears:
Go to the processing room. Get stuck in the trap door at the far right of the
room (do this by clicking enter on the door)You will be in the metal room. Go
down the conveyor belt and jump on the pipes you see there then jump up on the
platform and get the ears.

Catch Crusher:
Crusher should be standing on a car and beside the car is a crane climb up the
yellow thingy and there's the crane. Click the levers and turn the magnet off.
Than come down and climb up to the crane again and turn the magnet on. Then click
on Crusher to handcuff him (go to the scientist to get hand cuffs).

Speeding Spike:
Lead him to the wet spot. Where to find Ratman: Go to the park and go inside the
bathroom and go inside the sewer and use the circle thingys to drain the water and
undrain them with the circle thingys and stay on the left of the sewer and enter
the door.

Time tangled Island:
1.da vinci's notebook is at the time where statue of liberty is built.
2.the small model of the statue is on the top of mount everest.
3.Edmund's goggle are in the aztec time.
4.the phonograph is on the top of the treasury in the acient greece or delphi.
5.ther is two people u hav to talk to. beacuz u hav to talk to a chinese to hav
the amulet and u hav to talk to a person who live in the Mali empire to get
the decleration.
6.on the chimney of a house, the sun stone piece is on top.
7.on lewis and clark's time, u will c a tree ther without leaves climb on it to
the very top even if u will not c a thing ther, that it looks like a choped
down tree on top, stand on top of it and u will hav the stone bowl.
8.the peace medal is in leonardo da vinci's time.
9.in every place or time, ther is some thing lost and u will find a thing ther.

Bettey Jettey:
When ur flying around above the skyscraper she will shoot green orb type things
at you avoid them because you can only take 5 hits and when you get hit you fall
back some you get closer by avoiding the orbs she'll slow down when she shoot a
you remeber only 5 hits.

Catch Betty Jetty on poptropica:
First you've got to defeat all the other villains then answer the payphone and
the retired superhero will make you fly then go to the top of the skyscraper and
you will see betty jetty she will fly up fly after her and chase her watch out for

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Code - Spawn 5000 credits

by Unregistered Jun 04, 2013

it allows you to earn free credits without having to complete a island or anything else its pretty awesome!!!!

ctrl+shift+ayou will hear a crash!!!! noise then check shop
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