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Poptropica Astro Knights Island Cheats :

This page contains Poptropica Astro Knights Island cheats list for PC version. Now we have 7 cheats in our list, which includes 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Poptropica Astro Knights Island on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - 3 MONSTERS

by nathan_rules Jun 25, 2009

Now I will tell you how to beat the three monsters. on the fire panet when you get to the dragon you have to climb on the chains and to the other end and walk across and pull the lever go back out and clic on the arrow icon down in the corner and aim it for its mouth and let it go do that three times. On the ice planet when the monster drops the snowball you have to make it rebound off your shield and hit the light things in the middle of it. On the jungle planet you have to get past all these little bugs so try and dodge them and when you get to the mother pheonix hold the laser lance so it powers up first then let it go and try to dodge the missiles as well.

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Secret - All of the coordinates in astro knights

by needhelpIcouldhelp Oct 06, 2009

The saucer Excalibur can only make it to the Pewter Moon, where you get a spaceship to
search the three planets (fire, ice, and jungle). It does not matter in what order you
play them, but you must defeat all three planets.

Planets in the solar system (three are listed on the Queen's coordinate list):

The planet Poptropica, where Arturus is located, at coordinates X-56 Y-52. These are
the same as the coordinates for the technologically-developed Pewter Moon which orbits it.

The Jungle Planet, at X-15 Y-15. (Home of the Phoenix Birds.)
The Ice Planet, at X-73, Y-83. (Home of the Snow Panther Copter.)
The Fire Planet, at X-83 Y-20. (Home of the Fearsome Fire Beast.)
Other locations in the system :

The Black Hole, at X-85 Y-47. (Dangerous but useful.)
The Secret Planetoid, in the Asteroid Belt at X-11 Y-84. (Lair of the Binary Bard)
The sun of Poptropica, at X-25 Y-42. (Big and bright, but only decorative.)

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Secret - Stuck in the mud

by halbing Jun 19, 2009

Many people are stuck in the part that you have to get the UFO out of the mud well heres how:
To get the fuel you must get the gold coin out of the fountain and then you clickk the planets in order that get out and go into the doungon thats under the hay there will be an owl down there he will fly out then you have to follow him out. once you are out release the robo mouse. The owl will go after it and eat it but then he will follow you back into the doungon. go to the very back and push the wall till it breaks then keep going untill you are at the back of the dungon go in to the small empty space then there will be a robot that will say "Intuder self destuct in 3 2 1" then he wiill explod and his fuel will fall throught the bars andyou need to send the the owl throught to get it. then go back to the UFO an put in the fuel and punch in the coordinates 56 52 it will fly you to the moon!
Hope this helped if you have any questions just post a comment or send me a personal message! 8)

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Secret - Get rid of sace sharks

by nononononono Jul 17, 2009

You have to get rid of the sharks are ezay you just shoot then make sure they keep comeing to you then bring them to the black hole you get sucked in you start all over again

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Secret - How to get to princess's room

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2009

To get to hte princess's room climb the castle intell you see two men dressed like the guy you see as soon as go to the castle of Arturus. click one of the men and he will tell you that the stairs have been destoryed. use the rope that you have to use it on the bow as if it were a arow shoot the arow in the drection of the princess's room (left). then walk across the rope to her room and click ENTER when it shows up.

(also once you get into her room walk over to the chest and a note will apear read it,it will help you out later)thanks for veiwing!

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Secret - Pass astro knights

by Unregistered Jan 18, 2010

This cheat will get u past all of the planets, so u can just find Morerd and defeat him. On Pewter Moon, below the Astrozone store, in the barrel.

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Secret - How to beat astroknights

by Unregistered Jun 15, 2009

First you get the gold coin in the water fountain and you press the planets on the fountain and pres the moon then the planet with the circle around it and then the star and then the sun in middle

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Poptropica Astro Knights Island Cheats


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