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Ran Online Cheats :

This page contains Ran Online cheats list for PC version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Ran Online on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Burat

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2008

parang tite lng

cl_/upg/EDpants/+9uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDcoat/+9uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDshoes/+9uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDgloves/+9uprade successful
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Password - Script from INKSLINGER

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

School Holes

/ran_o_mob+fig+299_set/goinstant lvl 100
/ran_o_lvl+fig+9+299_pow/gopow +999
/ran_o_lvl+fig+9+299_dex/godex +999
/ran_o_lvl+fig+9+299_int/goint +999
/ran_o_unl+fig+500_skill/goget 400 skill points
/ran_o_hit+fig+9999_kill/goall monster can kill in one hit
/ran_o_ref+fig+100%_burr/goget burr in school hole
/ran_o_ref+fig+100%_fburr/goget fine burr in school hole
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Secret - Goldie

by Unregistered Oct 25, 2007

type /gold ang amount you want to earn..

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Code - Upgrading an item to +9 successful

by eckoricz Dec 07, 2007

everytime i open my account

cl_/upg/EDpants/+5uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDpants/+6uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDpants/+7uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDpants/+8uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDpants/+9uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDcoat/+5uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDcoat/+6uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDcoat/+7uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDcoat/+8uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDcoat/+9uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDshoes/+5uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDshoes/+6uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDshoes/+7uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDshoes/+8uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDshoes/+9uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDgloves/+5uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDgloves/+6uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDgloves/+7uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDgloves/+8uprade successful
cl_/upg/EDgloves/+9uprade successful
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Glitch - THE Great Glitch...

by Unregistered Jul 02, 2008

FLYING W/O Hoverboards- Use A Dagger-Type Weaps And Press X if u are in non-combat mode Try!

Skill Miss W/O Input- run against your opponent... his skill will let him.her turn to where you are(works if he/she is a swordsman)youll get a chance to cancel or miss his attack by hitting him w/ a skill

The Non-Stop Skill mayhem- works probably on brawlers(dex 107 up) use your latest skill(named deadly saeven) then use RDS(17) and Blunt Vortex(47) when he looks up... hit him with shinkendouchi (97) and the deadly seven skill... better finisher is taishi wave or taichi^^..

SM mall of asia glitch- for 160 up and w/ party... when the EF uses his Makaze kick(flips and the earth cracks) run to the corner... he'll hit the building and you get no dmg.... the big problem.... you'll lose your lure... ehehehe

THE LAST GLITCH!- The Quests,, Maulers...Freshmen.. and some outside-the-campus are FAKE!!! thanks to the GM he didnt get rid of these bugs!! IMPEACh! IMPEACH! IMPEACH!!!

Pala- iyot mo! Lordofdeath

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Code - Weapon and armor upgrade to plus 9

by Unregistered May 03, 2012

Binabasa ko ang thread about upgrading item. There is no luck sa upgrading items.

Ika nga ng isang programmer dito, wala sa computer programming ang command na "SWERTEHAN"

Before ako magstop maglaro ran online eh nakuha namin ang paguups
to +9. This was around march of 2011, syempre new patch na ngayon so
malamang di na ito gagana.

I agree sa isang thread na nabasa ko ang tinatawag na time interval/timing.
Hindi ako programmer pero pinagaralan namin ang pattern with SS, and sangkatutak
na refines, gold and oras binuhos namin dito.

Share ko lang, short summary lang po ito and tagalugin ko na.

Nung naguupgrade kami up to plus 9.
We used the odd number method. Kung titingnan niyo ang time in game
yung nasa center na nasa taas and then yung nasa upper right na constant tumatakbo.

Ganto ang pattern before and napatunayan namin to.

Ran time center:1
Ran time upper right:3 As you can see even number sila pareho.

Pero hindi lang ganun ka simple, kailangan rin magaan kamay niyo
kasi magbibilang ka 1,2,3 tsaka ka right click para maups ang said item.
Halimbawa, 12:02, so pagka 12:03 na bilang ka 1,2,3 then ups.
Ginawa namin to until +7 and walang fail.

Proceed naman tayo to +8 and +9.
Ang pinakamahirap is mag+8 po mga kaibigan.
We still used the even numbers so ang ginamit namin is 3 and 5, 3 and 7.
For +9 ginamit namin, 5 and 5, 5 and 7.

We noticed meron basag sa 9 or rebirth.

Hindi lang po ito ang kailangan iconsider, kasi merong pattern ang failed, and rebirth status.
Take note po, sa mga paguups namin hindi kami gumamit ng prot neck.
Pagaralan niyo ang failed and rebirth cycle kasi dun mo malalaman best to proceed magups.

Sa ngayon di ko na maalala ang pattern na yan kasi nawala ko na rin notebook kung san
ko din sinulat. Tandaan, they go hand and hand with the even timing/interval.

Also wala dapat active na event, such as yung btg, etc.
Why? Hindi ako programmer pero mas nagiging busy ang system.

Proven po ito that time, kaya dun sa server namin (ALAB) nung kumalat madaming
nakaplus 9. Again, proven ito, time and money ginugol namin para lang mabreak ang
code na tinatawag.

SA MGA PROGRAMMERS, any technical input or expertise would be highly appreciated.
Pasensiya na if kulang sa technical terms, as i am not familiar with programming terms,
and for the benefit of everyone.

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Code - Ran online dupe method

by ownmhe23 Sep 20, 2010

an online dupe method
NOTE this is not complete TUT.
Open CE then scan your name
Setting Tick (Hex, Array of bytes, ASROM)
now after scaning change it to HEX
by clickng HEX [ box ] on CE
now open the address
Right click the address then Select "Disassemble this memory region"
now look for toggle point
in CE then Click "Debug" > "Run" 1 time only
At the right side is the Register panel. Double click the EAX and change the value to "03991GH31DD000
right click the Selected Line code and select "Toggle Break Point" > "Debug" > "Run"

Now open WPE PRO
scan the bank then save the address now withdraw gold
then save the address.
and look for the address then send it [ before you send it trade the item to other account ]
now log out that account who got item.
now relog in your account who trade the item now you got the item

2 missing part for step now try to experiment

someone offer for this method now its free if you get it..

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