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Poptropica Cheats :

This page contains Poptropica cheats list for PC version. Now we have 60 cheats in our list, which includes 17 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 30 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Poptropica on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - How to get the soda in shrink ray minigame.

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2012

this only takes a while to do it. all you have to do is to get the shrink ray game.

soda that fizz up when shakinghit the (bottle or hit the cap) to open it to get it.
get all upgrades.to get more points and damages
to get last 3 upgradesyou need member ship
to get that snow globyou need membership
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Secret - Giza Sphinx

by Unregistered Apr 06, 2009

Once u get in the sphinx go up a rope. When u get to the blox that fall, go on the girl, the thing with the zigzag under it, the dog with the cane, then the eye with the squigle underneath. Jump up and go up the rope. Go right then I don't know what 2 do. If u know then post it on this website NOW!!:-)

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Secret - How To Hold a cup of Black Drink

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2011

Go To 24 Carrot Island, Then go Inside the Diner, Go to the place where there is drinks and click on it then click on the white drink and fill up your cup with only white drink, Click on ( Drink ) and while your poptropican avatar is drinking the cup full of white drink quickly Press on Ctrl - Shift - S and your mouse will be swirling once it is swirling close that tab and then open up a new tab again and go on Poptropica and Login Once you login you will see you poptropican avatar holding a cup of Black Drink.

If that is too hard try Google chrome

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Secret - Big nate

by Unregistered Jun 18, 2012

find all the picture of the big nate comic then put it to all together, go to the comiic shop then talk to the guy he will give you gum go to school then go to the scince lab click on the chemicals the put the number 2 3or 4 make a dark green chemical then chew your gum

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Secret - Cryptids Island PART 2, yes i figured the rest out

by cutieaddictgirl Feb 11, 2011

Okay, this walkthrough picks up where the other one left off. You go back outside, get in the helicopter and fly to Loch Ness. Talk to the rowboat guy and he runs away... COWARD!!! Go back to the pub (no drinking unless you're 21!) and talk to the guys inside. They argue until one remembers you're there and challenges you to a game of darts. I can't give you a tutorial on how to play darts, but basically click and hold on the dartboard, pull back, and release to fire. The center gives you FIFTY points. So anyway, once you win, he gives you a submarine ticket. Go back to the loch and give the guy by the sub your ticket (make sure it's NOT the rowboat ticket. He'll take you on a tour. Go to the bottom left of the ocean and take a picture of the thing that looks like a giant monster. Take it back to the guys at the pub and they'll prove you wrong... look at the bulletin board and it says the thing you saw is only a movie prop. Oh well! Go ahead out to leave... or try to. The first guy who challenged you to darts is back!!! He wants a rematch, in exchange for something that will help you find Nessie. You have to play against him, and play your "A" game, because he's a lot better than last time. Once you beat him, he refuses to give you your prize, saying you cheated... he's the cheater! POOR SPORT!!! The barman feels bad for you and gives you a penny whistle. Um... yay? But it's useful. Go out to the abandoned rowboat and go left. Then go left again. You'll find a remote place you've never been to. Use your penny whistle there, and the Loch Ness Monster comes out. I know you don't believe me, because you've already been fooled about Nessie twice. This time it really is the real thing, though. Bring it back to Mews, and it's "the best Nessie photo [he] has seen ever"! The Loch Ness Monster is confirmed, and he gives you some new information about Bigfoot, the only cryptid not caught yet. Go back out to the copter and fly off to the Pacific Northwest. You will meet a tough challenge there. Try to chase the yeti around in your helicopter, without losing sight of him. (This is tough; almost nobody gets it on their first try!) He leads you to a cave, and you start to have a videochat with Mews. (I bet most of you have done videochat on your iPod or computer, right? So you know how it works?) Gretchen Grimlock interrupts you, and- HORROR OF HORRORS- you have said where Bigfoot is! She comes out there to the cave and captures that yeti in a cage. Follow her... 

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Secret - Go to planets

by Unregistered Sep 14, 2009

Go to Mordreds hideout (in between haystacks must have key) go to left push on wall and it will break, go to left andthere will be hole (if you have not been in basement this wont work) go trough, a pack will destruct and fuel will fall out use owl to get. get manure from guy by haystack go to top of windmill and turn the windmill go in top and use manure to power thing go to the mud and it will be there, climb on and go to right, there will be ship enter cordinates 56/52 and you will go to moon talk to owner in buildingand choose the last one then once he answers go to floating thing beside platform make ship and you can go to planets with work. there you should be happy by now if you dont understand just tell me

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Secret - How to go to the Giant's Castle

by Unregistered Mar 17, 2009

To go to the Giant's castle, You need to have a golden egg before you do this. First, go to the highest building in poptropica towers. Then jump above you.r character. You will see a rope to climb up. Climb up the rope. Then u will c a Giant's feet over there. Give the giant the golden egg and he will let u pass. I hope this helps everyone!

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