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Quake 4 Cheats :

This page contains Quake 4 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 password. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Quake 4 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Console codes

by h0spid Oct 20, 2005

Press (~,Ctrl, and Alt) to bring up the game console during play and enter the following codes to activate them. Make sure you press "Enter" after you type each code in!

give item_health_mega -> +100 health up to 200
g_showplayershadow # -> 1 shows shadow, 0 removes it
com_showfps # -> 1 to show frame rate on screen constantly, 0 to turn it off
pm_thirdperson # -> 1 turns third-person mode on, 0 turns it off
give all -> All weapons with full ammo, health and armor
com_allowconsole 1 -> Allows console opening and closing with just ~
editor -> Close the game and open the map editor
kill -> commit suicide
testlight -> Creates a new light source where you're pointing
benchmark -> game benchmark
give weapon_dmg -> get a dark matter gun plus some ammo
give weapon_grenadelauncher -> get a grenade launcher plus some ammo
give weapon_hyperblaster -> get a hyperblaster plus some ammo
give weapon_lightninggun -> get a lightning gun plus some ammo
give weapon_machinegun -> get a machinegun plus some ammo
give weapon_nailgun -> get a nailgun plus some ammo
give weapon_railgun -> get a railgun plus some ammo
give weapon_rocketlauncher -> get a rocket launcher plus some ammo
give weapon_shotgun -> get a shotgun plus some ammo
give weapons -> get all weapons without any ammo
give ammo -> give ammo
give all -> weapons gives all weapons
gfxinfo -> graphics card information
pm_noclipspeed # -> How fast you move in noclip mode
pm_crouchspeed # -> How fast you move when crouched
pm_speed # -> How fast you move when running
pm_jumpheight # -> How high you can jump
quit -> immediately exit from game
give armor -> max armor
give health -> max health
killmonsters -> remove all monsters and NPCs from current level
poplight -> Removes a "testlight"-created light source
screenshot X Y -> replace X and Y with 4:3 screen resolutions, like 800 600 or 1024 768
avidemo -> save a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
g_knockback # -> Set to 0 to keep monster attacks from knocking you around
g_stoptime # -> Set to 1 to stop time (can only move around) and 0 to restart time
spawn char_marine -> summons a marine who'll help fight
spawn char_marine_medic -> summons a medic who can heal you
spawn char_marine_tech_-> armed summons a tech who can fight and restore your armor
noclip -> toggle ability to fly and move through solid objects
GOD -> Toggle GOD Mode
notarget -> toggle invisibility

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Password - Help

by Unregistered Aug 06, 2007

hold alt+ctrl+~ during play

noclipyou can fly and go through things
give allgives health,ammo,weapons,and armor
undyingno hits at 1 health and 0 armor
spawn char_marinesummon marine
Spawn char_marine_medicsummon medic
Spawn char_marine_tech_armedsummon tech
Spawn char_Kane_stroggsummons Kane in strogg form has gun(good)
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Cheats - Passwords

by h0spid Oct 20, 2005

The password screen is the standard console, which can be gotten by holding Ctrl and Alt and pressing ~ (tilde). After the console's up, type "map game/mapname", replacing mapname with one of the codes listed below. For example, to start a new game in the Nexus Core area, you'd type: map game/core1.

airdefense1 -> Air Defense Base (beginning of game)
airdefense2 -> Air Defense Trenches
convoy2 -> Aqueducts
convoy2b -> Aqueducts Annex
convoy1 -> Canyon
network2 -> Data Networking Security
network1 -> Data Networking Terminal
process2 -> Data Processing Security
dispersal -> Dispersal Facility
process1 -> game/process1
hangar1 -> Hangar Perimeter
hangar2 -> Interior Hangar
mcc_landing -> MCC Landing Site
core1 -> Nexus Core
hub2 -> Nexus Hub
hub1 -> Nexus Hub Tunnels
mcc_1 -> Operation: Advantage
mcc_2 -> Operation: Last Hope
building_b -> Perimeter Defense Station
medlabs -> Strogg Medical Facilities
core2 -> The Nexus

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