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Psychonauts Cheats :

This page contains Psychonauts cheats list for PC version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Psychonauts on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Psychonauts SCAVENGERS HUNT!

by coolmewhat45 Aug 06, 2007

Find all 16 items that can earn psychonauts ranks!
1.Turkey sandwitch-Search inside a cave above the cabins in the Kids'cabin area.Open the ref and use pyrokinesis to melt the block of ice that holds the sandwitch.
2.Glass eye-Find it behind a grate in the GPC(psycho-isolation chamber)area.You can use Telekinesis to get it out.
3.Miner's skull-Its trapped in a geyser at the back of the GPC.Block the second geyser eruption with your Mental Shield to pop the skull out.
4.Pirate scoop-Near a cave in the GPC area,there are some rocks,which are accessible by climbing some tree roots that you can use as handholds.the scope is just above.
5.Golden Acorn-Look for the squirrel that guards the acornin the GPC area.Use Invisibility to sneak past it.
6.Eagle claw-Look above a group of three rocks in the Main Campground area.The rocks are located near a trash can between the path and the parking lot.
7.Gold Doubloon-Its found in the Main Campground area.Just search the underside of the lodge's south face
8.Voodoo Doll- Search the Main lodge area near the ceiling.Its right above the band and accessible from the top of a nearby bookshelf.
9.Driver's Helmet-Check in the boathouse area.Use levitation to get on top of the roof to the boathouse and jump two ledgesto a cove where a cougar is waiting.Get past the cougar and nab the helmet.
10.psychonauts comic-Find it on the path to he beache in the boathouse area.
11.Fertility idol-Look in the Reception area,near the janitor's trailer.Find the wasps'nest and use your psi-blast to hit the nest and get the idol inside.
12.Dinosaur bone-Its above a tree near the janitor's trailer in the REception area.Use Levitation to reach it.
13.Condor Egg-Look in the reception area.Use Levitation to reach the highest stump in the swamp.
14.Cherry pie-Check beside the abandoned car in the Reception area.
15.Fossil-Its in Sasha Nein's Laboratory.Double jump from the books to reach it near the ceiling.
16.Gold Watch-In the Thorney Towers Asylum,levitate on top of the fountain to get the watch.

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Unlockable - Steam Achievements - General

by liddymouse Oct 01, 2011

Your achievements and stats can be viewed in Steam under: "Community -> My profile -> View all my games -> Psychonauts (view stats)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
A Slice of HistoryDiscover the secret history of Whispering Rock
A Victory for Good TasteComplete Sasha’s Shooting Gallery
Advanced PSI CadetAchieve Rank 60
Camp GossipRead many bulletin board messages
Figgy PiggyGather all Figments
For Insurance ReasonsComplete Lungfishopolis
Happy BagsSort all Emotional Baggage
Height of InsanityComplete The Asylum
I Always Loved You MoreComplete Black Velvetopia
I LOVE PUNCHING!Complete the Punchy Target mini-game
I Think They Were ImpressedIntroduce all Camp Kids to Mr. Pokeylope
I Thought That Was Unbeatable!Complete Meat Circus
I'm Gonna Live ForeverFind all Golden Helmets
I'm Sure She's Over ItUncover Milla's Secret
Junior PSI CadetAchieve Rank 20
Look at those Pansies!Find Edgar's Secret Garden
Made ManWitness Maloof's transformation
Math is HardAchieve Rank 101
Maybe It's the HairSpy on Bobby's love life
Mmm… Bacon!Use the bacon. A lot.
No More SecretsCrack all Vaults
No Solid Food for Six HoursRe-brain the Children
Regular PSI CadetAchieve Rank 40
Rolling Rock StarComplete Milla’s Dance Party
Self AwareSee yourself through the eyes of many others
Stump SpeechGive the Coach's speech on the stump
Super PSI CadetAchieve Rank 80
Thanks for All the SnailsComplete Waterloo World
They Call Me the HunterRedeem all 16 Scavenger Hunt Items
They Should Totally Sell ThoseEarn all Merit Badges
Time to Deliver the MilkComplete The Milkman Conspiracy
Victory TourRevisit all brains after completion
Wolpaw Says ThanksHear Vernon's Ghost Story
You're All So KindComplete Gloria’s Theater
Your Last Chance to Chicken OutComplete Basic Braining
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Code - Cheats

by Numbr_1_babe Oct 01, 2011

During the game, hold down "Left Shift" and press "Right Click" (mouse) to activate cheat mode, then input the following codes to enable the cheats function. (must input the codes as soon as possible when cheat mode is activated). These cheats will only work on the retail game; not the Steam or GameTap versions.

X, X, F, E, [Tab], FAll Psi powers
[Tab], click Mouse Wheel, [Tab], E, X, EAll Psi powers upgraded
Click Mouse Wheel, [Space], [Tab], [Tab], F, XFull ammunition.
[Space], click Mouse Wheel twice, E, F, Left Mouse ButtonFull arrowheads.
[Tab], E, E, X, [Space], click Mouse WheelFull lives.
Click Mouse Wheel, X, E, E, [Tab], FGlobal items except for Psi Colorizer and Dream Fluffs.
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Cheats - Max Out Ammo

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

During gameplay press Space, Click
Mouse wheel, T, E, F, Left Mouse Button

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding
cheat function.

Full ammunition Click Mouse Wheel, [Space], [Tab], [Tab], F, X
Full arrowheads [Space], click Mouse Wheel twice, E, F, Left Mouse Button
Full lives [Tab], E, E, X, [Space], click Mouse Wheel
All powers X, X, F, E, [Tab], F
All powers upgraded [Tab], click Mouse Wheel, [Tab], E, X, E
Global items Click Mouse Wheel, X, E, E, Right Mouse Button, [Tab], F
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Psychonauts Cheats


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