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jun 06, 2009Poptropica [ PC ]   Submitted

how do I go places in astro knights! I can't get to any planets!!!!!


Secret - Go to planets:

Go to Mordreds hideout (in between haystacks must have key) go to left push on wall and it will break, go to left andthere will be hole (if you have not been in basement this wont work) go trough, a pack will destruct and fuel will fall out use owl to get. get manure from guy by haystack go to top of windmill and turn the windmill go in top and use manure to power thing go to the mud and it will be there, climb on and go to right, there will be ship enter cordinates 56/52 and you will go to moon talk to owner in buildingand choose the last one then once he answers go to floating thing beside platform make ship and you can go to planets with work. there you should be happy by now if you dont understand just tell me