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Powder Game Cheats :

This page contains Powder Game cheats list for PC version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 9 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Powder Game on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Upload.

by Google-plus Apr 06, 2009

If you want to upload, lave an account and wait for 12 hours until you upload. It may happen at a random time. Be careful. If you don't have a certain software, it can crash or restart the whole screen to make your computer safe from a dangerous error.

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Secret - Bird trap 101.2

by heavenjaye Sep 17, 2009

Set the bg to toon so you can see the glass (or a non explosive solid its for the fireworks) meatal works to... set up some dashes in the center of the screen horizontaly (from left to right) right click fire and left click fireworks set up pen on line for this. above the metal about 1 inch load the screen with it so it stacks up about 1 inch on the meatal. wait will the leftovers fall to the bottom then clean that up but leave whats on the metal. then left click box and drop as many as you can in the corner if you can. drag them all into the corner so they look like one box.(pen size 2 is best) then release some birds not to amny just a few taps will due. then make sure pen is on free. drag the boxes below a gap in the metal. then right click so it releases some fire. the boxes will launch like rockes and catch the fireworks on fire. the fireworks will make fire when they explode which will trigger the rest. the birds populatin will drop. ther may be a few left. [ note: when you use firewoks whatever was right clicked it will burst into. so right click what you wnat befor you left click the fireworks ] sorry for this being so long i just had to get this out there...(*_*)

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Code - Lazer Wheel

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2012

Now What You Do Is Put Down A Wheel Then Shoot A Laser Into in (You Must Have Fan To Make Wheel Go!)

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Code - Amazing ideas

by digimontamer12 Dec 19, 2011
put fire in a box and hold it for 2 secondscreates more fire but looks cooler
get cloned laser behind wheel and get a fan next to the wheelcreates a mega laser sword
shoot laser at metalthe laser rebounds
put a player under glass and put magma over the glasswill not ruin da surprise
go to dark bg use fire or torchyou can see
put magma in a box made of block and get a players head to touch the magmamagma powa
use textyou find out its so crap it is
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Secret - Thunder Invincibility

by Unregistered Nov 14, 2011

1: Summon a player

2: Cover the player with water

3: Put a stripe of clone near the top of the screen

4: Put a few stripes of thunder over the clone

5: Thunder will fall from the clone. When it hits the surface of the water it will make a small explosion. Despite the explosions, your player will remain fine.

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Code - Giant explosion

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2011

spilt the screen in half with c4 then put s balls on top of it.

on the bottom of the screen put one line of oil, nitro, water, and powder.

egnite the c4 and watch!!!!

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Code - Coolio explosion

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2011

spilt the screen in half with c4 then put s balls on it then f works

under neath put 1 line of oil, nitro, powder, and water

put thunder on the c4 and watch

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Secret - Crazy lazer

by Crus5ver May 27, 2010

Okay there is two ways you can make the lazer crazy
the first one is,you put virus at the middle ot the screen then put lazer.
the other one is,you put virus,lazer and nitro at the middle

NOTE:tou need to click stop otherwise it won't work

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Secret - Make water and powder

by Unregistered Mar 15, 2010

Make it snow by putting a line of clone at the top with ice above it, and fan the ice into the clone. then put thunder in with the snow, and it turns into water. to make powder, get metal and put water on it.

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Secret - How to make it snow with out salt

by Unregistered Feb 11, 2010

Use clone at the top then get ice some were away from clone get fan to make ice that wight stuff that looks like salt but isn't then get rid of fan then drag the wight stuff to clone then its snowing =]

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Code - Super explosion

by Unregistered Nov 18, 2009

First put all the liquid and powder expkasives at bottom of screen andput c-4 and vine on top, after that put superball on c-4 and ignite

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Secret - Quick tips to help.

by heavenjaye Sep 17, 2009

Glass can be seen in toon. glass is acid proof. use wheel and put a little clone under it and ice on a blade and it will make snow. set up a block cannon cylinder and put some fan in the direction of the mouth ans put the snow in and it will blow out. make a shap without any uneven edges out of glass stop the game and put some vine under it then switch out of toon and star it will make the shape. bird eats seed. seed grown when put on powder. vine grows up anything that touches it...even nitro and oil.(yes i mean make a bomb) for those of you who know this sorry for wasting your time this is for those who do not know this stuff.

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Secret - F.P.W.N Trick (Flying Players With NITRO!)

by McPwnage Aug 11, 2009

1. If you right click on nitro and left click on player,your player's attribute will be nitro.
2. Spawn your player.
3.Jump and press down at the same time.

Warning:May kill player or change it's attribute to Fire.

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Secret - Superball crazyness

by Unregistered Jul 13, 2009

Make your player recuit superball and press down and hold and at the same time click outside of the box then you can let go and click back into and move around with him moving you can also do this with any other minerial thing

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Glitch - Floating superballs

by Google-plus May 11, 2009

Although, I do not know how to make this happen but it some how-randomly-had the outcome of floating superballs. I'm not sure if it will work but it should be the mixture of water and superballs. You need a lot of dots so I suggest a L size would be great! Superballs needs to be out of whack while being in water. Draging might help.

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Secret - Superball mania

by Google-plus May 08, 2009

Every player should know this by now. Make your player recruit Superball. Now press down. It should make a line. You have 2 options.

1: Press down and hold
2: Press down for 3 seconds

If you chose 2, just watch what the Superball does.

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